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German military surplus G3 mag pouches

German military surplus G3 mag pouches

hey guys wanna do any quick video today I'm these German military surplus g3 bags these are made for a 20-round g3 mag which is a story for me about HK 308 not really something you know we kind of use over here in America much but these military surplus they're made in the 80s they're kind of a rubberized PVC very thick kind of soft rubber reminds me of like a big heavy PVC raincoat to be honest every flexible and bendy in a a little bit rigid too so they're kind of neat and the cool thing about these is you can get these for like a couple of bucks I mean eBay cheaper than dirt all these places are selling for like three bucks apiece and there's some places itself deals on where you can get them for like big groups like five and ten or even more for pretty cheap and they're Kevin neat thing because number one they are made that they're unusual kind of rubber material here in the States everything is polyester or nylon and everything's you know kind of Molly and you know we we don't always have money for all that Molly gear I know I certainly don't a lot of those viewers here don't so I'm gonna kind of show you a neat option that you can pick up for a couple of bucks which is this and with a little innovation they can actually become quite a useful item for your gear now first of all I try I bought these kind of I'm a a women a prayer that they would fit something I owned and the only thing I can get to fit them are my sig p250 magazines I can fit two in each pouch so I can fit four per per pouch and the only problem I have is they do ride a little bit low they don't come right up to the top of course they come to here so the idea was after watching a couple other videos and doing some research on these a lot of people are just taking a exacto knife and cutting the top off and using them as an open this key an open top mag holder so I think what I'm gonna do cuz these things are so cheap and they're abundant they're not really collectible it's pop the tops off these and turn them into open top pistol mag holders and then my other idea is I mean actually cut one of them down half sized and use it to hold my 10 round Saiga mags and I know why would you want a 10 round mag well it's law here in New York we got to deal with it to get to the Supreme Court so I kind of thought these might be a good way and I'm gonna do some fitting and see if it's plausible but any of your larger style mags could fit in here and by kind of cutting them short you can kind of cut them to width and use them as an open top holder so I'm gonna experiment with that a little bit see how it turns out it may work it may not but these are kind of a cool thing because it is literally just plastic you can kind of cut them and mold them to fit whatever it is you need these are something even kind of hit with a heat gun and change the shape a little bit if you need to so there's a lot you can do with these that are surprisingly easy so I just thought they were cool would have the Sherman for that purpose they've kept a little kind of nipple bottom that holds the straps to keep it closed it's got drain holes so if you do get them wet they drain the boat loops are a little lacking because they too are plastic but you have two different directions of loops so it's gonna last on the gear you can lash it on in different directions but overall these are not a bad little fine firk like I said three dollars these are they're pretty much nothing and if you want to buy a dozen of these and spend 30 bucks and just kind of messing around trying to get these to fit your various rifles your much especially is a lot of the 308 sit take a straight magazine like that I'm sure you can get a lot of things to fit these and make some minor adjustments so I just had to point them out because you don't see a lot about they're not in a lot of videos and there's not a ton about them on the forum so just wanted to share like I said guys you can get on eBay eat super dirt sportsman guide it has them pretty much everyone has them do a search german military surplus g3 magazine pouch you'll run into them they're pretty common pretty abundant and pretty cheap

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  1. what you need is money to buy a m1a, fal, g3 clone, or sr-25. so you can run fucking .308 20 round mags you poor cheapskate.

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