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German militaria collection helmets tunics, tank tracks , FJ paratrooper

German militaria collection helmets tunics, tank tracks , FJ paratrooper

okay we're back I'm back show you some of my helmets camera was full so it just stops working it's either full or the batteries died eats a lot of power to run camera so take a look here I'll lift off the helmet that's a rolled edge I think got 10:35 that's the late war in 44 the Luftwaffe helmets are really worth picking up right now you can get them pretty cheap World War one helmets there's a kriegsmarine roller one that one you can see it's concussion fracture on the top here's a battlefield helmet shot up here mocked motorcycle Eastern Front Monica sino Italy con Carentan paratrooper badge Prussian blue shoots barbed wire really call that chicken wire yeah and my helmets are real it's a real deal and that is a winter war helmet but that is most likely a fake decal why is it fake it shines rest that helmet has a flat finish finish the decal doesn't there's a helmet flat paint decal is also flat these are really rare really hard to find I'm looking for a Bavarian world or one I'm looking for an Africa core always blind paratrooper helmets relics any condition I keep them I'm not dealer and that is my Ballantine's book collection I've got like all 180 some odd books Valentine's history of the violent century world war ii world war 1 fantastic series highly recommended buy them on ebay amazon were ever collect them they are really neat as a picture of Rommel hot Hoffman card and a couple more helmets there's some pike coins I'm guessing those came out of Leningrad before it was just blown to bits from my grandfather World War two helmets again and there is a winter war helmet those are really need to find railway Eagle that's the real deal they make knockoffs of those and knockoffs or will fool eeeh they're that good and I'm going to show you some things that I do not I'm just pulling them out just to show you today because I don't keep them where I can see him every day that is a radio a Siemens radio radios gone so I put a the Swami Finland Laplander boy in it my mom is finished so I'm half Finnish Scandinavian that is what I don't keep around picture of the head slime and another picture of menacing you know Italia some really bad juju hate that word bad karma bad energy very bad energy but this is history folks this is the real deal this is about history about preserving it not denying it and those going to drawer I'm just showing them to you today okay I've been very fortunate to find some some SS to annex these are the real deal I've got the badges infantry assault Panzer assault I've got them just situated like that just to hang them on there to show ya and that is another really neat SS tunic that's a Iron Cross first first class yeah and that is wound badge swastika in it World War one wound badge didn't have a swastika in it obviously there's an SS tunic this is a really neat one because it's got the dim yangste shield on it amazing look that up google it it's the Stalingrad of the north fascinating a fascinating stuff just read up on it fascinating stuff a lot of your books documentaries don't study this very interesting stuff to read about another SS tunic close combat I believe I'm not sure and there's a wound badge with the swastika on it again there's the ek – is that right in k2 Riven and these are really neat pieces I have no desire whatsoever to ever sell them they're just you know you just can't replace this kind of stuff it's just gone from history and that is a reprint waffen-ss poster reprint neat item definitely not a Nazi just a collector my my Dutch aunt father's side of the family lived through the German occupation and that's how I kind of got started collecting this stuff was through them and listening to all their stories and I'm looking for a ver mock tunics Africa core tunics you built leather outfit for the u-boat I'd like to find a Luftwaffe uniform for the Luftwaffe helmets and I'm a big collector of the thought of what is it Verloc series uh I'm not sure how you say that the all the German 60s 70s 50s books on on world war ii militaria and just not a quick look here at the helmets i hope you enjoy them looking at them it's history folks really neat stuff you know really interesting stuff to collect if you have any questions about fakes or anything like that feel free to just contact me through the youtube send me some photos I'm always buying – so you got stuff you want to sell let me know I'm always buying fair mocked double decal those are hard to find believe me they're gone and uh yeah semi semi photos of what your stuff is which you've got questions on or whatever happy to help you generally my experience is the fakes are just shiny and they look like they were made last week and they were aged and that's that's what I looked for to to avoid when I'm buying them but yeah you know I pretty much buy anything I like optics like panzer parts tunics clothes Deutschland I'm looking for Panzer wrap very much as us whatever I do collect British urban coats the Spitfire pilots coats I collect the US Army Air Forces B threes a2 s anything to do with b-17 big interest in that and yeah oh it send out motorcycles got a 600 or 750 definitely interested in buying and yeah but once again you know the the its history folks you know this is an ugly time in history and even today's ugly time history a lot of bad going on the world but there it is thanks for looking at my my collection and send me an email let me know which think I'll catch you later gang see on the next YouTube

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  1. Collected for the past 25 years , been priveliged to have viewed these dusty collections from doing the militaria fair circuit for so long my collection is up their but urs is enviable. I'm amazed with the current collectors proudly displaying their Chinese knock offs. Then again it's become almost impossible to obtain genuine article stuff at fair prices n distinguishing also. I'm not a Nazi n I also have to remind people that it's the look of the ww2 German kit that I found attractive. Also both parents are full Spartan DNA so militaria is in my blood .

  2. You have a VERY VERY sweet collection of German WW II artifacts and "THOSE" SS tunics helmets ect. are worth enough money to just about retire on. WOW!!!!! I wish I knew how to contact you because I have quite a few items myself that I am interested in selling perhaps to the right collector like yourself. I have Afrika Korps caps ect. my e-mail is [email protected] if you are interested in D.A.K. caps I have a few, e-me. Thanks

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