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German "Flecktarn" Smocks

German "Flecktarn" Smocks

I just wanted to make another short video this time I want to talk to you guys about these German schmutz mocks that I picked up online just recently um the price I got them for they came out to a little under ten bucks apiece they have a zipper in the front zips up and snaps over they also mentioned they have a hood sleeve pocket they velcro on the sleeves so you can tighten your sleeve or loosen it this is just really great quality they have actually have a place for a name tag on the front Valkyr little velcro strip there they're really good quality camouflage i guess what could be considered almost jackets they have a hood long sleeves of course zippered pockets this particular camouflage is German it's I believe it's known as the flecktarn pattern overall I just think that these are a really nicely priced item and I think that for especially paintballers and airsofters this is a good camouflage for anyone who is playing in a woodland environment I used to play quite a bit of paintball and I think that this is a great a great deal for paintballers and airsofters it gives you you know kind of unique camouflage everybody's got the you know the ACU patterns and all that multicam or whatever but you know if you want a good nice quality camouflage woodland pattern pretty low price fairly unique some of them had German German flags on the shoulders I respectfully removed them they're on top of my bookshelf right now actually so I didn't just you know rip them off and throw them down or something like that one of the things I wanted to mention about these smocks is that the place that I got them from they were basically bundled in a three package I got it from sportsmen guide whether they'll still be available by the time this video goes up or not or for what price I can't really say but uh there's a little bit of color variation and the the the ones that I received this one in particular is quite a bit darker in the brown um this looks more like a fall almost orange in the brown this one is more of like a an actual brown brown overall I think that these are great quality and uh you know if you get a chance to pick some up I I definitely would if you get you know get them for the right price

Reader Comments

  1. Its not really a smock. Its just a parka. A smock has loads and loads of pockets for utilitarian needs and is meant to be used in a layer system. A parka is just a parka with no bells and whistles…

  2. Just got one of these with the liner inside from amazon, can't wait to test it out, been looking for a sturdy jacket. Aswell the length of it is nice because it covers your butt so sitting down is better.

  3. I have a few of these and they are very nice jackets/parkas, have not seem much color variation in the ones I got from SG though

  4. I into hiking and treking its getting cold in my area, I'm considering the surplus German gore tex flecktarn. It's more reasonably priced than anything I have seen at REI or any other outdoors supplier. I'm not into paintballing, mostly do overnight treks into the San Gabrials Mt.s, thanks for sharing.

  5. I do the same thing.
    I'm a Civvy, I like the camo and it takes some of the bright colours out.
    BTW I'm because I like Bushcraft and army surplus stuff is great for it.

  6. @TheWhanfried I usually prefer not to leave insignia on my surplus camo, mostly because I feel like it would be disrespectful considering I'm not military. I don't have anything against Germany. haha

  7. Why lose the flag. We are on the same side.
    Not a paint baller or hunter the patterns just cool. German quality.

  8. Just for my personal purposes: How many of you are watching this because of paintball or airsoft? Thumbs up if so, if not explain why you're watching it (if you want to). I'm just curious. Thanks.

  9. @ortsac2182 Many have that Smoke smell! They should always be washed anyway since they have been stored for so long. AND MAKE SURE YOU WASH THESE INSIDE OUT IN COLD WATER PEOPLE!

  10. @ortsac2182 I've washed my other camo shirts/pants before. Just use cold water and maybe a special color detergent…(For Gods sake dont use bleach) it sucks when your cammies fade. other than that I dont see why you couldn't wash it.

  11. I agree, I would like to add that I think that this smock or parka would be best for when it's a little bit cooler because it's a heavyweight moleskin fabric. With the liner it's my favorite cold weather parka 2 yrs running. I would recommend the flecktarn shirt for warmer weather since it's lighter weight fabric but I haven't used my shirt extensively yet. I like the pattern for coniferous woodland and fall when the orange brown blends in with the pine needles or dead leaves.

  12. @Maximalnoob No, I'm not German. These are jackets you can buy on the surplus market. This was a review of surplus military jackets from germany. As for the weapons, I have no idea, I'm sure wikipedia would know.

  13. @Maximalnoob Not a Nazi jacket… these are from the nineties. I believe Nazism was officially illegal in germany at the time these were produced.

  14. @souljah11b I believe the site had them listed as mediums. It fits me with a little room, I'm 5'9 and about 150 lbs if that helps. Surplus gear is the best in my opinion. haha

  15. I tried to buy one of these from them but they are already sold out with no more till summer.Did you happen to get larges? 🙂

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