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German Army Tropen Tarn Desert Parka Rare – Unissued LARGE

German Army Tropen Tarn  Desert Parka Rare – Unissued LARGE

and here we have a seriously unique find for vintage military surplus it is the German army tropical desert Parker otherwise known as trope and Tom although it has a size amendment in the label it certainly appears to be 100 percent um issued the German label reads height 175 185 centimeters in triple zero 5 which usually stands for 105 40 40 to 80% cotton 20% polyester it's a tough robust made to do the job jacket loads of features and benefits the hood has adjustable drawstring with toggle fasteners there we are zip and press Start grunt closure that runs all the way down and what's really nice are two drawstrings one for the waist again with the toggle fastening adjusters and one on the hem so the jacket can be worn full-length or also as a lot of the guys seem to do drawn up at the bottom into like blues on style so they get easy access to the web belt or even as a fashion thing this is this is a really lovely jacket too epaulets with Velcro closing on the top there you go each sleeve has got the German flag which adds to the authenticity really cups are adjustable by means of velcro fastening strap for really useful faucets to on the chest which are crusted fastening seriously well-made this is possibly the last one hey moving down to the waist area to waist pockets which have zip closure fastening there's a Velcro tab above the left hand chest pocket obviously for the name badge and upper right hand sleeve as what is very very useful thing pocket to me this is unassured haven't been in the surface world for many years now you can tell whether something's been warm it may have been issued given to a soldier but actually never worn or perhaps he was never deployed to the Middle East who knows great jacket top-quality as you'd expect from Germany German engineering in a parka there you go scroll down to see full information on sizing and we'll ship this anywhere in the world if this is what you've been looking for happy days good luck haven't got one to fit me that's right there we are the team at vintage military surplus scroll over to ebay check us out now see you back in the shop same bye for now

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