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German Army Harness Set flecktarn 1/2

German Army Harness Set flecktarn 1/2

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  1. the pouch belongs on the back and the spade on the upper back and or one of sides.near the pouch. not the direct side or front.

  2. got two of these one im Flecktarn with all the pouches and a tropatarn one with but pack, amo pouch and waterbotle pouch that I would swap or sell,, do you know you can fix the combat pack to the harness instead of the belt too? I swapped the German harness for a modified brit one and it makes it more comfortable than it even is with that wide belt that takes wire hangers and also brit utility pouches and molle, I love this webbing and use it regularly for hikes,camping and hunting

  3. Great video as always, man!
    I love your reviews. 🙂

    I might be wrong, but I think that this is supposed to be worn over the BW flak jacket.
    It looks fine with just the shirt, though 🙂

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