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German army Flecktarn gloves- Quality Budget gear!

German army Flecktarn gloves- Quality Budget gear!

hello everyone and welcome to the second video in my gear Wednesday's so gear Wednesday's new gear review every Wednesday today we're going to be looking at these big pieces of kit on my hand the German army flecktarn gloves let's have a look at some of the good things about them the bad things about them and what I think they could be the gloves for you anyway so we're looking at these German army flecktarn gloves I found these on Amazon these are a size 10 I think and they cost me 20 pounds I really like them they're designed kind of like ski gloves in there they're very very hardcore I'll just talk a little bit about what I like about them the leather palms a lovely feature it sort of means that you know you keep it very very very protected inside your hands you can grab thorns and things iron you just won't get it through also leather knuckles I'm not gonna be punching stuff but I feel like that keeps your knuckles protected because they're quite prone to getting cut up if you know you spent some time in the outdoors you'll know that tipsy fingers as well keep your fingernails protected shattered fingernails really painful I'm talking for experienced flecktarn really nice flecktarn I got these I think they're great one used because if you get flicked on straight of the factory line it could be a bit bright like most camouflage and then after a while it starts to dull down I've got a really nice buckle here that I like you can tighten it up like that and that ties just underneath like around your wrists so you're gonna struggle to shake them off whereas you could probably shake it off with the one that isn't done like that so that's something really nice I'll take this hand off because then I can actually show you all the features with my finger here another thing here there's a little sort of elastic piece of shock cord goes all the way around on a little fastener here I'd have to pull it tight and then it keeps the heat in really nicely so you're gonna have if you put that over a coat or under a coat it will just keep your hands really really warm so that's a really nice positive to that as well also when you want to get them out you can just sort of pull it like that you're all nice and sorted in terms of keeping the cold in and out either manhandled snow with these and didn't feel it it's all perfect I've also and I will demonstrate now because we've taken the liberty of having a fire ready here's one I made earlier you can manhandle coals in these things you might get a little bit charred up honestly you're gonna be fine you're not going to burn yourself in these that's for sure see absolutely nothing you're gonna be absolutely fine of course you'd rather not burn your gloves but if you want them for that kind of thing they work really well the inside of the gloves this really nice soft material show you they're very very soft nice inner no it's this nice too soft in the hands it's comfortable they're comfortable gloves some of the problems with them though they aren't perfect the issue you can have with them is that it's hard to open your hand up completely it's easier to rest them like that you will lose dexterity with gloves like these are very thick very brutal so if you're planning on doing intricate carving or anything like that these are not for you I'm going do some chopping with an axe ease to keep your hands very nice and protected and we've smoked a little bit another problem that you're going to face with these gloves is they don't pack down very small and they're also quite heavy but in general are they worth the wait absolutely yes if it's going to be cold or you're gonna be manhandling cops another nice feature actually I'm just going to do positives there's a little thing here so you can clip this together hang them up and if they need to dry out they're dry out nicely really lovely I love these gloves for the price you know they're army surplus so they're not gonna be very pricey you could buy ski gloves that worth you know three four times the price and they won't have much on these probably be lighter though so those were the German army flecktarn gloves you could get a lot worse for a higher prices so I'm saying there they're pretty decent I hope that you know maybe you think about getting these it's just being winter so you might find these in the sales a little bit who knows anyway I really hope you enjoyed today's edition of the gear Wednesday's gear Wednesday's new gear review every single Wednesday I'm Jack outdoors I'll also have a video every Saturday so is every Saturday on Wednesday gear reviews to solve survival tutorials prepping everything in between wild camping stuff like that so if you think that's your kind of thing you know have a look and see if you might want to subscribe a video my last gear wednesday's was the life venture titanium play so if you want to do a bit of camp cooking really worth having a look at that great piece of kit anyway thanks again this has been jak out

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  1. Thank you for the review. Might I ask what size gloves you ordered? I see an online seller offering sizes of small (7), medium (8), large (9) and XL (10). Thanks!

  2. I've got a pair of polish army ones not as good as those ones but still tough and warm and only £6 🙂 the mecanix gloves are good too

  3. Great vid! I live in Arizona so I wont need a pair of thick gloves any time soon but if I move to a colder climate Ill pick those up. Like the gear wednesdays!

  4. Great review mate, They look spot on : )
    Flectarn is one of my fav camo's. And a nice, warm, tough pair of gloves is a must in the woods!
    Thanks for the review buddy, Jay

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