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Geraldo Rivera | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Geraldo Rivera | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

First up,
he’s a Peabody Award-winning
Fox News correspondent-at-large, and author of
The Geraldo Show: A Memoir,

Geraldo Rivera! -(AUDIENCE CHEERS)
-BILL: Hey. How are you? GERALDO: Good to see you. -Been a while. Great to see you.
-Yeah. On the same stage. Yes, yes. We–
Well, we shared a stage in 1994, -do you remember that?
-That’s right. Garry Shandling. That’s– Garry Shandling?
Was he on the show? -Well, there was thousands
of people on–
-Oh, we shared the same stage. -My talk show and your show.
-Oh. Yes. Yes. But when I did your show,
Garry Shandling was a guest. Oh, well who the fuck
could remember that? -(AUDIENCE LAUGHS)
-I had millions of guests
I could never remember. But– So, uh, your book,
very interesting, and I know– Look, I remember you
fromWillowbrook-I remember when– Yeah.
-(APPLAUSE) I mean, you were the–
one of the original
crusading reporters, and you care very much
about your legacy
being as a journalist, so I do have to ask,
why Fox News? It’s… -(AUDIENCE CHEERS)
-Well, that’s a fair question. I– I think that
your characterization of Fox
is a stereotype, with all due respect. I’m– I’m pro-choice,
I’m pro-immigration reform, I’m pro-gun control,
and I’m on Fox News. It’s easy, because Sean Hannity,
for instance,
is such a big personality, to say that he represents
the sum total of Fox,
but I– I think that… -BILL: Good.
-…with due respect, that there are more voices,
it’s not state-run TV. -It has a…
-Well– -…conservative-leaning–
-BILL: Well, come on. MSNBC is as liberal,
as progressive
as you could possibly be. -Aside for this show.
-(BILL CHUCKLES) -Yeah, we’re– we’re HBO. Um…
-(GERALDO LAUGHS) But there is a big difference
between MSNBC and Fox News. I mean, MSNBC
sticks to the truth. -(AUDIENCE CHEERS)
-They– They– -They don’t– They don’t–
-(APPLAUSE) They don’t make things up. I mean, Trump–
There’s a loop going on,
between Trump and Fox News. Would you admit to that?
That he watches Fox– I mean, what does he do
all morning? He doesn’t come down
to work till 11:00, he’s– he’s there,
doing his hair,
watchingFox and Friends,(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) and then he quotes from
Fox and Friends.
Our policy seems to be
coming fromFox and Friends.And then he’ll say
something crazy,
and they will back it up. I’m still stuck on your saying
MSNBC is the truth. No, I’m saying they don’t
make things up. They– -Russia collusion.
-(AUDIENCE GASPS) Where’s the collusion? -Well, that’s what we’re inv–
-It’s an illusion. -It’s not collusion.
-Well, first of all– First of all, that’s what
the investigation is about,
and the report isn’t in yet. -So you can’t say–
-Fourteen, fifteen months. -I mean, at what point
do you insist that the–
-But the report– When the report comes out.
Come on, Geraldo, you know that. When the report comes out. I’m not saying it’s…
it’s definitely collusion, but you can’t say
it’s an illusion
until the report comes out. -Would you agree to that?
-I– I say that anyone
who views the witnesses
who have been interviewed, -the indictments that
have come down…
-BILL: Wow. …the scope of
the investigation so far, -has to come to the conclusion–
-BILL: Everybody in
this administration… -There’s nothing there yet.
-…has been talking to Russia! -Are you kidding?
-You would blame them if they had Russian dressing
on their salad. -(AUDIENCE GROANS)
-But they– What– See, this is what I don’t get,
is I– I mean, I remember thinking of you
as a crusading reporter who was
fighting against the spin. I feel like now
you are the spin. -That’s so bull.
-(APPLAUSE) -That’s really so bull–
-Why is that bull? -Because–
-You really don’t see
a Russian connection -with the Trumps?
-I absolutely do not.
Where is the connection? Give me one– What’s your
best evidence of collusion? The Trump Tower meeting
with Don Jr., where they said,
“There was no Russians– Oh, wait, there was one.
There was three, there was five,
there was eight.” That– That meeting,
which is that one that
everyone talks about, is– was so bland
and benign, and stupid. Well, you don’t know,
you weren’t there! You only know what they lie
about it. You asked me about Fox News. Let me tell you how
I got to Fox News. I got to Fox News,
because I’m a native New Yorker,
9/11 happened, and three thousand
of my friends and neighbors
were killed. I had a cushy job at CNBC,
the number one-rated show
on that network,Rivera Live.I said, “Send me to war.”
These sons of bitches
killed all these people. Six dads in my children’s
grade school were killed
that day. NBC said, “We’re not gonna
send you to war, because your show’s
too important, we’ve got plenty of
war correspondents,”
I said, “I quit.” So I walked away from
a five million dollar payroll,
I took forty percent of that, to work as a war correspondent
for Fox. From– From November of 2001,
until 2012, basically, that was my job. I was a war cor–
Eleven Extended assignments
in Afghanistan, eleven in Iraq, Somalia,
every shithole on Earth, I went there and covered
for Fox. I never got any bad vibes
when I was doing that. The war petered out,
it didn’t end,
Afghanistan’s still continuing. We saw what happened with ISIS
in Iraq and Syria. So I started doing
more commentary, and then, now I get tarred
with the brush,
oh, I’m state TV, -or I’m– I’m the spinner…
-I didn’t say you were. -I said Fox News is.
-…I’m not– I’m not– No, you– you accused me
of being the spin that and I– Yes. If you– Okay. If you don’t see
a connection between Russia
and the Trump organization, -I– I’m sorry–
-I know. I know. -But I’ll bet you $1000.
-Okay. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) -I’ll take it.
-Okay. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) But– So, I mean,
where Fox News, where a lot of
their correspondence is, is that Trump is clean,
and Mueller is dirty. -Well, I–
-That’s what they’re saying. Mueller is dirty. That is–
That is what you see
on a lot of Fox News. -Because–
-The opinion shows
in the evening, I agree. But Shep Smith in the day time,
Bill Hemmer, -those are news guys,
they’re straight news guys.
-Okay. -Bret Baier in W–
-I’m talking about the shows
in the evening… -Yeah.
-…that people watch. -Yeah.
-Yeah, those shows. -(AUDIENCE LAUGHS)
-They watch– -They watch the daytime too.
-Or the ones in the morning
that Trump watches. -So–
-I’m onFox and Friends
twice a week. Okay, but at some point,
it’s gonna have to come to that. Is Trump dirty,
or is Mueller dirty? Where would you say on that one? -You think Mueller’s dirty?
-I don’t– I can’t– -I don’t wanna speculate that.
-Mueller. -I don’t wanna speculate.
-But Trump, I mean, like, I– -I think that it is–
-You don’t think that this is
a sleazy crime family? (BILL STUTTERS) Sleazy and crime aren’t
necessarily the same thing. -Trump is my–
-No, they’re both! You know Trump is my friend. I’ve known Trump for 40 years. -I don’t have–
-So did Trump. -He didn’t–
-I interviewed Trump -about OJ during the trial.
-He didn’t remain my friend… when I felt he had
a certain moral lapse. Well, in my– in my family,
my wife agrees with you, she doesn’t like his policies
on so many things
that I’ve already listed. So she just can’t stand the guy. I’m different. I can separate
the man who’s always been
gracious to me, always been nice to my family, you know we were on
Celebrity Apprentice
together, together every day
for six weeks. -I’ve known him, really,
through every–
-Who gives a shit? He’s running the world now,
what does that matter that he was nice to you
at Thanksgiving, Geraldo? -(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)
-I’m not trying to be– I’m not trying to be
an asshole to you, I’m– I’m– This just– You’re a smart guy,
this befuddles me. -I looked up to you.
-(GERALDO STUTTERS) You know, if you don’t
look up to me, because I’m still friends
with the president
of the United States, -then shame on you, not on me.
-I don’t look up to you, because the president
of the United States -is doing what he’s doing.
-I’m still the person– Who– Who liberated
the developmentally disabled? I mean, seriously? Who stood shoulder-to-shoulder
with the GIs
in all of those places? My friendship with Trump
doesn’t diminish me. You know, if he’s got problems,
you’ve got problems with him. (SCATTERED APPLAUSE) Yeah. (LAUGHS)
Okay. Um… What do you think
about Stormy Daniels? (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) I’m just, you know– I– Here’s what I want–
Not the infidelity. Because other presidents
have done infidelity. She says that somebody
from the Trump organization
threatened her. -Now, we’re not saying they did.
-Right. -They would have done something.
-The New York Times

ran a headline that said, uh… “Adult Film Star Daughter
Threatened by Trump.” That was the headline,
something like that. There was no
“allegedly threatened”,
no “supposedly threatened”. -Okay.
-Trump gets the worst press of any president since
Andrew Johnson
in the 19th century. He does. -Well, because he’s not just
the worst–
-I mean, everything he does is construed
in the most evil way possible. Everything is– is– I mean, like, right now,
African American unemployment’s
at record lows. Latino unemployment’s
at record lows. The economy is humming,
people are are 4.1 percent– That happened mostly
-You know that to be true. -There’s only– I mean–
-It doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t work that way? -He said–
-Yes, you’re right. Facts don’t work that way -on Fox.
-Well, that’s bullshit. That’s the facts, Geraldo. He’s had 14 months
of a thriving economy– But when did the recovery start? Who was responsible for, like,
turning the economy from
where it was to where it is? -You show–
-He continued it. You showed him throwing away
his script in West Virginia. When I talk to him, I say, “Emphasize the things that
you share in common
with most people. It’s the economy, stupid.” If you remember
the West Virginia event
yesterday, there’s a woman who stands up
and says, “Those tax cuts gave me $2000
extra in my family’s coffers.” Two thousand dollars. What Trump should have done,
and what I would counsel him
to do, is say, “Yes, and I wanna do
more of that, I wanna help–
A rising tide lifts all boats, we’re gonna make this country
work for everybody, using Republican, uh,
capitalist kinds of principles, we’re gonna do this–” Instead, he goes off
on immigrants and he does things
that are very visceral, he’s very tempestuous, his Tweets suck,
I wish I could be
his Tweet editor. But I– I think to… When you portray the president
of the United States as basically the enemy
of the American people, I think that that’s
very dangerous. Uh… Well, he’s certainly the friend of
the Russian people,
I’ll put it that way. -(LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE)
-But– But– But what I was gonna ask is,
Stormy Daniels contends that– -Stormy Daniels is–
-Just let me ask the question. Well, let me just
say this. It was– -That was–
-Of course you don’t want me
to ask the question. -Her60 Minutes–
-Your answer is better than
the question. Her60 Minutesperformance
was as empty
as Al Capone’s vaults. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) What did she–
What did she say? Forty-five minutes,
they gave her on60 Minutes.-If you’d let–
-Forty-five minutes. -(BILL SIGHS)
-Okay, go ahead. Can I just ask you
the one question
I was gonna ask you? -(AUDIENCE LAUGHS)
-Just the one. She says that someone
from the Trump organization
threatened her, came up to her
on the street and said,
“You better shut up about this, because it’d be a shame
if your little girl’s mother
has something happen to her.” Look me in the eye and tell me
you think Trump is above
doing that. I’m not saying
actually hurting her,
but making that threat, sending a goon to do that. You don’t think Trump
could do that? The guy I know
would not do that. -He wouldn’t do it to you.
-He would not do it to me. But, see, this is the OJ thing. I– You know, a lot of–
“OJ was nice to me,” -Yeah, he was nice to me–
-You know we had
an OJ Simpson– I– No one knows OJ’s case
better than me. You know, he had his
bloody fingerprints, -you had the–
-That’s not– The point is that–
That wasn’t the thing I– -We both agree OJ was guilty.
-But you don’t have that
with Russia. But the point is a person
can be nice to you, -and then be a monster
somewhere else.
-That’s true. That’s true. -Oh, great. I’m so glad
we could agree on that.
-No, that is true. (LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE) Okay, I’ll just ask
one more thing,
and I’ll let you go. But just– The lying. It doesn’t bother you?
The lying on a scale
we’ve never seen? Just, in that meeting
we were just talk– the event we were just
talking about in West Virginia, saying that millions of people
voted illegally. He’s absolutely wrong
about the voter fraud. -it’s been proven that
he’s wrong about it.
-But the lying all the time, -about everything,
it doesn’t bother you?
-He’s wrong about the military -to the border.
-It doesn’t degrade the country? -He has never lied to me
in 40 years.
-To you, OJ! To you! But it doesn’t–
You can’t separate two– -You call me OJ one more time,
I’m gonna bop you.
-I’m not saying you’re OJ. But you’re– You can’t
separate those two things? I get it, that he has
seduced you personally, -you can’t overcome that?
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) You can’t overcome that
and see that over here
this man is this other thing? You have a malignancy
inside you
when it comes to him, where you won’t give him
any credit,
and he becomes defensive. -I gave him credit.
-He becomes defensive. -Let me tell you, Geraldo.
-And he’s a real estate broker
and a reality show host, he’s never had
any political experience. There– He’s into braggadocio, he’s into, you know,
big– big stuff, you know, “Oh, I’m the most famous,
I’m the richest, -I’m the tallest,
I’m the most beautiful.”
-Okay. All right. Well, there are good people
on both sides of this debate. -All right.
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Thank you so much
for putting up with me, and, actually, it was good
to see you again. Good luck with the book.
I’m sure the book is good.

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  5. Bill Maher was wrong when he said over and over again Trump would not be president. Bill Maher is always wrong . He lost the bet and Muller is dirty, so people stop listening to him .

  6. A year later Geraldo is being affected by the immigration crisis and he sees how the fox reporters are treating him

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  11. What happened to this guy! He used to be very sharp. In my opinion he felt in love with Donald. Love makes you blind hahaha

  12. Well, Bill, the report is in now and no collusion, except for foul play from democrats, who will be found out and prosecuted, starting with Comey and you can't or refuse to see that !!!

  13. MSNBC, unlike FOX, sticks to the truth!

    That's right, Billy.
    The in depth, hard hitting, courageous coverage of the infamous Russian Attack on N. Dakota's power grid: a masterful, monumental first step, on the road to the complete takeover of the U.S.A!

    I mean, really, there wasn't a single person on Fox News who even knew about this ingenious plan, let alone covered it!
    Seriously – Fox News coverage of Putin's Machiavellian like approach to absolute world domination – ZERO! Un-freaking-believable!

    In comparison, over at MSNBC, we were blessed by God Xirself with the unprecedented, unmatched, unrelenting coverage provided by Rachel "super smart and cutting edge" Maddow.

    Consider this;
    Ms. Maddow was so concerned about the folks of N. Dakota and to a somewhat lesser extent, the folks of S. Dakota*, along with the rest of America as to spew insane, absurd, and unfounded claims about the dagone Ruskies tryin' to make us live the Amish life! She did this no matter what common sense, logic, rationale, and sensible human beings told her!
    And it was all purely because she cares for us and loves the good ol' God blessed U.S.ofA!
    Nope; she's not motivated by money! And ratings!? Who needs em?!!? Not Ms. Maddow, that's for sure! Now maybe an anchor of lesser conscience morality, like Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson, but not the righteous, God lovin', everday, normal American!

    *Bob Costa seems to believe that Ms. Maddow's contempt in regards to the more southern oriented Dakota is: "mostly do to the recently growing 'colored population' and their propensity to 'urbanize' their surroundings"

  14. Bill Maher is a freaking useless troll, anyone can sit there and talk crap about, for real so what the President has one News program that is on his side. this troll tries to tell Geraldo he wasn't there and yet tries to push a narrative based on him himself, not being there. what a freaking pile of crap. you lost your bet Bill pay up idiot.

  15. Hey Bill just watched this episode 4 the 1st's now August 19th of 2019…
    You should NOW pay the man his 1,000.00 bucks being since the Muller report did NOT FIND Russian collusion, ILLEGAL ACTS YES..But no confirmation of collusion!!
    Hope you've paid Geraldo his money buy now…..!!
    P.S- I cannot stand Donald Chump..but, a bet & a hand shake is man's bond.
    "A bet is a bet"
    Keep making us laugh…. We ALL need it as much as we can get it nowadays!
    Thanx 4 everything Bill.

  16. Think its the money that got to Riv. and trying to be a foxer. It was sad to watch and i'm thinken Riv you ain't white they aint buyen. Not them kind of white people, slant head types. But he stays and trys to fit in . Nope but th pay is good and we all have our shortcomings.

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    Trump has caged tens of thousands of Migrant kids some as young as four months old. 7 have died in US custody. No toothbrushes, soap or adequate food. thousands of kids will never see their parents again, for there was no tracking system put in place by the Trump Administration. A trade war with China has caused the economy to begin showing signs of upcoming recession. farmers are losing their homes and Farms. meanwhile while keeping all the migrants out land is not being firmed and fruits and vegetables are dying on the vines and trees. Three weeks ago, there were 2 mass shhotings 12 hours apart. So far: 32 dead and 52 injured. No gun legislation at all.
    and yes Geraldo still supports Donald Trump.


  27. I respected him but now he is a sellout for Donald Trump and doesn't care about the people of the country who are hurting just like his rich friends and family and members of his party

  28. Rivera,Russia Collusion is a fact,where is the collusion is a just a stupid question because you don’t want to accept it. Where is the proof is as just as stupid as asking the question where is the sun covered under thick mass of clouds for a week! Phytoist.

  29. I remember him complaining about getting hit with a chair way back in his career it is amazing that he didn't get by every chair on the planet.

  30. I so admire Bill Maher. He is the most honest and brutally frank voice amidst all of the endless lies and noise surrounding this nightmare President, the ONLY one to point to and identify the 500 lb gorilla in the room while sad and low rent types like Geraldo and Rudy G try to deny the fact and argue – endlessly and ridiculously – that the gorilla is in fact not a gorilla at all and weighs maybe 150 lbs. Thank you Bill Maher. Keep up the brilliant work!

  31. Bill Maher and almost everyone of you making comments now look like the fucking idiots and fools that you have always been! MSNBC is nothing but a PR firm for the Democrats. Even people that have been fired by fox openly admit that they have never been told what to say or not say while working at Fox. Fox has a conservative lien. MSNBC/CNN are directly working with the Democrats. And the Mueller probe has proven without a shadow of a doubt that there was no collusion. And now we’re finding out with real documents and they are going to be people on the left and from the Obama administration and FBI that very well could go to jail because the entire thing was a lie and the government did spy on Trump And there was zero collusion with Russia or any other country. My God the Clintons took money from Russia China and everybody else around the globe. Funny how Obama and Clinton both wanted to be friends with Russia and Obama even said in the debate with mitt Romney that Russia was no threat and should be our friend. Suddenly Donald Trump gets elected in Russia is the worlds greatest threat. My God liberals are just stupid!

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