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Georgia Eagle Light Wide Load ST Work Boots Style# – G6395

Georgia Eagle Light Wide Load ST Work Boots Style# – G6395

hey guys check out this Georgia Eagle
light steel-toed work boot this boot features a full grain leather upper that
provides comfort molds to your foot this boot also has a steel toe to keep
you protected the Eagle light polyurethane outsole is oil and slip
resistant which also includes a steel shank for stability inside we have a
breathable moisture wicking lining that keeps your feet dry and comfortable we
also have a removable comfort core airflow orthotic insert to keep you on
your feet all day you’ll be flying high in these very
comfortable Steel Toe eagle light work boots from Georgia boo

Reader Comments

  1. That boot looks it will give me plantar fasciitis in a week, plus with that size of heel drop I might as well put on some high heels or pumps , also that toe box is so narrow. In two weeks my feet will look like some ancient Chinese lady's foot that was being wrapped like a mummy to impress her dominant abusing husband.

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