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Geography Now! North Korea (DPRK)

Geography Now! North Korea (DPRK)

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  1. Forgot to mention, they prefer to be called DPRK, not "North Korea" so if you ever meet one of them (somehow) remember the title. Oh and also I'm about to go on a plane to Montreal for the first Geograbee. Keep up with us on Social media to see how it goes down and who wins!

  2. Korean crisis is yet another catastrophe caused by the divide & rule, interventionist, hegemonic policies of the "Euro White Trash" !

    So is the India-Pakistan crisis , Iran , Iraq, Syria etc etc…. ! Fuk the "Euro White Trash" !

  3. How are they gonna see this only the high ranking in the military have access to their trashy internet.

  4. 북한의 남자들은 전부 한국인을 위한 노예로 삼고 여자들은 전부 성노예로 삼거나 중국에 팔아버려야한다. 북한새끼들은 자손대대로 무임금노동을 하고 한국인들은 북한 성노예들 따먹으면서 평생 놀고먹는것이다. 군방도 북한새끼들만 몇십만명 뽑아서 중국러시아국경에 24시간 세워두고 인간취급 해주지 말고 부려먹으면서 한국인 간부 아래서 평생 군복무시켜야된다. 씨발 ㅈㄴ완벽한 통일안 아니냐?

  5. North Korea says – if we can remain independent we can sign peace deal. They say South Korea wants merger and North Korea does not want merger.

    Is that true?

  6. Imagine if you origianlly lived in south Korea but then the border was remade and you were in the north? Feels good tho if you were originally in the north and after the war were in the south.

  7. 12:13
    Wait, wasn't the Korean peninsula occupied by the Japanese after the First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895)?

  8. US Department of Homeland Security: This video has been blocked due to the compliments of phsycal features

  9. I love that this is the only human rights issue around which there is no controversy. Everyone knows whats going on there and no one likes north korea.

  10. People of that nation usually watch their countries episode and say "anyone from (country)?"

    Not so much with this one…

  11. Not bad, coming from an American… You got it mostly right. However 얼음과자 is not ice cream but popsicle or sherbet (no cream). Real ice cream (with cream) is 아이스크림. Just like in the south. And most music in the south is… Well, let's just ignore that subject 🙂

  12. Sorry man. Like your previous videos, but this was only political propaganda against North Korea.
    Much of what you said are made up by the West.

  13. Very well made video, but I don't think it's right for the whole world to normalize North Korean tourism, it funds and supports the govement there

  14. North Koreea isn't worse then a prison I was there and there are a lot of police officer but if you don't break the rules everything is fine and I actually liked it

  15. I remember seeing Alejandro Cao de Benos in a documentary called _Propaganda Games_, it was on Netflix and I must it was the best North Korean documentary I've seen so far

  16. 한국에 대한 것도 찾아보니 있었네요. 남북한 모두 화합하여 평화를 되찾기를 기원합니다~ 시간있을 때 한국어 자막도 달아볼게요
    4:00 경기장(gyeong-gi-jang) literally means stadium

  17. Serbia is good with both. But we the people, love North Koreans more.
    The South for us is too Americanised and comercial.

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