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Geography Now! MONACO

Geography Now! MONACO

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  1. This was the first episode filmed in my office, to answer your question, yes, it was due to the whole Maldives episode issue thing (now resolved! Fair use win!) ANYWAY this was actually a really fun episode to film with just Ken. We literally rigged the mic on a broom and taped it to the wall for support. Enjoy this episode of #Monaco!

  2. your math is wrong guys ….. 1 square meter is not 100 square centimeters but 10 THOUSAND square centimeters … so if 1 qm is 45000 dollars then 1 square centi meter would be 45 dollars !!! not 4hundret 50…. i just noticed that because i also had probs with this in school… the ratio is exponentially higher if you go from metric distance to volume convertions…. and just by the way … : monaco uses the Euro as a currency …. not some kind dollar 😉

  3. A square centimetre isnt 1/100th of a square metre
    1sq metre = 100×100cm
    so each sq centimetre is about €4.50

    Which is still a lot.

  4. By the way: there are 100*100 sq. cm in one sq. meter, so the price per sq. cm would be 4,5$ not 450$.

  5. I love how all pictures of the port area are with the F1 track built, as if nobody cares about taking a picture at any other point in the year

  6. 5:51 Random fact: Barbajuan means "Uncle John" in ligurian, and it is a ligurian dish, like Socca, which is the Nice version of the genoese "fainà"

  7. You did not picture any full Black American princesses. There are several from the U.S. Get it together Barby

  8. You forgot to mention their flag is confusingly very similar to Poland's flag which is silly and should be changed ASAP.

  9. Monaco has 2 Swiss Mowag Piranha V infantry fighting vehicles. They are really good(weapons, protection, mobility, equipment..).

  10. 3:10

    There are 1000 sq centimeters in a sq meter
    So it’s $45 dollars per sq cm and $450 per sq decimeter.
    If it were $450 per sq centimeter then that would mean that it’s $450.000 per sq meter

  11. You forgot one thing, before gaining the Monegasque Citizenship, you have to renounce all of your other nationalities and if you do acquire citizenship in another country as a citizen of Monaco, you must renounce that too.

  12. Guys, real estate land costs $45,- per square cm, becuase there's 10.000 square centimeters in a square meter, not 100. Because 1×1 meter = 100×100 cm = 10.000 cm squared.

  13. 3:10 And again: Americans just don't know anything about the metric system. 😂
    1 m = 100 cm, so
    1 sq m = 10.000 sq cm
    So it's "only" $4,50 per sq cm.
    But great Video Anyway 👍

  14. Even if Monaco official language is monegasque I can affirm that every one in Monaco speak French… Some people also speak English and Italian but they only speak it for buissiness…

    Ps : I live in nice and I go to Monaco every week…

  15. 3:14 the French Riviera (Côte-d’Azur) isn’t a region, the one that you’re mentioning here is called « Alpes-Maritimes ». The French Riviera only includes the cities and villages between the Esterel Mountains and Monaco (Nice, Cannes, Antibes, etc…) and between the sea coast and the very beginning of the Alps (btw we call this the « Pré-Alpes » and there are some really beautiful villages, plains, rivers and mountains to visit 😎).

  16. When your'e Nice inhabitant and you heard socca is the monaco's national food : triggerd. So no monaco was and old cities from Countea de Nissa. And so they had the food of Nice. And in monaco you find ~10 socca restaurant against +100 in Nice. And more the Azur coast wasn't french riviera, azur coast is menton to St-Raphaël ( st-Tropez is'nt in the azur coast). Sorry for my english

  17. Monaco, Poland, And Indonesia Hanging Out
    Poland: Wow Guys We Had Simillar Flags!
    Germany From A Distance: Three Polenz?

  18. So it's $4.50 per square centimeter because there are 10,000 square centimeters per square meter…. but still that's insane.

  19. The postal service just lap the monaco f1 circuit and you stand at the side and let the driver just yeet it at you

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