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  1. My friend used to be the Prince of lichtenstein. He said something about his family being removed from the royal family

  2. Can I please have some sources from where you collected these informations? I have a paper due on Liechtenstein. Professor gave us a choice to do a report on any country and I chose Liechtenstein. I really need those sources man, I'm in freakout mode!!

  3. Fun Fact: Liechtenstein is the only country in the world where German is the ONLY official Language. Ask that a German or Austrian and the will get it wrong. (Germany e.g. has parts where Danish is a second official language.)

  4. 6:33 This is probably due to the large number of portuguese people there, as "Hoi" is almost the same as "Oi" (Hi in portuguese) and "Tschau" is like "Tchau" (Bye, in portuguese, derived from italian "Ciao")

  5. this is my dream country when I'm still young and it hasn't change. I hope I could there before I turn into 30's😊

  6. As a "Badenser" (Born in Heidelberg, Baden):
    There is no "t" in Baden, but I guess 9362827 people said that allready.
    Also: No, Baden Württemberg is in no way culturally related to Austria. Ofc both speak some form of German, but only the bavarian and the austrian dialects are similar. And this is only true to some extent, e.g. Austrians from "Vorarlberg" (westernAustria) speak a dialect that sounds like Swiss German.
    The regional dialect of Baden (the western part of Baden Württemberg) is closely related to that spoken in the Palatinate and Alsace (France) areas.

  7. Hey I’ve been there. We drove through in 2015 and also got our passports stamped. So worth the 3€

  8. And the thing that Liechtenstein goverment sent 80 troops to the Austro-Prussian war and got back with 81 troops they made a friend in the war

  9. Thank you so much! couldn't have explained my country better! greeting from another real Liechtensteinainian : )

  10. Lichtenstein: 'nods' so how are you doing

    Austria:enjoying your schnitzel eyyy

    Germany: ad: theres an epidemic spreading

  11. The best 2 euros I spent in Europe was getting my Liechtenstein passport stamp. So touristy, but I didn't care!

  12. I thought I would never live enough to hear an english-speaker pronouncing Liechtenstein correctly.
    The transition sounds are so damn loud in these episodes…
    Wait… how did Liechtenstein had border disputes with checkia? (We should write it like this, not like "Czechia")

  13. Total population of Liechtenstein is just 28000. Royal system of government, and oftenly you can see king, drinking coffee in any cafe. Its per capita income is "3" times more than Switzerland. 28000 population is in only one small street of sector in Karachi Pakistan.

  14. South Tyrolian here. Ignoring the fact that we saz "Hoi" too… you do realize that "Tschau" read in German is exactly the same sound as "Ciao" read in Italian, right? Basically you're telling me Italian influences managed to sneak it's way through Switzerland up to Lichtenstein

  15. 4:48 Honestly, I think most people would gladly go into business if not for all the complications relating to paperwork, shareholders, business plans etc. – if it really were as simple as just selling products, I think most of the people watching this would be business owners with varying degrees of success. I mean, we all thought that's what businesses were when we were kids – why do you think kids set up lemonade stands in their front yards? But as we grow older… yeah, we realise that actually running a legitimate business just isn't for (most of) us, when we consider all the logistics that go into it, and we'd much rather do jobs that we actually enjoy. (See, feminists? That's why women get paid less than men!)

    So… there goes my idea for an animation company – at least until I team up with someone more business-savvy.

    10:03 People don't lock their front doors? Ah, that takes me back to my childhood, when I lived on a hobby farm in the Adelaide Hills. 🙂

  16. They are so nice!
    When the swiss army of 170 men accidentally entered lichtenstein they basically said "Its not like they took attack helicopters and started an invasion, these things happen"

    Much respect from a member of the disfunctional family of europe.

  17. I was in Liechtenstein two weeks ago. The people are sooooo nice. And really and literally, everyone knows everyone.

  18. Lucky not in asia ,,, lol,,,it can be easily caputured by few thousands radicals ,,,,just saying please don't take it seriously

  19. Switzerland maybe? Switzerland has so much to offer, politcal systems that really need to be exported. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

    Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

  20. Liechtenstein was neutral during WW2, but more than that it gave shelter to 500 russian and ukrainian soldiers who fought against Staline regime, and when Staline wanted the Liechtenstein to give these soldiers to him, this little country was like : "Try me bit***"
    More balls than any european countries at that time imo xD

  21. Oh hey!!! You are rude. Wtf when you are saying with your stinky face "Bollywood, whatever" . What does it mean, you don't have respect for India. Fk off bro.

  22. I finally fulfilled a childhood dream and visited Liechtenstein this summer. I was not disappointed! An absolutely beautiful country. I would love to live there.

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