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Generations React To Area 51 Memes Compilation

Generations React To Area 51 Memes Compilation

– The Naruto run. – Ooh, okay it’s a new part.
Wait, this is Mason Ramsey? – He doesn’t need any weapons.
He is the weapon. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – “Storm Area 51.
They Can’t Stop All of Us.” – Yes, they can.
They absolutely can. They have lots of guns
and if they have alien technology, they can use it against you. – Wow, 1.3 million are going
and 1.1 million are interested. That’s a lot of people. – 1.3 million going.
Oh my gosh. One of them is me.
No. – “Details: We all meet up
at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate
our entry.” – “If we Naruto run,
we can move faster than their bullets.
Let’s see them aliens.” That’s been flooding
my Instagram feed this past week. – I’ve heard of this.
This is basically a plan for everyone–
anyone and everyone to go to Area 51 and find
their alien. This is literally my favorite meme. – Oh my goodness.
– Oh dear Lord. – This was definitely somebody
trying to mess with people and then they were like,
“Oh no, 1.3 million people are gonna go.
Let’s do this.” – I’ve been there
a long time ago. It’s just a big, empty space.
You aren’t gonna see anything. You aren’t gonna storm
the center. – (FBE) So on June 27th,
2019, a couple of Facebook users created this event
and it went viral. – So silly.
I just saw this a couple of days ago, I think,
and I was just like, “What is this? What are they doing?” – (FBE) The event page is filled
with satirical posts and memes theorizing the best way
to conquer the base, so we have some of those
to show you now. – Oh dear Lord.
Don’t you people have anything better to do
with your lives? – “I didn’t think I’d take
any stance on this whole Storm Area 51, Area 51 debacle,
but I found this map of the plan of attack
and it just might work.” – These are the different people
that are gonna attack, so you have the Kyles,
the Anti-vax kids, people armed to the teeth. – Crackheads.
Right, the crackheads are gonna go. Of course I go to the crackheads.
That’s the one I read out loud. – I think the Karens
are really gonna help. I think they could use
their haircut as a weapon. Like, whoo. – I think it’s serious as hell.
Orson Welles ran a spotlight– radio spot, no less,
and I mean, the whole world reacted and he said, “Well, I was
only fooling.” Some joke, Orson. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – Okay. – Oh, it’s the furries. – “Top secret.” – They’re preparing
for Area 51. Aren’t we all right now? – A plunger? – They’re ready. – Send in some mascots, sure. – Keanu Reeves. – The Chads, the Kyles.
Oh my God. Oh, this is great.
I love this so much. – They planned ahead.
They know we’re coming. – This is the best thing
I’ve seen all week. This is so funny. – (FBE) So, as the Facebook event
grew more popular on social media, users started to create
what is now being called #Area51Memes
or #StormArea51, so here are some examples
of those. – “Me pulling up to Area 51
so I can get myself and alien boyfriend.” – Yes, Hello Kitty, let’s go. – Bro, me. – Yes, yes,
’cause humans don’t want me, so I guess I gotta go find
an alien. – It better be a cute alien.
That’s all I have to say. – “There’s no way they’re
actually gonna storm Area 51. It’s totally a joke.”
“Us on September 20th.” Let’s go. – The Naruto run. – I can’t. ♪ (Japanese singing) ♪ – Yeah, good luck with that.
I don’t think that’s gonna quite do it. – They run into the wall like that,
that wall’s going down. – “When you storm Area 51
and find all the missing socks.” Oh my gosh. – I like that.
Now that, I like. – Okay, I’m going for that reason.
Oh my gosh, I always lose socks. – Oh, hi. – “Aliens walking out of–”
Oh. Of course.
We’re doing a throwback on a meme with another meme. – I love that guy. – First of all, you can never
go wrong with aliens. The fact that we’re matching
this all up together like this is so fun. – “He’s training to free
the aliens at Area 51.” – Good for him. – He’s getting trained
to save all the aliens. – Oh no. – What?
That’s the best one. They might know that
we’re thinking about it. Maybe they put this
in our heads to come and help them–
to come and save them. – It’s gonna be dead
by the time September 20th comes around.
No one’s gonna show up. – “The aliens on their first
day of school after we help them escape Area 51.” – His face. ♪ (electronic music) ♪ – That’s terrible.
I’m laughing at the little girl screaming. – I’ve seen some pretty
ridiculous trends, but this one, I gotta hand it
to people. They’re good. – (FBE) All right, so some
popular brands and celebrities have also caught on
to the trend. – Okay. – Chipotle.
“Yes, we deliver to Area 51.” Well, I’m going.
Once I find this out, I’m there. – Do I like it?
Yeah, I think it’s fun. – Good job, Chipotle.
Getting on the trends now. – When the aliens find out
what guac is. – (FBE laughs) – DiGiorno, oh my God.
“Fun fact, no pizza place delivers to Area 51 and aliens obviously
eat pizza, so they obviously eat DiGiorno.”
It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno. – They need to experience
pizza. – That’s such a good opportunity
for marketing, though. – A lot of brand names
are doing stuff like this, which I love,
’cause it brings the people in. – “Me and Selena Gomez
on our way to Area 51.” Aw, that is kinda cute. – Is that Miley Cyrus?
If there was aliens, they’d get along with
Miley Cyrus. – Yes.
– They really would. – That was my favorite episode
of Hannah Montana. – I thought it was fun, smart,
why not? Nice little throwback. – That’s when people start
doing it more, ’cause they’re like,
“If celebrities do it, then we can do it, too.” – Danny Trejo has
a light machete? Yeah, nice.
I love it. – Danny Trejo, oh my God.
“After leaving Area 51.” I would go if he goes. – If he’s the leader,
if he’s charging us, I will be right behind
Danny Trejo. – He doesn’t need any weapons.
He is the weapon. The sexy, older guy weapon.
Great tacos. – Mason Ramsey,
love this kid. “This alien facetimed me
at 6 AM and told me to come get him out of
Area 51. What should I do?”
You should go, obviously. – “What should I do?”
Go back to sleep. It’s a nightmare.
You’re having a nightmare. – You should go get him.
You should go yodel and the doors will open
and all the aliens will just come to you. – (FBE) So this week,
Lil Nas X also released his very own remix
of the smash hit song Old Town Road, with the video
all taking place at Area 51. – Great. – Ah, please let it be good.
Please let it be good. ♪ Yeah I’m gonna take my horse
to the old town road ♪ – I love this song. – He’s playing Minecraft.
Oh my gosh. – ♪ Can’t no more ♪ ♪ Take my horse
to the old town road ♪ – Lil Nas.
“We coming for you, bruh.” ♪ ‘Til I can’t no more
I got the horses in the back ♪ – Oh, oh no. – Bruh moment. ♪ Can’t nobody tell me nothing ♪ – Area 51. – I love this.
Oh my gosh. Why do I love this? ♪ You can’t tell me nothing ♪ – Okay. – Is that Keanu Reeves? – Ah, it’s Keanu Reeves! – Keanu! ♪ You can’t tell me nothing ♪
– Yeah, I’d be sweating, too. – Ooh, okay.
It’s a new part. Wait, this is Mason Ramsey. – Mason Ramsey, how cute.
– Oh my gosh. – Aw, the cowboys. ♪ Ain’t nobody tell me nothing ♪
– I’d ride that. – Mason. – Ah, nice.
Aliens can be rich, too. – What is 2019?
This is so [bleep] weird. – This is the way to get
your views up and get everyone’s attention,
so good for him. – It’s kind of horrible
when celebrities jump in on memes, but I think
Lil Nas is the only exception we can make, ’cause he’s one of us. – (FBE) So, the reaction was
so massive that the Air Force spokeswoman Laura McAndrews
released the following statement to the Washington Post.
– Oh my gosh. “Area 51 is an open training range
for the U.S. Air Force and we would discourage anyone
from trying to come into the area where we train American
armed forces.” – “The U.S. Air Force always stands
ready to protect America and its assets.”
“We’re hiding aliens” is what I read in between
the lines. – I’m kind of surprised
because, I mean, it’s the Air Force telling you
not to go. You should maybe kinda
listen to them. – It’s federal land.
You will be arrested. If you think that’s fun,
go for it. – Are you kidding me?
“We’re protecting America from the Naruto runners.”
It’s a joke. A hundred people max
are gonna show up. – (FBE) So, now that you’ve
seen both the original Facebook event that started
all this and the memes that followed, do you think
that this event is actually real? – I don’t–
– Oh gosh. – I think Kelli said earlier,
I think it started off as a joke. It just reached out
to millions of people. I don’t think it’ll happen.
– Maybe the people that created it were like,
“No, I’m serious, we gotta go.” – No. – I’m going to say no. – I would be very surprised
if it was for real. – A few people are gonna
show up and do this if they know the location,
which is kinda public knowledge, so I think it’s real enough. – People my age especially
are bored and curious and have nothing better to do,
so I think people will go. – I heard the message
turned out to be a fake, but there will be people
who won’t get that part and will show up anyway. – (FBE) So, reports have revealed
that the creators behind the Facebook event page
have said that this is all completely a joke
and not an actual event that is occurring on September 20th.
– Did you hear that, spokeswoman McAndrews?
Did you hear that? It’s not real. – (FBE) But since we’re talking
about Area 51, we have to ask.
Do you think aliens are real? – Sure, I believe that
alien life forms can exist, maybe just not the way
they’re depicted in pop culture. – Yes.
Even another plant from a different galaxy
can be considered an alien. – I can’t believe that
we’re in this planet– on this planet alone. – In this entire universe,
galaxy, whatever, we can’t be the only life. – I think there’s life
in space and on other planets,
but I don’t think it’s what everybody thinks it to be.
– Yeah. – There can’t be all those
planets– stars, planets, universe,
galaxies out there and there’s not some life.
They may not look like us, but there has to be. – (FBE) So, do you think
the internet has taken this too far and made this
a reality or is it still a joke and in good fun?
– I think it’s all still in good fun.
Who’s to say that a bunch of people wouldn’t show up
in RVs and tailgate the event? – It’s a joke and of course,
this never could have happened when I was a kid. – I think more people
are thinking about what if we actually did it.
That’d be low key fun. – Going back again
to the 39’s and 40’s, a guy did it with just radio
and people believed it. When a real warning
comes out, you do wonder if people are gonna pay
attention to it. – The government–
they said the US Air Force, is that what it was?
They had to have a comment back from a Facebook event.
It shows how much power the people and the internet
and Facebook and social media, everything has. – There will be people
at Area 51 on September 20th, so the government better
just move all the aliens while they can.
I hope it’s as big as a Met Gala.
Everyone’s talking about it, there’s hashtags,
it’s on the news. There should be a red carpet
and then the aliens– the celebrity aliens from
their own planet, they can come out,
introduce themselves. – (FBE) So finally,
now that we’ve talked about these Area 51 memes,
do you hope that this actually lasts all year
or do you hope that it goes away?
– I think it goes away eventually. – It’s not going to last forever. – I hope it all continues. – I hope it all continues.
– Yeah, I hope it all goes to the very end.
I wanna see what people do. – I hope it will last all year,
’cause they’re funny. – It’s probably not gonna go
away any time soon, especially because the event
hasn’t even happened yet. – I want all these things
to happen. I just don’t want to personally
do anything. – I don’t have to want it to,
it just will. – It’s not that I hope
they go away, they just will. It’s just a fad.
We’re gonna be onto the next thing. – Nothing lasts forever
and I think there’ll be another special event
that somebody thinks up. – I wanna see what happens
at the event and after that, if something
else happens to it, cool. I also kinda want the memes
to keep going big until then because I want
them to keep shaking in their boots and I also want
more people to be motivated to go. Again, I’m not going.
I’m not doing this, but I think it’s really fun. – Thanks to all you aliens
for watching this episode of Generations React. – Subscribe and hit the bell
so you never miss an episode. – Good luck in Area 51.
Bye, guys. – Hi guys, I’m JC,
producer here at FBE. Did you know that FBE
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Thanks guys, bye.

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