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gen 1 goretex ecwcs camo test

gen 1 goretex ecwcs camo test

welcome back to Manitoba bushcrafting and reviews this is Alex and I'm going to do some more gen1 equites camo testing on the cortex I'm just testing the camouflage I'm not texting or testing the water water resistance here whatnot I've already used this a lot in the water and it tends to soak water into the fact the actual cortex which I don't know it's an old jacket so I'm not going to put it to fall for that I'm sure when it was brand new it was very water resistant but when I got this it was really heavily well I wouldn't say heavily used but it was used a lot in the rain so it might be just getting worn out anyhow camo testing remember I'm not a soldier so I do not know the best ways to hide I'm just putting it against something that is roughly the same color and hoping that I it like the camel works a little bit

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  1. Hero outdoors was selling the us 3 system sleeping bag for 199, I myself have the Canadian military system,ours is very warm but heavy last for years if you take care of them

  2. Good review,I've been looking at the different styles and still prefer the woodland pattern look nice work

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