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Gates of the West are OPEN! – Welcome to play Medals of War!

Gates of the West are OPEN! – Welcome to play Medals of War!

Welcome to Warland, Commander. Your future
starts here. Yet the Days of Devastation shall not be forgotten. Those were the
days when we saw nothing but chaos and cruelty that was about to destroy
humankind. But then, one of the warring commanders fought his way to supremacy
and formed an alliance. To make it fair, wartime rules were agreed and this
alliance gave birth to a new united land, guided from its headquarters. No
countries, no continents. Only one land Warland. it doesn’t matter who you are or
where you come from, you are the hope, the salvation. You are the propaganda that
we’ll love to believe. Our weapon of choice. You are what we’re looking for,
commander. So, gather your army, join a company, fight the rebelling Renegades
and become the most victorious commander on Warland. For who knows, perhaps you
are the next one to gain supremacy. The gates of West are open. Let the war

Reader Comments

  1. Hei medals of war! Gosh, i look your video fascinated =) Stay on, Medals Of! Gave a thumb from me and also subbed you! So, pls find my Freedom&Love 😉

  2. Pretty good game i like it alot
    Compared to alot of other games this is quite good

    Ps would be nice if the producers gave me a small loan of 1 trillion in game dollars $$

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