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Garmin Instinct – Using The Track Me Feature

Garmin Instinct – Using The Track Me Feature

in this video will show you a GPS
feature on the Garmin instinct called track me which is a very bare-bones
activity profile you normally when you start up an outdoor activity profile you
press on the GPS button and then you have all these profiles that you can
choose this has the data screens customized and alerts and all that stuff
if you want to do just a straight up GPS recording of a track or anything like
that outdoors what you can do here is access it by scrolling down past your
activity favorites and choose track me and this will work the same way when you
start an activity you wait for the GPS signal to be acquired which is the check
mark and then you can just start your activity and then from here the data
screen should look very much like the hiking profile here’s a couple data
screens have a heart rate monitor you have a map the time of day and that’s
about it we can access its settings or further
menu by tapping on pressing and hold the menu at the track me settings and again
from here we can edit or adjust the data screens alerts metronomes all the same
settings we would have for example if we were using the hike profile and of
course we have access to the navigation which will give you all your back to
start access to your courses previous activities save location sign and go and
coordinates there’s just a quicker way to save it now when you stop the
activity like this my person then GPS key you’ll have a menu pop up a few
seconds give you an option to resume to save this will save it on categorize
when you sync up with Garmin Connect so if you’re using the hike profile it
would categorize as a hiking activity this one will be on categorized you can
resume later this will give you basically up there 30 minutes to do
something let’s say you’ve going inside a building or something like that you
want to resume it you can use that you can set up laps if you want to break up
your hike or you can set up Auto lap you can navigate back to start like that you
can use track back following the course that
made up to that point or Streatley I need to be if I only you can discard the
activity there you go that is quickly I can use the track me function on the
Garmin instinct

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  1. Hi need some help how can i make my distance on track me to work it seems its not working only the timer? Thank you in advance

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