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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 7: Army of the Dead (HBO)

Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 7: Army of the Dead (HBO)

It’s a long way down. TORMUND GIANTSBANE:

Reader Comments

  1. The Greatest Army in Westeros. Led by the Greatest Commander to ever fight (The Night King). Defeated by Arya Stark in a Dark, Poorly Lit battle that wasn't half of helm's deep.

  2. You can't make such a MASTERPIECE of a scene, so fucking spectacular, epic, terrifying, you can't build such a colossal sense of dread for the apocalypse marching to get all of us, ONLY TO MAKE IT END ONE EPISODE LATER – S8E1 and S8E2 don't count, nothing happens in them – WITH A STAB FROM A RANDOM GIRL WHO HAS NOTHING DO TO WITH THE WHITE WALKERS PLOTLINE. AFTER MAKING US WAIT 7 SEASONS!

    For fuck's sake, HBO. Do you hate making a crap-ton of money? You could have done a ninth season and give us a proper ending, not the rushed piece of crap that is Season 8.

  3. so shame of your death my king you will be trully missed
    RIP Night King the true rightfull king of westeros

  4. After all this, they kill the Night King within 3 episodes AND makes Cersei the endgame Boss. Seriously?

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  6. This is after S8 E3 stupid and pointless.
    Years of Hype for the Nightking and D&D destroys everthing.
    Thanks for this.I Dont care about who sits on the Throne.
    RiP GoT.
    It was a Great Time.

  7. Nice immense army. Unbeatable… unless you go to the front before the fight is over and insist to make yourself vulnerable. BUT that's what Sauron would do in the LOTR. No u right?

  8. This was one of the best scenes in season 7. Maybe even the best. And then S8E3 happened. Felt like a punch into the face.

  9. damn all of this just for it to get thrown away in season 8. like i’m not really THAT mad about anything in season 8 except for the night king story being completely wasted

  10. Season 7 should have kept going and included the first 3 episodes of season 8 or something.

    Then season 8 could have more episodes leading up to Dany's turn and been more believable.

    Whatever happened to using the horn to bring down the wall? The NK could have just used that rather creating a contrived story going beyond the wall to capture a wight to show to Cersei whom everyone knows would not help them anyway. This contrived plot point was done just to give the NK a dragon to use to bring down the wall.

    A horn would have sufficed. If they wanted to give the NK a dragon, they could have let him get it once Dany's army arrive in Winterfell or she conducts a more reasonable rescue mission.

  11. 1 – Night King was strong enough to kill a dragon;
    2 – The army of the dead has hundreds of thousands of dead people and several dead GIANTS.
    3 – It is possible to stop this army with a proper strategy at Winterfell (and that didn't happen at all).
    4 – I'm not being disrespectful with the writers, but considering the 3 facts above, the army of the dead would have destroyed Winterfell and, as anyone else in Westeros didn't give a fuck to the fact that the Night King was real, they wouldn't be prepared to face him and his army with dragon glass, therefore, Westeros should have been destroyed.

    And I didn't mention that, after Winterfell, there could be 3 dead dragons to storm everything (and no, huge scorpions wouldn't be efficient as the spears weren't made with dragon glass and/or Valyrian steel)

    Note1: How could Sam survive? WTF! How could one-handed Jamie survive?
    Note2: Why the Night King didn't smash Arya's neck at the moment he grabbed her?

  12. So they dropped the whole thing with the horn, and exchanged it with a dragon who they got through bullshit writing, and a plothole.

  13. The coolest thing in the whole series and they fucked it up in less than 3 episodes…shame…shame….shame!!

  14. “Oh wow, I can’t wait for season 8 so I can see the Great War, it will be epic” – me, ignoring season 8 happened

  15. Even though S7 wasn't great, it was good enough which is all S8 had to be to make the series an overall great success. But no S8 was beyond wretched ruining the entire series. Unreal.

  16. Imagine how these poor undead will fare against napalm bombs from every attack aircrafts of a carrier battle group….

  17. Imagine if Jon and his team had managed to grab a wight from the Whitewalker patrol they attacked and made it back to the wall without attracting the rest of the army of the dead.
    The Night King would have no dragon and been stuck.

  18. I wanna know how the white walkers knew they were going to have a dragon to take down the gate or what they would of done without the dragon 👍☺

  19. I’m happy pretending the show just ended here. Night King comes into the world of men, everyone’s fucked.

  20. But the truest victory, my son, is stirring the hearts of your people. I tell you this, for when my days have come to and end. You, shall be king.

  21. И зачем была нужна вся эта армия? Этот дракон один за пол минуты победил😂

  22. Why did John Snow get all worked up about the White Walkers? They had a magic wall that contained them. Once he saved the Wildlings, they could rest behind their wall. Didn't need to go and give them a dragon.

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