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GAME OF THRONES: Ranking the Top 9 most Powerful Military Forces in GOT

GAME OF THRONES: Ranking the Top 9 most Powerful Military Forces in GOT

what’s up everyone today we’re going to
be ranking the most powerful military forces in Game of Thrones number nine of this list is the hill
tribes the hill tribe army all together is made up of 2,000 men and women the
many Hill tribe clans were united by Tyrion Lannister and all their equipment
is provided by the Lannisters the hill tribes are the most violent warriors of
Westeros they found ferociously to defeat a person Robb Stark’s army next up number eight in the list is the
golden company the golden company is a mercenary sell sword company and Essos
founded by house Blackfyre the company is composed of around 10,000 skilled and
well equipped men sponsored by the Iron Bank the army is made up of infantry
Calvary Navy and war elephants the golden company has the reputation of
never breaking a contract which is quite uncommon among other mercenary
organizations up next number seven is Robb Stark’s
Northern Alliance and what do they say of Robb Stark in the north they call him
the young wolf we say he rides into battle on the back of a giant direwolf
they say he can’t be killed do you believe them I am hers and she he’s mine
telling me to stay until the end of my days no anyone can be killed
once Robb Stark heard that his father was imprisoned he gathered all the loyal
Bannerman’s to House Stark and formed an impressive army of 20,000 men to rebel
against the crown winter is coming for him three victories don’t make you a
conqueror it’s better than three defeats the young Wolf’s army defeated a
crown and a Lannister three times before being betrayed by his own allies the
Northern Alliance died when Robb was betrayed by house Bolton house white
hill and House Frey Robb Stark and his family were murdered at a red wedding
which was arranged by Tywin Lannister and Walder Frey there sits the only King I mean to bend
my knee to The King in the North next up number six we have mance
rayder’s free folk army all the 90 clans after free folk are united by Mance
Rayder the king-beyond-the-wall it took him 20 years to accomplish such feat
mance rayder’s free folk army consists of 25,000 men and women the free folks
are also one of the toughest fighters in Westeros on average the free folk are
much taller and stronger than the mainlanders they also known a North
better than anyone else I like you boy
but if you lie to me I’ll pull your guts out through your throat Kill him what about you Hard to lead when you’re in Chains what if I unchain you what would you do
that because you were not my enemy
and I’m not yours you people easily
they need to get South of the wall we don’t have much time and they have
less the walkers are coming make your people fast I’m not asking you to make peace save your self make peace to save your people up next we have Euron Greyjoy’s iron fleet
the iron fleet is consisted of one thousand ships it is the greatest Armada
of Westeros Euron himself is the greatest captain of 13 seas in this fleet are some of the mightiest ships such as the
Kraken and the Black Wind first storm and last I am the drowned God when men see my
sails right With a thousand ships
and I will give you this world The iron fleet on the other hand Is the greatest armada Westeros has ever seen the Lannister Red Army deserves to
be number four in the list they have around 30,000 fully trained
and geared men serving the house and they’re still recruiting thousands of
sell swords the Lannisters are one of the richest houses and Game of
Thrones the soldiers are equipped with top armor
and weapons the Lannisters are also in favor of the crown of Cersei Lannister
being queen this means that the Red Army has advantages over others such as
support from people and service of the Maesters additionally the Lannisters possess a
secret weapon an arsenal of wild fire enough to burn down an entire kingdom to
the ground ignited wildfire is even hotter than dragon fire and jars of wild
fire is known to melt on castles and burn down entire armies in third place we have Stannis
Baratheon’s army initially Stannis Baratheon had 200 ships and a hundred
thousand men to siege King’s Landing his army outnumber the crown five to one
after wildfires burn along half of his army they still breach the mud gate any man dies with a clean sword I rape his **** gods after Stannis Baratheon’s defeat in the
Battle of Blackwater his remaining 32 ships in 6,000 men marched to Castle
black they invaded mance rayder’s camp killing most of the free folk there and
imprisoned arrest even after that Stannis still has six
thousand men to March to Winterfell four thousand of these men deserted and
Stannis’s remaining army was slaughtered during the siege Daenerys Stormborn
wants second place in his rank with her great army
all together her massive army is made up of one hundred and twelve thousand six
hundred men from Essos and two matchless dragons with the support of Yara and
Theon Greyjoy her massive army sailed across the Narrow Sea
her only allies Jon Snow the king in the north for the rest of her Alice are
either dead or captured the elements of our army include
100,000 dothraki riders from the great Kalisar 8600 train unsullied along with
1,000 unsullied are still going through training 2000 warriors of the second
son’s and any former slaves are willing to fight for her and the gold medal of this rank belongs
to the knight King the leaders of this army is one thousand White Walkers that
are almost immortal their ice blades make them invincible against normal
steel only a few people possess Valyrian steel dragon glass weapons the White
Walkers command 100,000 undead soldiers including many giants and unbeatable
frost dragon announced tonight King himself any dead person will join this
monstrous army the army of the Dead is getting bigger by the minute
winter is coming okay everyone that’s it like the video
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  1. Stannis didnt havé 100000 men his army numbered at around 20-25000 m’en during the battle of thé Blackwater

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