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G-Steel GST-B100-1AJF Bluetooth analog G-Shock watch review | WATCH THIS, BEFORE YOU BUY ONE

G-Steel GST-B100-1AJF Bluetooth analog G-Shock watch review | WATCH THIS, BEFORE YOU BUY ONE

Hello everyone GHF here, today I want
to talk about this GST-B100 first ever full analog G steel and also the
first ever full Bluetooth G steel series watch reference numbers GST-B100 not
to confuse with the GST-W or S100 which I own as well in which I’m gonna make a dedicated video pretty much soon but for now let’s make a quick comparison just look at
that look at how good the Bluetooth series is compared to this one and the
price is roughly the same anyway so I would recommend guys to get this one instead, but not for everyone this Bluetooth G-Steel watch is definitely not for
everyone because it didn’t have a lot of functions, I bought the watch like two
months ago, so let me quickly demonstrate to you guys the excitement graph, so this
will be the excitement level and the time so when I ordered watch; I was really
excited because I was able to grab this in used condition and at the bargain
price roughly around 250 bucks, so I was really excited and when I got the watch,
opened up the box and god, this watch is very majestic the first impression when
you get this out of the box just beautiful, so my excitement, just go all the way up, and then I start pairing the watch to my phone, to see what it could do,
start pressing the button all those and the excitement just drop all the way
down and some what, it just stayed there you know because I was expecting to see a lot of
functions, I’m used to purchasing a lot of high-end models with.. well, you guys
see at the back. That’s why I love this gulf master so much, because it has so many
functions and the price is very affordable in my opinion compared to
what it has to offer, so all of these watches at the back are
the things that has a lot to offer for the price I mean you’ll get a lot of values
in.. in terms of functions, but for this watch however, it is something different,
you didn’t get a lot of functions and if you just want functions, you better off
get this one instead this is much cheaper, it could do much more than this,
and it is comfortable too somehow but yeah I only was for over two months
I have to say that this watch gets more wrist time compared to this, both of this has similar aviation theme design, this one
has the sky-cockpit dashboard ..uhm inspired, this one
however has a jet engine ins..uhm inspired design, especially on this disc over here.
Let me take this watch out of my wrist, my 15 centimeters circumference wrist, as you guys could see just now, if it’s very great right, even though it has a size of
54 x 58 x 14 millimeters, so quite big watch, but if you
measured it diagonally like this it’s only like 49 millimeters which is pretty uhm.. hold on. Not as big compared to other master of G on the market so it is
pretty acceptable as a high-end g-shock watch, you can’t have a small watch with a
big watch face, it’s just not possible right. Anyway, uhm.. where, where was I, alright, we’re gonna have a look at the watch face right. So you’ll see, this, this
will be mode indicator, at the same time will be day display and obviously mode
display down there, this will be dual time display, the 24 hour time for this
display, date display, and this disc will act as a battery indicator, so right now it
is low, because it’s all black, so if I press this, you could rotate it so when
it is full it will be all red, like that moving back to black, it is just gorgeous, look at how the disc rotates, it just, it’s just so much fun to use. Okay, you’ll have the LED
light down here which is incredibly bright and if you put the watch in the
dark only the hour and minute hands could glows in the dark, the obelisk hand, and that’s pretty much it, the rest will just stay dark, but again you’ll have LED and the
watch is solar powered, don’t just save the battery, you could use, use the battery as long, as you want you could recharge you back no problem. Okay, let me quickly
demonstrate to you guys how you could pair your watch to your phone obviously
you’re gonna need to download the G-Shock connected app over here, open the app, and pick your watch, which one you want to pair to your phone on top like that, so
I’m gonna pick the GSTB100 like so, and press this connect button down here for
about two seconds the hand will move to R and then it will move to C after
it is successfully connected to your phone, lets wait a little bit, there you go
moved to C, and you could just leave the watch at the side, now let’s have a look
at what we could do over here, and first of all you’ll have your dual time
display setting, TOKYO time will be on the main dial, these worlds I will be
down here so if I want to swap, I could do so by
pressing this button in the middle and they will phone will show you how to
watch what looks like as well there it is and send setting, there you go. So
next thing that you could in here is utility, which is consists of alarm and
timer, so alarm, basically a single along without any signal function, and all by
the way, so.. quite inconvenient so, if you need that keep that in mind. This watch didn’t have it and next is your Countdown Timer, you could set it..
everything over here, so if you want to set it up to 18 minutes, just send it
setting to the watch and you are good to go, and next thing you could do in here is
having a look at the background setting, enter here and this is all the things
that could set in the watch.. in the background, basically set the operation
sound, set time, time adjustment, home position, the home position is cool, so it
consists of nine separate dial so you could set this disc, everything would be
over here so if you want to set this tiny a date display to do so by pressing
this button and you could move it, let’s say if I move it a little bit, if I send this
setting, you can see that this tab will start rotating to change the date so I’m
going to press it backward and then like that it will send it back, just done, and
you could set everything in here and as you can see, it is incredibly simple,
incredibly basic, this watch really didn’t have a lot of functions anyway, so
if you want to have a quick look at what else you can do in here, just go to view
guide and it will explain to you guys all this.. disc dial.., all the buttons,
what they could do at a glance like so. So super
convenient right, okay press any button to terminate the connection and we’re
good to go let’s have a look up close to the watch face independently, again this
will be battery indicator, day display, date display, dual time display, 24 hour time format,
mode indicator, pressing mode button once will brings you into the stopwatch mode,
press this light button over here to start the stopwatch, basically, this will
be the seconds, minutes, hour, 24 hour range and the disc will synchronize with this
minute down here, so when it rotates this disc will rotate and follow along with
this part. That’s it. you’ll have your split time as always, split
off, stop and reset this.. sorry uhm.. stop, start-stop and reset to zero like
that. Pressing the mode button will bring you to the countdown timer mode I already
set this watch to yeah, It’s already running in the background. Stop and reset to zero
like that, there you go. Start this and you’ll see, the second hand
will move backwards and similar thing again, seconds, minute, hours, and 24 hour range. it will move backward like so this disc will synchronize with this part as well,
exactly the same thing but it’s so much fun to use. Pressing Mode button will brings you the Alarm mode, and here the dial will show you the alarm time, but this was
synchronized with this ON or OFF setting, So if I turn it ON like.. let me try, there
it is, ON, this will rotate OFF-ON, you didn’t really need that right, I mean the
watch could operates on its own but having the disc over there’s just very
beautiful. Alright that’s it all the basic stuff that you could do have to
watch, obviously you could swap time between these full big display with the
sub dial or the second time display by pressing the light button and hold
it at home timekeeping, okay you’re gonna need to wait all this settle down first
and there you go press and hold and it will swap these
display, then press and hold it again to move back. Alright, the bluetooth connectivity for this watch we only allows you to use the
phone finder, to set up the entire watch without even touching any buttons at all
except for this connect button obviously so that’s very very convenient having a
analog watch like this is so annoying to set up using the crown, trust me you don’t
want to use the crown, talking about the crown though it is so small about the
same size as all of the four button on the side and the crown guard is so big
that it makes the process of setting up the watch using the crown is very
annoying you could use it, the watch will works independently on its own, without
the bluetooth connectivity with your phone but having the Bluetooth functions
is just very convenient, so fun to use. So there’s as far as the functions, well
you guys could already decide by now if there’s gonna be a good watch for you or
not, it’s all based on what you’re looking for and as you guys can see, I have a smart watch at the back, so this one should cost roughly around the same
process this and it could do much more like literally a lot of things but,, let’s assume that they are at the same price right, you paid
400 for this you paid 400 for this, but this one could only last you about a
maximum of two years before the batteries dead and the software is outdated, this is
the first generation Apple watch, I bought the watch like three months after the
release date and I wore it for about a year and a half and then I stopped wearing
it because it is trash, although it is still tough I could use it still I could
charge it and then get it to work but it still trash. This one however is
built to last not for two years but definitely, over than that, five to ten years to come, you could still use it because the function is very very basic
that it didn’t need a lot of a software update and all you know so you could use
it, years and years to come. For the price that you paid to get one of this
compared to this this one will offers much value and also it is incredible
tough it is solar power you don’t have to charge using your cable and all it’s
just much better the best SmartWatch on the market in my opinion I’m sorry not a
SmartWatch a best Bluetooth equipped watch on the market yeah that’s it
if you have extra budget you could get the sapphire glass version with the
carbon fiber bazel and textured watch band instead, that will be operating on a
similar module but much more expensive a lot more better-looking in my opinion,
I believe that design, win the.. the best watch face designs somewhere, I can’t recall the article I read about it, So let’s have a look at the back plate
real quick to see the specs, you’ll have Casio.. a very beautiful circular hairline finish. Casio, 5513 module, GST-B100, stainless steel back Japan movement, cased in China, batch number we will be over here, and water resistant to 20 bar, if you look at the buckle I believe it will also have Casio
China signed at the bottom, the watch band is soft texture at the bottom layer,
polyurethane material, soft and highly very thick and also comfortable to be
worn, dotted texture on top the high-end version have more rugged
appearance, anyway a fully made in China G Shock watch at 50,000 Japanese yen
retail but you could buy this at much lower than that, but despite being made in China,
this watch is built like a tank, like that, that didn’t even hurt the watch. Imagine, could you do that with this guy, you can’t. So it has a mineral glass, and it’s
protected with just a little bit.. of this metal bezel there and that’s pretty much it. However
you’ll have two layer of metal and in between this there’s a gel to provide
the shock absorption so that’s why I could just knock it like that and
nothing gonna happen, and also I bought the watch in used condition, its already have
scratch, so I don’t really worry so if you are concern about scratch, you will
scratch this uppermost bezel layer, it has this brush finish, beautifully made,
but yeah.. a lot of scratch like that. Anyway, I believe that.. that is all in
general, things that you could do with the watch, either it will be the best fit
for you is entirely based on the person, based on your budget, based on what
you’re looking for, if you don’t like having all these sensors in them, so why
not pay for this one instead, you are paying.. not for the function, I mean just
a little bit for the function obviously, but you are paying more on the design,
the idea, the finishing, the appearance, and obviously, it is g-shock. If you just stamped something else on top, nobody gonna buy that. So, that’s it I hope you guys
have found this simple video a little bit useful informative entertaining I
will talk more and more in the future for sure.. disassemble the watch probably made a module demonstration and all, to show you guys what else you could
do if you have anything at all.. any concern, just leave your comment on
below I try to help you as much as I can alright for now that sums it all again
thank you very much for watching this is GHF and I’m… hold on…come here, come here alright, and I’m… out

Reader Comments

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    They do look cool, but think I would rather save more for an MTG (similar functions I guess), but just look a lot better (in my opinion)👍🍻
    Thanks for the review “nicely done, with great macro shots” as usual! 👍🍻
    PS: any luck getting a spare Gulfmaster for parts yet?

  2. Nice review. I already have a MRG G1000GD and the size is perfect. I'm looking at a second G-Shock and this seems to be a very decent one. My question is, is this watch significantly bigger than the MRG model I have, or it's about the same? Thanks.

  3. Hi GHF. How did this model compare to the similarly basic ( &used also )MTG-S1000 you reviewed a while ago. I know the MTG wasn't bluetooth, only Multiband, but I would be grateful for a comparison. Wrist check, left GPW1000, right GD350 (-ve). Many thanks from UK.

  4. The paw was the charm, this watch looks awesome, it remind of a tag huer, I was sad about the price and the functions, glad you make a video. Hope you get some ga700 it is my favorite

  5. Can't pair my watch to my phone. Had it paired for the first time but now it cant. Even pressing the bluetooth button in my watch, did'nt see the second hand going to "r" or "c". Can you help please

  6. Love the watch…love the simplicity…toughness…beast mode watch…got mine on for 350. Better than any smart watch.

  7. The bluetooth series case is better. But the face is useless! I live the gst series. I wish they would give it a better case or the same case as the Bluetooth series. Then I would buy another one.

  8. I have this exact model, and really love it! It has stopwatch, world time, countdown timer and alarm (only one, but that's fine).
    I found it on Amazon for sale at $245 new! Great price, and really a stunning watch! Some people don't like the prop… I love it! Love how it spins when you change modes, it'll display battery level, it just looks really interesting!
    Watch is also very easy to use. Most of my G Shocks, if I don't wear them for a few weeks, I have to review the manual to figure out how to do things.. not with this one.
    Also, bluetooth makes changing alarm time, world city, countdown timer very simple, and the watch syncs automatically to your cell phone!
    Amazing watch for a really reasonable price! I wear this watch more then my Omegas or Ball Watch!

  9. Why buy a G-Shock for durability and then wear white gloves when you handle them? Yeah, don’t go outdoors much.

  10. One of best looking analog G Shocks! I got so many responses and comments about it when wearing it. No one from my other 9 G Shocks did make so many WOW factor comments.

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  12. I took off my Rolex Submariner and put this on because I needed an everyday "beater" watch. I got it on the 16th of March. I have still yet to get the F'ing thing to work. Sure it is good looking, but that's it. I am also a loyal CASIO customer. I have had Casio watches since the 70's and the very first G Shock. I am so disappointed. I am thinking of spending a few more bucks and get into the Tissot market. Sad. So much potential. Great video though! That Frogman is SWEET!

  13. BTW I think registering the watch via the watch is a MYTH! I do love your cat helping you with the video, lol.

  14. Just got rid of this watch, its a nice clean watch but its TINY, its like 51mm, thats just a tiny watch for a smaller guy, im 6"0 and only feel comfortable with a Master of G Mudmaster or Rangeman, this watch is nice, but just way too small.

  15. The only g-shock that makes sense is pro-trek why would I want to connect my phone to set a timer on my watch? That's just stupid what I'll pay for this rip-off I can get a pro-trek and get a butt load of feature

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  17. love your channel, thanks for what u do, i have probably 30 g shocks, where do you recommend, or how do you recommend i get my old ones fixed, (dead batteries)

  18. I have the blue carbon one and paid $600 for it. It's a POS. Bluetooth no longer works, and can't get my hour hand to move via the crown so now it's always 1 oclock.

  19. I dont think GHF gets enough credit as one of the most informational and educational watch enthusiats on YouTube. Obviously his channel is tailored towards GShocks but thats the beauty in it. The quality of his content and the effort that he puts into each one of his videos is nothing short of outstanding. I just want to say thank you and i hope you keep up with the content.

  20. This watch sucks, mines worthless now cause when I ever I sync it with the app. It gives me the wrong time and date on my watch. Phone app has the real time and everything but I don’t know why it can’t sync right.

    Anyone got answers for me?

  21. Thx for the review…i just got one too :), also, i would like to check with you the battery indicator when full- should be all back when i press D button- not red..the latest G shock connect software will show the battery indicator at top left.

  22. 僕は、G-STEELのカーボンベゼルのタイプのG-ショックを持っています。👍ですね。😄

  23. My watch won't adjust to the time showing on my phone. That app shows one time and when I send it to the watch it is about 2 hours off and the date is wrong. Any suggestions on what this might be? I have also removed the app form my phone and have set the time and date manually but about twice a month it gets a mind of its own and changes the time and date up.

  24. What is the very small dial at the right used for? – i might buy this one! – thx for the vid – greets, Levi

  25. I hope you reply this fast , cannot decide between gst-w110d-1a9jf ( China ) vs GST-B100D-2A (Thai JdM ) , would you help me ?

  26. This is the best quality, no-BS, everyday watch for the money. If you’re on the fence about this or a cheaper “functions” G, get this. An accurate trustworthy watch is crucial and the phone finder function is one of the best functions you can have on a watch, imo. It’s been a game changer for me.
    The lower end Gs are way different and cannot compare to the quality of the GST-B100 or any of the connected versions. I’m kinda glad I bought this before I bought too many cheaper function based Gs because the batteries are dead in all my older ones except the GA700SE.

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