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Fur Jacket With English Subtitles

Fur Jacket With English Subtitles

I love this fur jacket so much It’s so soft I like to rub the fur on my face It’s so soft and with this (?) I’ll wear this so people can see They’ll say wow she must be so rich How rich and modern she must be Oh look at her clothes Look at her breast implants She’s so modern It has a lot of fur It comes from China They treat animals horrible over there They’ll skin them alive They’ll beat them to death and they’ll boil the animals alive The animal will be boiled alive for one hour and then it will die And I’ll say “oh well who cares, I can’t do anything about it” All I can do is buy this fur and wear it and pose like a maniac Yes I’m such a beautiful and modern maniac I’m a maniac, a maniac. Heheheheheheheee

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  1. She does sarcasm so well and how many guys has she made utter fools of with her strap on plastic breast. The disgust she shows at the end is real.

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