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Frømandskorpsets Optagelse & Elevskole

Frømandskorpsets Optagelse & Elevskole

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  1. Totally cool and nicely done with all the hard work and all the training pays off to be the best to just get in many won't make and the different types of training on weaponry exercises that you do too. thank you

  2. Yes! Thank you so much for uploading this! I once saw this on Finnish TV, and the program has come to my mind again.
    Any idea when the english subtitles will come?

  3. Wow, unbelievable selection process. Prince Frederick is a Frogman. Did he also have to pass the selection? Or was he given the honour without having to pass selection? Honestly, just want to know the answer. Thanks.

  4. why when on the start of the video is someone blurred and someone not? is the people that is blurred, made it or something?

  5. It seems like in the USA, the instructors yell in your face constantly, but in European armies the attitude is "either you do, or you do not."

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