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French OD wool blanket from

French OD wool blanket from

I realized there are no videos online about this blanket so I decided I'll actually do my own product review for once i ordered this from keep shooting calm there's no reviews on the website and YouTube has yet to have a video about it they just released this and it is advertised as the French OD will blanket and I seriously could not be any happier I was pleasantly surprised to see that unlike the photo that they show on the website mine actually has a nylon webbing material on the edges and it's sewn in on the pictures online it just was a regular sewn and so I was pretty surprised to see that the blanket is brand new it still has tags on it saying made in France 1998 and the other tag that shows the washing instructions are included on it and perfectly legible also what I've got wrapped around the blanket are Dutch what it would are advertised as Dutch camo pack straps and they were a dollar apiece on the website well worth the dollar apiece I got eight of them there about four foot long plastic buckles pretty dang heavy duty the blanket if I remember right it was 29 bucks it's quite a stout blanket I stuck it through the washing machine on hand wash mode with wool light and some fabric softener and then I laid it out to dry for a couple days and I'm pretty happy with this thing it's pretty soft pre thick and pretty comfortable well here's my first ever product review and hope you guys can do it

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