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French military fleece1

French military fleece1

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  1. Got one, great fleece, getting a Website that carries these…..
    . Just find it as described here, highest quality construction. euro metric sized, but not hard to
    size, great liner and works really well with the Foriegn Legion goretex ( MVP) parka. COMBINED, you got mother nature handled for rugged outer wear.

  2. I've had mine for about a year now. Keep walking around outside at 5-8C with just a T-shirt underneath it and no problems at all. The absurdly small amount of wind that does get through is just nothing and can serve only to cool you off when you're on the move. Went figure scating with it a couple of times… it was a bit warmer, about 8 C. I was sweating like a pig in 15 mins or so, it was my third and fourth time skating, so I wasn't doing anything fancy, just laps. Wore it last weekend when I went airsofting… 3 degrees outside, again started getting too ho after 20 mins or so. Long story short – get one. This is one of those few things out there that are really worth something. Get one and try not to lose it.

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