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French army cooking set.

French army cooking set.

hi this is Rob 73 from airsoft and survival one of the pastimes which I really like to do is basically to do window shopping in outdoor shops and their army and navy stores you never know what you're going to find the other day I came across this beautiful little Billy okay when I had to get a few more hands of it where this is from what country I don't know all I can tell you is that it has a bore great 1979 printed on the bottom of it okay these things are stainless steel I picked this up for $15 an army-navy store here in Japan in Osaka and I am pretty happy with I haven't have to try it out yet so I'm gonna use somebody next hike so I'll look out for that which will be coming up beginning of next month this one's hike has been cancelled because of weather conditions and also my health I'm a bit cold at the moment so I'm not going to jeopardize my health anymore right just going out on a hike but getting back to the Billy set let's do a close-up okay who she is it says it says the boar great boar gate 19 seven times i boar gate okay so if anyone knows what country this comes from please leave me a comment in the box below I greatly appreciate it but it looks like it is a great piece of kit it has been used it's pretty scratched up but eating great condition it's got this lovely little handle at the bottom to help you pull it out of your kit bag it's got the retaining arm which has a little node the bottom here to keep it in place falls out nicely then you have your lid moving in this out it it's another exit beautiful dish you can see how clean that is up and then you got a smaller dish inside now I have some items here to show you what you can fit in here he's got another arm and I have my Bernstein rod little hexie stove some packets of soup okay they all fit it quite nicely in there so they said look kid on its own then it has to be a 15 quid I have a way of starting firing heating my food and I got some soup cheer me up to keep me going okay one of my food could you fit in there well mine Boswell's if you didn't want to keep the hexa stove in there with your finest article if you have that in forest etiquette you could pack it maybe once in there or if you didn't want to have the second dish and just wanted to have the main two dishes you could feel a lot of food in there pack it down lock her over and you have food on the go sorry I just said these are stainless steel very well made great condition whereas steel at the price that I got from for now you get three beautiful issues that means over here okay fit nicely into each other and these weigh nothing I mean the weight of these in this no it's are so light pack it all the way in that's it how big is it well my hand is a size 8 so it's little smaller than a 5 sheet of paper okay would fit nicely in a cargo pocket on its own say this was designed originally to go into the web set a webbing set on a PLC loadout for a soldier so it fitting pretty nicely enabled enough room that they fit some Russians and as well there you go you're amazed at what you can find if you just have a little scout around the army-navy stores so keep your eyes open always be ready to pick up some great deals hope you like please subscribe and remember be prepared

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