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Freedom Huddle visits Gun Store!

Freedom Huddle visits Gun Store!

welcome to freedom huddle folks this is crazy I woke up this morning like two thousand YouTube subscribers this is awesome I'm actually really excited again because there's so many firearms projects that I put off or just didn't want to do and we're gonna do them now my some buddies of ours up in Columbus open up this new gun store called cap city Outfitters and literally this is their grand opening today and we thought well let's bring the Humvee up we're gonna do a video on how to buy one of these the process the hiccups the hurdles titling registering all that stuff you can see inside it is the real deal man it is super cool is crazy how far across the passenger seat is we just through the back canvas in which makes a little bit better for driving videos to come which insurance company denied us it was a new front bumper which will be real easy to replace off that and then we're gonna do something a little different on the on the ass end of her which we want to tie into a traditional 2-inch hitch as well although funny enough these things can't tow shit 3300 towing capacity which is kind of funny you guys do with the brakes and I think the actual way the drive system works on all four independent tires and on that note take a look folks the brakes on a Humvee are right there and and they're they're not in the wheel when we do a brake change that's gonna be fun on the gun stuff burst system that we're gonna build as a replica that I think is gonna be sweet we're gonna do that DIY suppressor one of the guys here has bought one of these cz scorpions with some add-ons SVR we're a machine ops like we did for my buddy Nick Chen the front end to change from Picatinny rail to em block and put a can on it and there's a general rule we're kind of like on cloud nine the NYCC NFC channel just pronounced our training program we're up here in Columbus again having fun with our buddies with this Humvee and yeah life is good folks

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  1. Btw I love all your videos. They cz scorpion is awesome. Got mine all tricked and am actually using some 3D printed parts that I designed in fusion for it!

  2. I forgot to check the notify me box when I subed so I just now figured out their was activity here. Now to catch up.

  3. There are a couple interesting things to think about the brakes on these trucks. 1) They are higher so they stay out of the mud/water when in mild mud. Obviously if you sink it, the can still get gummed up. Secondly, they are before the geared hubs, so the brake rotors actually spin almost twice as fast compared to if they were at the wheel. The advantage is they can provide more stopping resistance! As a result the rotors are actually pretty small considering the weight of the vehicle. Lastly, there is a special cheater tool that makes changing the brakes easier. Taking off the top caliper bolt is a pain in the ass without it. Let me know if you want a picture of it/info. Makes the job MUCH easier.

  4. not trying to be negative here but man the humvee is a piece of crap. As a ten year vet, I can honestly say these thing are slow death traps that did little to protect soldiers in a fire fight. There is a reason the Army is making a never type.

  5. I remember when the hummer was first released the anti everything lobby here in Australia wanted it banned after all if they can't understand something they ban it here – we are the land of the banned !

  6. Ahhhh, time to start bitchin'… πŸ™‚

    After you built the .22 suppressor, you said you'd do a follow-up video on it. How fouled-up it was, was it easy to take apart… ect…… Any baffle strikes?

    In the comments, you said you would, now you have this channel. I'm going to hold you to your word!

    Anyhow, love the machining videos and am sure to enjoy this new channel just as much.

    Glad to see you're doing well.

    With respect,


  7. Hi John,
    Congratulations on the new channel! Looking forward to some cool stuff here. Machining and firearms, can it get any better? Well, I guess firearms and shooting! It should be interesting to hear what one has to do to acquire a Humvee. Thanks,

  8. The brakes being moved away from the wheels is done in quite a few European cars, Citroen among others do a similar thing… more info ( wikipedia page = inboard_brake )
    I believe it is to do with suspension and inertia, extra weight bouncing further from the apex = more inertia, and also in the hummer case, keeping the brakes away from areas that may see it damaged easily.

  9. As a 17 year old guy interested in guns, tooling, and CNC programing. I am super excited about this channel!!!!

  10. The auctions I've seen for HMMWVs say they could only be used/registered for "off road" use only. Will you be covering the get around on that in your next video?

  11. I think a great project would be a homemade canvas covering that goes at an angle from the top of the can to the back of the truck bed…Can't wait to see more!

  12. John, you have an awesome attitude and I'm so happy you are reaping the rewards for that. Many thanks for your videos and as always, best luck to your future works.

  13. I love it! Looking forward to more vid's from this channel, thumbs up. Machining guns and parts is just to cool to watch!!

  14. You should look for a trailer w/top to pull behind it. You used to see them all over, not sure about now.

  15. When you do a video on the Humvee, have either a segment or maybe another video on the car itself, that's always a nice start for projects, the get-go. πŸ™‚

  16. Bring on the gun stuff! Sounds like there may be some interesting ideas you fellows are about to present….looking forward to your new channel.

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