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Fox Tactical Operator Action Pack Review

Fox Tactical Operator Action Pack Review

hi I'm Karl from Harry's army-surplus and this is the field operators pack from Fox outdoor measurements are 22 by 16 by 9 and with this 3,000 198 cubic inches this has a large amount of space great for tactical and everyday use this pack is constructed a ballistic nylon which makes it durable it's three compartment design gives you a large amount of space the front compartment is an organizer compartment which keeps everything like your documents the main compartment gives you a large capacity of storage including for a hydration system and a mesh pocket for additional storage the lower compartment has three mesh compartments in the back and one in the front for emergency gear or extra mags the two side compartments are large enough to either fit extra magazines or an additional water bottle it has three carry handles one on the top and two located on the side for easy carrying a fleece-lined electronic pocket in the top or for eyeglasses if you'd like it's full mesh back it is designed for breathability and comfort for those long times when you have to wear it the contoured shoulder straps give you a nice comfortable fit along with the sternum strap gives you a secure fit side compartment access is for either a laptop or either notebooks removable kidney pad let you carry any needs or tactical use or just around town ID pocket window MOLLE straps located on everywhere on the pack to add additional pockets along with velcro this field operator pack will allow you all the space that you need and you can get yours at Harry's army surplus or @ww Harry's army surplus net

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  1. Takes me back to my days as a JTAC. BUT I'd never do it again if given the chance haha! Sleeping in self dug ditches 270 days out of the year are hard on the back….

  2. i have a trip planned to the jungle and i want a pack that i could take with me all day  where i can pack a dslr camera 2 extra lenses water food and maybe a raincoat would you recommend this one over the Rapdom t rex Tactical Pack?? or is it too bulky?

  3. It's definitely similar and a little larger than the Urban Go Bag. It was designed to be among the same category of pack but, as seen in the video, it's got some different organizational features. On top of that, it's a little less expensive than the Urban Go Bag. In our retail store where our customers get to open up the bags and check them out, it's our very best selling backpack.

  4. Is this a larger version of Condor's Urban Go Bag…..just with extra Velcro and a different top carry handle?

  5. It depends. If you're carrying a very heavy load and/or plan on doing overnight+ trips, we'd suggest something with internal stays such as the Advanced Mountaineering Pack (just search our site for that phrase). If you're talking about day hikes without a heavy load, this pack should do the trick nicely.

  6. Apologies.Our presenter made a mistake in the video. We've added an annotation. The material used is polyester. Tactical polyester is in this case is a high denier polyester that is coated to add durability of a 900 denier material. If you purchased the bag from us, you'll find full and accurate specs at the link below the video. The difference between nylon and high denier polyester isn't functionally significant for this bag.

  7. I got one that looks exactly like that except mine is black. Blacktical if you will. lol. However, the tag said it's made with "tactical polyester" wth ever that is. lol. Could you explain why mine, apparently being the same bag, is not made with nylon? Thanks.

  8. 1. size:
    Operator's Pack 22" x 16" x 9"
    Urban Go Pack 18" H x 12" W x 7" D

    2. Different pocket arrangement

    3. Operator pack has thicker material although both are good quality

  9. I know the designer of the Tactical Operator Pack and I'm sure it was probably influenced by some of the benefits of the condor pack although I think he made some improvements to the feature set. One thing I can tell you is that we carry both our retail store and when given the choice, our customers have chosen the Tactical Operator Pack over the Condor Go Pack at a rate of around 8 to 1. Some of this is probably due to the price but aside from that, here are a few differences

  10. This bag looks a lot like the Condor Urban Go Pack perhaps you can explain the differences between the two and recommend thee best one.

  11. It's coyote. We have them in stock right now at the link in the notes below the video (click "show more").

  12. the link to the pack is on our website is directly below the video in the video information section. (youtube doesn't allow links in comments). We do have a physical store as well in dearborn, michigan.

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