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Fountain Pen ASMR: Pilot Prera

Fountain Pen ASMR: Pilot Prera

[Ambient music starts] presents Fountain Pen ASMR: Pilot
Prera [Sound of paper pad dragging on table] [Sound of pen dragging on table] [Sound of ink bottle dragging on table] [Ambient music fades out] [Sound of pen being dismantled] [Sound of ink bottle dragging on table] [Sound of pen piston engaging] [Sound of pen clinking against ink bottle] [Sound of paper towel rustling] [Sound of pen reassembly] [Sound of paper flipping] [Sound of pen uncapping and posting] [Sound of pen writing] [Ambient music fades in] [Ambient music ends]

Reader Comments

  1. This is absolutely perfect. I couldn't help but smile through the entire video. Something tells me I'm a serious pen-addict

  2. I’m never acc a big fan of ASMR …but this video was satisfying to see the ink flow ! Interesting video

  3. I got my Lamy Safari today and at first I was really excited but after trying it I am a little bit disappointed to be completely honest. It just feels cheap and way too light and besides the nib being smoother I think I prefer my Jinhao X450.

  4. Ahh I was waiting for something like this and it's finally here!! <3 ooh and can make more handwriting videos? I'm determined to improve my handwriting and I just love seeing other peoples' handwriting.

  5. Too much gain on the scratchy movement across the table surface (twice). This had a cold, hard feeling, and dominated the segment in volume. I did not find this calming or relaxing. But my guess is that you will improve over time. It was a pleasure not to hear voice-over or music.

  6. Ah, no ASMR for me – I find it annoying as anything – the pad scraping the table hurt my teeth. But labelled as this one was they're easily skipped. Catch you on the next video people.

  7. I think this was a fantastic idea!! I personally thought it was a great visual ASMR but I found the sounds a bit too harsh. I'd love to see a wax seal ASMR video! 😊❤️

  8. I think the gain was a bit too high so I could hear lots of white noise, maybe try placing the mic closer. Still, glad to see one of my daily pens featured on Jetpens. (I use kon-peki though)

  9. Loved it, it would be amazing if you did one in which you did more than one sentence, I enjoyed the writing part so much, it’s so calming and beautiful.

  10. You should have included only the writhing sample or change the microphone settings prior to that, the noises are very bright that it is painful instead of relaxing….

  11. No offence but maybe look at some asmr stationary videos? I was watching this at 2am and the moment when she dragged the pen across the table I threw my phone out the window

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