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FOUND WW2 MILITARY TRUNK I Bought Abandoned Storage Unit Locker / Opening Mystery Boxes Storage Wars

FOUND WW2 MILITARY TRUNK I Bought Abandoned Storage Unit Locker / Opening Mystery Boxes Storage Wars

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  1. What was your favorite item inside the WW2 Trunk?
    You can watch the original purchasing / unboxing of this unit here:
    You can watch the 2nd unboxing of this unit here:
    You can watch the 3rd unboxing of this unit here:

  2. The Phantom Bear Pro-Series wireless call comes complete with a remote transmitter, remote receiver module, and two long-range antennas. With the Phantom Bear Pro-Series wireless call you're able to overlap the same sound, play two sounds simultaneously, or switch out your sound module for a different one. Sound Modules available are Whitetail, Predator, Predator 2, African Predator, Gobbler, Moose, Elk, Bear, Honker, and Duck-Goose. The Phantom Bear Pro-Series wireless call operate on 4 AA in the remote and 4 AA batteries in the transmitter allowing for up to 16 hours at maximum volume.

    These calls are built to be used in all weather conditions. This model requires antennas on each unit (included). A 15-watt, all-weather speaker (included) is plugged into the top and clipped on the back of the receiver unit, allowing this compact system to be placed 200 yards away from you, depending on the terrain, distancing yourself and allowing you to remain undetected.


    Plays 2 Sounds Simultaneously
    Overlaps the Same Sound
    Interchangeable Sound Modules
    Wired or Wireless Remote Systems
    Up to 126db of Volume
    16-Bit Sound Processor
    Up to 200 yard range-Wireless System
    Units Operate on 4 AAA Batteries
    Auto Shut-Off After 1 Minute at Idle
    Power & Low Battery LED's
    Raised Rubber Keypad
    Detachable Belt Clip
    -40 Degree Operation
    Sealed Module Ports
    Mute Button and worth $119.95 on eBay I looked that up

  3. That sugar bag is actually antique for what I was told and it doesn’t have to have sugar or any type of food in things that are antique. People that want to show them off puts a small brick in them. So keep all antique items even if their not filled. That is antique brush too I use to collect antique brushes. I collect antiques and my husband collects swords, guns and so much more. Lol.

  4. 2:49 those lithographs were given out by the Disney store when you pre-ordered the movies when they were released, they also came with plastic watches

  5. Just curious? Are you always hungry, or do you never eat? You are forever saying you are hungry!!! 🤣

  6. The military patch is from the famous BIG RED ONE division. its for the black lion unit (Black Lions of Cantigny) formed in ww1. =)

  7. At 9:31 Treasure matters is a pillow to tuck your tooth into for the tooth fairy. Usually handmade and passed down in the family. I had one from my Great Grandmother when I was little. Disappeared while my sister was using it.

  8. The flowered handkerchief letters and postage stamps
    Are customary for WWII soldiers to keep as they bare witness to there loved ones and wife

  9. The patch comes from a German Unit stationed in or outside of Healdsburg Germany I thing it was an infantry Unit

  10. Those foot lockers were used up to Vietnam maybe later. My dads was from. Korea. My uncles was from Vietnam. And they are the same

  11. instead of tossing out those nuddie magazines you could jus slip em to me an I'll deal with em probably end up burning them in a fire to make smores unless nuddie magazines have a collectors value for some reason an im going to not say what I'd actually do with nuddie magazines but for those of you that are old enough you'd know what I might be doing an yes I'm a girl but it's fine don't worry about it

  12. I have the exact wine set with the cheese plate,cheese knife, goblets, napkin holders,wine cork that go with that (not actual silver) grape tray thing that was in the wwii trunk. would like to have that

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