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FOUND SAFE & MILITARY ITEMS in $5 storage! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found

FOUND SAFE & MILITARY ITEMS in $5 storage! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found

what is that what is that Michaels edit whoo nice and that was a great five
dollar unit whoo pirates here we are we’re about to go through another unit
five dollars and the reason I bought this is nobody wanted it and I couldn’t
pass it up about the open the door I’m going to show you why I bought it for
$5.00 before we do I want to say don’t get the
like button as the thumbs up looks like this you hit it once twice three times
four times a charm and share this video anyway possible next time you go out and
you go to get your newspaper and a man’s about to comedy delivers I don’t want to
stop stop sir you need to watch the storage option pirate then grab a paper
towel thank you going about your day and don’t forget to say something kind of
nice like Uncle Michael your hair looks good today something no Michael your
hair does not look good every day always late Lou you’re a poet okay Mike but God doesn’t look that bad actually
you know write about it right there that bike I don’t know what kind of bike it
is but they got a bike rack and I thought to myself someone full can get
the GV oh yeah look I’ve got a TV I don’t even look at the unit oh you know
what really made me buy this and I think they’re wrong
but you know what made me buy it they said there was military paperwork in
here so my thought was maybe this was a military trunk I think they could be
wrong because I’m not smelling like this is a military persons unit but they said
there’s some about military people like this don’t have a lot of value get a lot
of baby stuff Oh Uncle Michael look at this probably want to take some miss
home lunch thing have a look at it emoji kitchen Steffensen gloves your nails
dirty uncle Michael a lloween pumpkin stuff he said box cutters are efficient
when we we used to do it all the time when I was younger all the time needs to
go fishing this is a good one right here no no Johnny Mathis that’s a good real
though use these guys Caston right here in the
parking lot it’s a button there’s the kind of every time I cast him I I wind
it all up what do you just unlocked it I guess I’ll hold you back lash it see
Mike was like I’m a professional all right did you backlash it look at that
nice little real I always backlash them that is a good about this one to jump
the thing it feeds it back and forth you don’t do with your hand Wow real quick
before I go any further who a Jordan box that receipts it looks like Aldo shoe
stuff do you smell gold in your ladies and gentlemen smelling cool do you smell gold no honey pack this one is another had to
go back I’ll be more Bob this good stuff is
Steven gobble this oh yeah nice nice what does this look like broken hi watch
sadly guts toy what is that what is that it say
whoo nice you just hurt me shake it I must hug to us after we will not open
that till the end of the video but Hank this right here we’re gonna go ahead and
do this right now because it’s kind of disappointing I’m not gonna lead you
into nothing but I should be I knew there wasn’t nothing hockey gear way things in there with my hockey gear let’s see
cool nice look at that sand Louis Gates roller waves SJ don’t take it personal you just say
you saw Jeremy flying gift cards – now you’re looking for gift cards Jorge he’s
waiting for George to propose to him and Home Depot to head the hole huh
shoutout to you Jeremy obviously uncle Michaels paying attention George and
Jeremy’s watching your videos at what the Hales and he’s learning things and
now trying to increase my profit margin nice the name is watch after you okay
yeah Michael’s in a hurry game over let’s film this is why they broke their
phones I’m gonna go that’s nice 42 something inch sharp television that’s
gotta be a few dollars right there we got a HDMI oh this is nice that’s funny
look Uncle Michael I got your new girlfriend some people sweet nice no it’s too big I
thought it was an underwater compass dang it’s gotta be worth something
though I’m coming I gotta film them a little bit you know I make the turn the
rest of Minos knows the most important part of a storage units the video the
table the other one it’s quality what I’ll spin around with circles trying to
rush here I mean this is the part of the I’m already nervous I’m already excited
I already just want to hands down maybe I got him up there one of the most and
probably exciting things our finest storage unit is the same just fly off
the shelves you have your stuff people want look at this cute little vest right
here Uncle Michael let’s go hearts on it yeah right there yeah look at that cute
little sweater for like when you’re trying to be all former gonna be the
same thing so far you see nothing but good stuff sellable stuff the furnitures
the couch is everything so far has been sellable I want to repeat I paid 5 whole
dollars for this unit 5 whole dollars I could cheaper than a hamburger happy
meal i McDonald that paid for the sadly that was empty I was buying it they said
something about military paperwork in the trunks or not trunks they said
military paperwork I’m not seeing that coming out of this unit but so far what
you think you’re gonna sell this unit comment below right here boom boom
comment what you think we’re gonna make off this unit whoa that looks military
what do we got here what do we got here that’s hockey that’s military-grade
shoes military-grade jacket interesting that makes this a military unit huh
that’s good $15 right there 10 15 well that’s one piece right there and then
there’s a loveseat right back here and then there was the UH the chin
even though mattress isn’t patio table right there for the chairs trivial cheap
art couple bucks apiece they’re my very Art Deco that’s pretty cool that is
pretty cool I like that one waiting all the way which one right here this one
Yankee Stadium probably that’s probably about the age you were the kitchen box
yeah any gonna fit we put up will you put the trunk and then put this upside
down on top of the trunk so go on the couch right now how much one bet $1 $1 nice little end table this is a bike
rack on top back of the car’s got a little rubberized doom a jigger hold
your bike don’t forget we got that bike go and show you at the end because I
think it’s a good one wouldn’t be nice if there was a key to
the same with that making things easy wouldn’t have to break it they drove a
Lexus it’s not a floor it’s not a headboard make sure there’s a piece of
damn art can you believe that piece in life that’s ugliest piece of art I’ve
seen in my life looks like you’re inside with a hot sauna ladies and gentlemen
this is the bike right here it is called a fixed D 60 we can’t show our personal
photos Uncle Michael don’t know if this bike is actually very worthy or not I’ve
never seen one of these I’ll have to have it looked at I don’t come I gonna
take a first spin but fixie bikes is are kind of good to
fix Magna might even better ride a bike I’m gonna go bring that to Yolanda when
you get home by what are you gonna do like Hungry Hungry Hippos I gotta get
them and good eat them and then Callie’s at the point it is cheaters holding it
open if anything because mouthful I won’t take any more work I want box broke tonight tape it up are gonna
take stuff out Uncle Michael just threw everything on the ground he told me my
idea was bad what’s the right way Oh every way you do
is the right way whatever I do is the wrong way
ain’t that about something ain’t that about something all right ladies and
gentlemen right now the moment you’ve all been waiting for
the final scene of this video and do we normally do it these and we’re gonna
drop it on the ground break if you can handle it okay Michael ooh we got a
passport come on thousands of dollars we can make a tournament thousands with all
one can’t do they don’t come I commit fraud that’s gonna go back to the office
wah wah wah all night over here trying to clown me I’m trying to make
thumbnails and you know what you’re talking about
how bad my storage unit is or my good one oh okay I make thumbnail okay I like
this some of this the easy one we must be like alright enough silliness
it’s that Cornwall game funnel Cornwall I know what I’m doing look at that
professional ones that just made by this colony market and we got chairs chairs
and that was a great five dollars get this rebuttal din and what you caught us
caddywhompus if you guys have ever heard the word caddywhompus please let me know

Reader Comments

  1. Sending gold thoughts. I found about $1,000 in scrap 14 K and 10 K gold for $50 at various sales. Its a golden week.

  2. Pirate… I think you are going to make MEGA BUCKS on this unit!!! BTY, Unc Mike looks FANTASTIC !!! Tell
    him that GRAM in TEXAS said so. Luv ya both.

  3. MIKE… if that UGLY piece of art is from a certain artist, (Marvalle?) IT IS WORTH A SMALL FORTUNE. HE
    did a lot of work with SCRAP WOOD. Someone JUST found some of his work !! Can't recall who it was…
    dam…who was it?? I'm getting aggravated I can't remember & it was just the other day I saw that video !!
    Anyway… check it out closely. GRAM in TX.

  4. BOY, you best stop DISRESPECTING your ELDERS… GRAM & UNC MIKE are going to send you to your
    room for 1 hour… BE NICE…LOL luv ya kiddo's GRAM

  5. Lots of good finds and those pictures you found should get a good penny for them and there’s places that will buy them baby clothes and other baby items also and good luck 🍀

  6. $5 great unit for sure hi uncle Mike hair looks good but not as good as pirates LOL I think you could make at least $1,500 Goodluck 👍yep I sure have heard cattywampus my mother and grandparents used it all the time LOL

  7. I think you are to good at what you do to be making these stupid so called thumb nails. Other wise a good video.

  8. Lord you are a good person but I think you need to keep your shirt on lol it's good and hot, there?? Anyway small be good locker🙂

  9. That belongs to someone who served the USA. It is their whole life. It cost $5. Give it all back and you would have my utmost respect

  10. Uncle Mikes hair looks a lot better than yours, that's for sure. LOL I think you will make at least $2,000 on this unit. You said to keep clicking the Like button but there is one problem, every other click is an un-like click. It is set up so people can't just click the like button a million times. 😉

  11. IN my area, I'd say 2 grand on the don't wanta look them up, sell it for $1 items, then add the bigger stuff and subtract the dump fees

  12. Ya all are hysterical together!
    I think it’s a sweet locker for only $5.00, all that will sell easily

  13. You always find the best units. Uncle Mike always looks nice, but he's not rocking the pirate mohawk, like you. OMG he casts nice too! That bike is a cheap WALMART bike. You always crack me up at the end. Caddywampus is a retailer. catawampus means something is askew or crooked in terms of positioning.

  14. Aye CAPITAN! Cool fixie bike!! We have it here’s a trend here ppl riding findings! 👍🏻

  15. Come on y’all..y’all don’t forget to , “LIKE,SUBSCRIBE, and most importantly SHARE! “ let’s help Storage Auction Pirate Channel GROW!! what are you waiting for!? Spread it!

  16. That was definitely "cattywompus" but when there's not time to "lolly-gag" things get piled all "willy-nilly"! 😉

  17. That's a headboard that hangs on the wall. They do it that way usually when home made. In my area very sellable don't know about yours.

  18. I cannot stop giggling at your thumbnails! Love it!
    And yes "Cattywampas" is a thing! Lol heard it my whole life!! It's when things are out of whack…or jumbled up messed up or just not quite right!! Blessings & much love to you & yours!💜💜💜

  19. Congrats on 40k . At 50k or 100k you should do a Pirate treasure chest giveaway… make like a 1 to 3 small flat rate boxed sized treasure chests…..decked out in pink mohawk filled with storage finds . Have a giveaway….Just an idea Mike.

  20. Caddy wampus has been around forever, it's not a new word. You're just a young whipper-snapper and wouldn't know it!

  21. Pirate, I like you because you are a very upbeat and optimistic man. We need more optimistic folks on this planet.

  22. thought I saw cast Iron pans , older ones can be worth some good money , I guess between a grand and 12 hundred

  23. I enjoy watching all of yous but do the storage auctions I think he's all have good hearts I've seen the stuff that yous have done for people and youse all should be proud of yourself because you are all beautiful people

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