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Fortnite Skins in Real Life: DIY Fortnite Halloween Costume Ideas!

Fortnite Skins in Real Life: DIY Fortnite Halloween Costume Ideas!

– Hey, guys, so Fortnite
Halloween costumes are going to be the number one costumes 2018. Because the game is so
popular, so for today’s video, we wanted to show you guys
Fortnite skins in real life. So, you guys can wear them for Halloween costumes or cosplay. We’re going to show you guys
where we got everything, how D.I.Yed it. For our costumes for
ourselves and for our kids. So, let’s get started
and if you guys happen to know who I am, comment below. (upbeat rave music) So, there are so many
Fortnite’s fans out there. We had a really hard time
choosing which costumes to be for Halloween. So,
we decided to go with a few of the easier Fortnite
costumes to put together. First up, is Cuddle Team Leader. Thankfully, we didn’t have
to D.I.Y this costume, because it was already
put together for us. We actually found it at Spirit Halloween. The jumpsuit has a bear
hood or you can opt to purchase the mascot head, separately. We also grabbed these gold high tops in Kohl’s to complete her outfit. And Devon actually said
her outfit was super cozy and comfy, which is awesome, if you’re actually gonna
go trick or treating. Now, we can’t forget about
the harvesting tools, because Spirit Halloween just
released a bunch of them, Including rainbow smash,
which was way easier to buy than trying to D.I.Y it. Next up, is Battlehawk and
this was the hardest costume to D.I.Y. by far. The individual pieces were hard to find, but I think we got pretty close. We actually ended up borrowing
military boots from a friend, and we grabbed our military
pants and knee pads at a military wholesale store in our area. We grabbed the gun holster, the gloves, and the tattoo sleeves at
the Halloween costume store. But the vest had us stomped. Definitely, the hardest part to try to match exactly to Battlehawk. We ended up purchasing a four costume, and the last touch is an eye patch. Another Fortnite costume available at Spirit Halloween this
year is Dark Voyager. But first, we gotta show you this. It’s a legit Boogie Bomb. (disco music) The Dark Voyager costume
comes with a helmet with a lifting visor and is decked out in reflective orange. Which I think is great for little ones, who want to trick or treat in it. It also comes with the
boot covers and the gloves to complete the costume. Last up, is Teknique. My Fortnite costume that we D.I.Yed. I think we got pretty dang close. So, first off, we started
with a pink wig from Amazon. We also grabbed a
turquoise hat from Amazon, and these white vinyls to
iron on the Tilted logo. Next, comes the paint splotches. We actually did buy fabric paint but decided to use stretchful vinyl, to make our paint splotches instead. Way easier to control the
colors, the placement, and we knew the colors wouldn’t
bleed in to each other. But you could definitely
still use fabric paint, too. The hoodie, turquoise
shirt, and purple capris are all from Amazon. The only thing I couldn’t
bring myself to do, was throw in a pair of shoes with paint. So, I used my gray Nike’s
to finish off the look. However, I’m still on the
look out for cheap kicks, I can paint, to make this look perfect, the rest of the way. And the last thing to
finish off this outfit was the graffiti mask. So, Spirit Halloween has
a few different Fortnite Halloween costume options. However, they grossly
underestimated how many to manufacture, because most of the items are already back ordered. So, if you want any of
the Fortnite costumes or Fortnite accessories
that we showed in this video or on their website, make
sure that you order A.S.A.P. I will link you below
to everything we D.I.Yed and the costumes, we
showed you, that are ready to order in this video, below, in the Youtube description as well. Alright guys, that’s our
video, but we’re not done, yet. Our friends from the Day of Deely is gonna show you even
more Fortnite costumes for Halloween, make-up looks, everything that you guys can do. And even more characters
that we didn’t share here. So, head over to her video, right now. I will link you guys to it, and it’ll pop up in just a second in the corner of your screen. Thank you, so much for watching. Don’t forget, subscribe
and let us know below if you want us to do more
D.I.Y Fortnite skins. You guys can wear them
for cosplay or Halloween. Alright, bye guys. (upbeat rave music)

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  1. Since Fortnite Halloween Costumes are going to be the most popular costume for 2018, I thought we would do this fun DIY Halloween Costume Video for all of you! Should we do another DIY Halloween Costumes Video?? What costumes should we DIY? Tell me below!

  2. literally half of these you bought so maybe you should've titled the video "Fortnite costumes" not "Diy fortnite costumes"

  3. “You were the chosen one….it was said you would destroy the sith not join them…you were suppose to bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness”
    -Obi-wan Kenobi

  4. Personally Melea, I wouldn’t let my kids play fort nite since I’m a veteran player. I’ve been playing for a majority of the time fortnites been a thing. It ruined my life because it was addicting and once I quit, only 2 of my friends weren’t playing fortnite daily. Just a heads up

  5. Bro stop saying that you play four in a row you don't stop acting like a fake fan stop prince in season 1 of the skull Trooper

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