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Forged in Fire: Marines Branch Battle Shop Tours (Season 6) | Bonus | History

Forged in Fire: Marines Branch Battle Shop Tours (Season 6) | Bonus | History

– My name is Gene Hodges. We’re here
in Springfield, Virginia. Come check out my forge.
This is my sword forge. It’s a five-burner.
Fifty inches. They always make you make
something long and big. Drill press. Grinder. A Peter Wright anvil. Let’s go over here and check
out our neighborhood tepee. We fit about 40 people in here
on the benches. All these various things
that I’m making for my kids. When they turn 18,
I give them a rifle, tomahawk, powder horn, knife, say, “Go forth and conquer,” ’cause that’s all
they’re getting from me, So… [Laughs] And that, and a college degree – Hey, I’m Tripp. Welcome to Rock Hill,
South Carolina. This is my business and my forge. We’re an engineering
and metal fabrication company. We’ve got welding bays
and machines everywhere. This is my modified
ironworker. I can utilize this as my press. This anvil’s been in my family
for seven generations, so my son and I get out here and forge knives together. This is a forge that I bought
from a buddy of mine. It’s a double-burner forge. It gets really freakin’ hot
in the inside of it. And we’ll see what happens. – It’s a mess in here. Especially right now,
it’s getting a little bit unorganized, but I know
where everything’s at. Vast majority of these tools came from my dad out in Oregon. Grew up watching my dad
out in the garage. I never saw him hire anybody
to do anything. Let’s go down to the basement. Turned it into sort of
my Marine Corps man cave. Over here’s my sandbag bar. Cost me about 50 bucks to make. One fun thing we do
in the basement is the cowboy fast draw. It’s got little bullets
with batteries, and when you fire,
it shoots a laser. All right. That’s it. Thanks for checking out
my place. – I’ve got a couple
milling machines. This is my grinder. It is a variable-speed grinder just like the ones
on the “Forged in Fire” set. Another piece that has been
in my family for a few generations,
an old industrial press. I do a lot of my own
testing here. I’ll heat-treat a blade
a certain way and then beat the crap
out of it. I’ll grind different
edge angles and do a lot of testing
on these blades here in the shop. We’re all done here. Appreciate you coming in, and y’all are welcome
down here anytime back here
in Rock Hill, South Carolina, so come on by and visit.

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