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For Honor: Wrath of Jörmungandr | Cinematic Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

For Honor: Wrath of Jörmungandr | Cinematic Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

NARRATOR: We arrived
on the bleak shores of [INAUDIBLE] stronghold to
end the war once and for all. [SOUNDS OF BATTLE] We knew that Vikings
would not yield quietly. Yet none of us
knights expected this. The wrath of the Jormungandr. That was when it all
began, the Earth’s reckoning some call Ragnarok.

Reader Comments

  1. Then, sakura appear and murder every single soul in existence. Nobody could against her, how could they? Her 50/50 was too strong. Vortiger could only observe as Hulda and her troops got exterminated. The end. The giant serpent became the pet of sakura as a reminder that gods can't control their people, once they become themselves gods.

  2. Very nice! This ads to the play making the game more interesting and thought provoking. Just awesome graphics. Love the new execution! Big Axx Hammer! With lightning!

  3. Of course the Vikings get a cool event… I totally don’t see Ubisoft being biased towards the Vikings, totally not at all.

  4. So if we go with ubi theory
    For honor most likely is a what if the apocalypse happened in the past
    And the fact We have officially a godlike event makes the link stronger (Remember ac origin and Odyssey you fight litteral gods and monsters)

  5. I just realized something.
    on one of the maps i noticed a giant bull/buffallo head or i dont know what it is. but i estimated that it's head had almost the same size as Jormunganders.
    Does that mean that there are more giant creatures besides Jormungander?
    What if the samurais would get a dragon or something ?

  6. Just don't know how Thor turned into a girl and how him and Jörmungandr turned into friends.
    But the event is still awesome!! I really loved it

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