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Folding a poncho

Folding a poncho

okay so we're going to fold the poncho up real quick and show you how to hook it to the help you be so we're all uniform here you go for the week so just fold the poncho in half and fold it so that way decide that as you would wear it would be for both sides there fold it in half go ahead and fold it in half doesn't have to be perfect try to get the edges flush here once you've got that go ahead and get a ruler tape measure whatever because what we're going to have to do to get the poncho to fit between the two straps on the LBD is to fold it with about six inches so you go ahead and start folding as you fold it go ahead and measure to make sure that your goals are going to be six inches and then after you know that that's good go ahead and start folding squishing the air out as you go make sure you have nice good folds you don't want to be rolling it because when we're doing flutter kicks and things like that it's going to suck if you don't have it as flat as you can fold in it squish it keep it tight keep it as close to that 6 inches as you can then you're going to start from the other end that way you don't have a weird in there we'll add a couple times fold that on top seven you're good to go then you're going to bring it over here to the LBV as you can see I took about a four and a half foot piece of 550 cord strung it through the bottom two loops on the inside of the straps on the suspenders here you'll take the poncho just fold it in half when it's there you'll pull 550 cord so it's tight try to get in as even as you can now when you fold them tight flip the LBV over this way you can put a loop cinch it up from there you're going to put the two tails going down it doesn't matter if it comes a little bit loose flip it back over so you can flip the tails under kind of doing a little loop there do the same thing pull it down through hook it back up back under go ahead and pull the hose tight when you've got them tight ish go ahead and flip it back over squish it my 550 cord is actually a little bit shorter than four and a half feet that's how I came up four and a half feet and then you'll just tie it off you'll tie it with a knot that you can easily get get undone not the squaring over here but when you're done your poncho should be on your LBV looks like that like I said tied so that way the 550 cord won't slip off the bottom here it should keep it nice and ready to go for drill

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