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FN Herstal Browning Hi-Power Surplus Pistols

FN Herstal Browning Hi-Power Surplus Pistols

what's going on guys clench here with classic firearms and I've got Matt what's up and guys we are very excited to show off a couple of new firearms that we just got in that I haven't seen here before Matt have you I haven't seen these I've seen a lot of things based off of me right gotcha well what we've got in front of us are pretty unique and these are fnh fabrique nationale Herstal browning patent high powers now what's special about these high powers Matt well so these high powers are an aluminum framed model of the high power very rare ordered by just a couple law force agencies in Europe and I tell you folks I mean you pick it up and it is light yeah so so light actually that I took it back put it on one of our scales and it's actually coming in at over just over a pound and a half so think about that that's that's pretty cool you compare that to your steel frame festered compare that to my blog yeah but yeah no absolutely these things are so cool I love the history behind these well it's neat and you can see this one pretty clearly I think too is you got the clear fnh stamp here at the break National Herald and then you've got the Browning patent right underneath the slide – so pretty cool there these are law enforcement trade ins and correct me if I'm wrong but I think only a few thousand were actually ever made of these type of these aluminum frame a low-vision so pretty cool I'm liking this guy and they're not we're not promised you guys again of course perfect pistols – as they are traded so you'll notice this one's got a little bit of blowing way of right underneath here and some of them – don't have the factory grips like you see here met show up the one with the Peck Meyer here so you got here you got the the pack buyer grips you can see I mean to be honest I mean I like them you know it's very comfortable but it's just one example of a non-standard grip that you can get and folks you know again sometimes when it comes to these trade and pistols you get what you get yeah you know but certainly they will all have functional groups on them yeah even if they're not standard right and same thing kind of goes in line with like the one with the hug grips here slightly worn hug grip or slightly I'd done those award but you know what they're not bad there's no wall yeah they're well-loved there you go and as you can tell two finger grooves are still intact and actually as a real economic fit I like the way that feels quite a bit I mean yeah it kind of still grips the hands a little tacky which is good though I mean it feels like you're not gonna lose that right so pretty cool stuff I'm very excited to have these in these are such sweet firearms and just doing a quick dry fire here nothing I'm not going to run too much that is a very crisp trigger and the reset on it is very smooth all of it flat and everything just feels like it has great great lockup to it tell me what you think so when I was looking at these earlier I didn't think the trigger was really very light but it was very Chris yes Tommy it's it's like that cliche the glass rod right you come up against you feel that resistance and then it just breaks yep perfect yeah and so we've actually got a little bit more on these guys here Matt's got another three high powers over here what do we got so the special option here folks is that we wanted to illustrate that we have a small number of these that are in consecutive serial numbered batches so what we have here is three guns that are consecutive it's uh is 1401 1402 and 1403 and it's a really great option to have these consecutive serial numbers but we're gonna have perps of two blood groups of three so while supplies last you can yes you can get that custom option it'd be great if you know I know followers they just passed but he'll be alright maybe you your dad or your brother your grandfather you want to have something a little bit commemorative yeah you get a matching set yeah which is pretty cool and I'm all into the sentimental firearms my safe is slept full of them but ya know it's absolutely cool and like matt said – we are gonna be offering them in groups of two which are going to be consecutive and serial number and groups of three like you see right here so pretty cool offerings that we've got and I'll be pretty honest with you Matt I think I'm gonna go take a quick little lunch break and go hit that point-blank range alright well we'll see you click back in a couple hours because that's what his lunches are like but uh you know I mean just one of the things that is just great about these is you know John Moses Browning horse yeah father of the gun here in America I mean just a great man and this is kind of his ultimate design or at least based on his ultimate design and you can just imagine you know back in the day 9/11 seven rounds Lugar's seven eight rounds and then you have the high-capacity the high-power ya come in and you know a really big fan of a lot of our surplus guns but this is one that I think it'd be more practical to shoot you know a start pistols are great you know that kind of thing but now this would be on par with the weight the capacity with a modern firearm if you wanted to carry something that had some history this would be great yeah so it does include one 13-round magazine so keep that in mind that Mike you're talking about with the times man I mean yeah Colt 1911 was the thing you know but man you had what seven rounds capacity eight rounds if you're lucky right and so yeah having two thirteen rounds and what's cool to this being the aluminum out of alloy Herstal thought of everything when it came to so where the actual barrel sits and locks up is actually made out of steel so you have you don't have to worry a whole lot about that aluminum you know wearing down on you as you would think so fnh I think they know what they're doing and I think they've produced a pretty cool firearm here they've been around long enough I think they got a figured out yeah right they've evolved only a little bit I think but yeah and then so pretty cool stuff but all right I'm excited to try it out thirteen rounds yeah well there was a lurks we got the extra mags too oh we do have those oh man they're not the original surface mags nothing but well we've got some of the Browning was English English good yeah English Maths – yep but then can just fill every large you know magazine manufacturer would be Pro magma car or any of those guys they all make a high-power mag so the aftermarket pretty much the aftermarket availability for any type of that additional mags you're looking forward for the high powers they're out there yeah that is for sure but all right guys let's go to up the range all right guys we're over here at point-blank range now I've got the F&H rallying Patton boy hi power here with 13 rounds of 9 mil that you can see and that mag right there and that it's 13 rounds ready to get excited about sending some rounds with this targets about 20 25 feet let's take a look 13 rounds with the high power let's go see alright guys so at about 25 feet and 13 rounds I'm not terribly unhappy with that shot placement and I'm not unhappy about it at all actually it's just I wish I'd shot a little bit better more practice that's all but phenomenal shooting pistol here so I've got about one round off to the bottom there whatever 1 2 3 here 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and I guess 11 12 13 in there I would be important myself on that so pretty happy with this guy overall and this is the F and H Browning patent high-power so very cool does have that aluminum alloy frame to it which brings it in at only about a pound and a half as far as weight goes so pretty interesting definitely a lightweight gun and you'll feel that in the recoil and I'm shooting 115 grain 9 mil through it which is no big deal at all but you will feel a little bit more like what you would and a Smith & Wesson 5906 which is a little bit bulkier but overall still not bad and I think a lot of experience shooting and also new shooters in the game will find this very pleasant handgun really nice I'm definitely a fan so – you'll notice on the safety selector our safety selector on the safety itself it will go into full position when fully cocked and also when it is half cocked as well you know because there and that slide is locked as well because that is a slight lock and safety so pretty neat feature that they've added their 13 round mag feels phenomenal one so we measured at the warehouse just came out here and it was coming in just over 5 pounds I got somewhere high 4 pounds at one point there's the reset one more ago so I am definitely a fan of this guy so very cool and keeping to only maybe a few thousand of these were made so don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of history and a piece of beautiful machinery as well this thing is so looking I love it don't forget also too we will be offering it you can select on these guys if you want minimal bluing we're kind of like you see there somewhere if you want minimal anywhere we'll select the best of tin handle of course and we'll send your way my team knows what to look for and we'll make sure our customers are satisfied so guys you always appreciate you in your business god bless god bless us a shout out to pope range as you can hear we'll see you next time that classifier

Reader Comments

  1. We still use this one in the Australian army. Ours is designated as the Self-Loading Pistol 9 millimetre Mark 3. It's a bit of museum piece and they come in a steel body and slide. I've used the other in-service pistol, the Heckler and Koch USP 9mm. I'm be happy using either in combat and have done so. I were in the US and in an open carry state I'd choose the Browning. It's familiar, light and bog-simple. I can't remember the last time I had a stoppage with this one.

  2. You had some surplus Browning Hi-Powers from police trade in's a few years back, I got a hand select from you for $430 back then.

    Glad I jumped on one before the price jumped.

  3. Just want to say, I love your videos mainly due to your trigger discipline as well awareness to always keep the barrel pointed away. Also, ever come across a M1911….. should put that as a contest!

  4. No, been sold out since just after 5ET. They say in-stock until you try to add to cart…then you learn you are SOL. Congrats to those that got the notice early!!

  5. Years ago { 42 } I had a friend who had an incredible store of then brand new browning hi powers , all in beautiful real wood cases , with a red velvet looking liner , extra mags & a very nice cleaning kit in a velvet like bag , he must've had hundreds , because the cases fill one room in his house .
    I had one for years , sadly "lost" in the "field" 😢

  6. So the pistols came with two mags, you split them off and fuck us for 20.00 to purchase a second for tomato stake pistols?!

  7. Ruger is red, FN is blue but only one worships John Moses Browning through their answering machine, can you guess who.

  8. This was my first pistol I bought. Browning Hi Power in 2012. It has had no malfunctions and I have yet to field strip it. I just spray some UD-40 on it and it is more accurate and than my HK USP 9mm. Gotta love that American design!

  9. Hi powers are ultra nice. My dad gave me his Belgian made Hi-Power in mint condition. I like the rareness of these aluminum/steel reinforced versions, but I will save my funds for something I don’t have any version of. And there are too man of those toys out there. Enjoyed the video. Keep bringing in the great deals/items!

  10. My all time Favorite pistols. Mine is really old and made from steel. It is actually a P35 built in 1936 and looks new even though I bought it used in 1968 . It is an extremely well tuned tack driver that is in my opinion the finest self loading pistol ever made.

  11. Not all gone as of this post, despite someone saying they are below:

  12. Did you dispose of Ben?😳
    Or just send him away on
    vacation to deepest dark
    Peru? (From Paddington story)
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Today’s highlighted Browning
    in Aluminum frame looks like
    a really sweet EDC, depending
    on the EDC circumstances.
    Maybe not EDC on a big city
    PD, where liberals run the city.
    With big city, Chicago style,
    gun hater politics, and strict,
    strict gun control, only the
    criminals have guns. Not good
    guys who follow the rules
    And a LOT of criminals have a LOT of guns.

    $529.99 Hand select for +$20
    2 Consecutive serial numbers $529.99+$529.99 +$30
    3 consecutive serial numbers $529.99+$529.99+$529.99 +$30

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