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  1. Ok, so the operator wrecked….that issue is over, what I see is so many things wrong with this recovery from a safety point…..tow operators walking over winch cables that are under a load and people walking behind the tanker while it was being winched up….just to name a few.

  2. Hmmm, was he backing up or took the curve a little too much  in the soft shoulder?  His lawn tracks seem consistent with that thought.  I would not be so tough on the driver.  Cutting the corner is a common mistake of those that don't drive heavy stuff in suburbia that often.  A little dent, maybe loose 50 gals of capacity?  LOL

  3. Wow…I bet not ONE of you PERFECT PUBLIC COMMENTERS has EVER worked a Fire Scene..Having been on a Vol.Fire Dept. for over 40 yrs now, we have seen our fire fighter numbers Drop. People have to work two jobs now just to survive, they don't have time to get out of bed at 2am to help put out their neighbors house that is on fire. Only Fire Fighters should be able to comment on this tube…According to the insurance industry, Every person will have ONE house fire in their lifetime. I hope yours goes perfect, GOOD LUCK on that though, we have VERY FEW perfect fires….Maybe you all should have jumped in and helped this driver back that TENDER in the driveway, it's called being a Spotter….Shame On You People…

  4. That is just stupid, no reason to put it in the ditch there.
    No excuse justifies this, NONE ! ! !
    Driver needs to be sent for driver training.If diver still can't figure something so simple out, he shouldn't be driving anything bigger then a car.

  5. A lot of "perfect" fire fighters here. Shit does happen unfortunately and this is why we learn from other mistakes.

  6. It's very dificult to back into a drive way on the blind side. Ought have had a spotter, for sure. I did this with a pickup truck one time, and had to get pulled out. It's a sad moment, hope no one got hurt. And hope the tanker / tender was OK also.

  7. we never flipped are truck but did get are 2 tankers stuck in a field fire luckly where able to still help by filling the grass units (F250 4×4 trucks) once they where empty was easy getting them out lol

  8. He missed the entire driveway. Hope he had taken a driving class before getting behind the wheel again.

  9. Where were the turnout gear ?  How about following some safety procedures such as cribbing and stabilizing the apparatus while it is being pumped out. The Truck could have rolled and pinned crew members undernieth

  10. If the person has not had experience backing a vehicle of that size using mirrors they should not be allowed to drive it plain and simple. Around here there is a new law coming into effect that allows a  fire fighter to drive the rig to a scene, but unless they have a CDL A/B they cannot drive it back to the firehouse. Not to big a problem most the guys on our department have our CDLs

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