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‘Fire Chief Mom vs. Stay At Home Mom’ Sneak Peek | Wife Swap

‘Fire Chief Mom vs. Stay At Home Mom’ Sneak Peek | Wife Swap

Each wife has written a manual as a guide to the running
of their homes. “My household is
organized by me. I’m a fire battalion chief.” Oh, my God. “We have very traditional roles. And I believe that as a wife, I should support my husband
as the head of our household.” What? “I call Jason my third child I tend to yell a lot.” Oh, no, no, no! That is not gonna go over
in my house. “Jack can be very impatient. So please listen
to what he asks for, and respond to his needs first.” Who’s supposed to respond
to his needs first? Me? “I may cook one
to two times per week.” ( gasps ) Oh, no. No, I cook on a daily basis. “At the beginning of this year,
he started training
in bodybuilding.” Shut up! I would not get bodybuilder
from the pictures that I see. “He eats six meals daily. You will have to prepare all
of his meals for the week.” Oh, my God. “I feel that looking nice
can go a long way in starting your day off right. My husband always says, ‘An old barn can always use
a fresh coat of paint.'” If Jason said that to me,
I would look at him
like he’s crazy. “Our children are not allowed
out of their rooms unless they knock first
to get permission.” Whoa. “I handle a majority
of the chores.” These children should be helping
this mom out more. Taking care, cleaning, chores. Misty’s a doormat
and she just lets her husband,
Jack, do whatever. Mmm, mm-mm. Narrator:
It’s now time for the wives to meet their new husbands
and families. – Hey! How you doing?
– Hi! – Good.
– I’m Jason. Yes. Hey, I’m Misty. – How you doing, Misty?
– So glad to finally meet y’all. Nice to meet you. Jason: We came in,
she just looked normal. So I’m just like,
“What’s the catch?” You know? Guess I’ll find out. We have very
old-fashioned roles. My husband is the boss
of my house. – ( whistles )
– Yikes. Jason:
See, that’s different. She’s the boss here. My hubby does not like
to be told what to do. Rylie:
Oh! I bless his soul. – Hi. How are you? I’m Halani.
– Hey, I’m Jack. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – Hi. Ava, hi.
– Ava. Hi. – Welcome to our house.
– Thank you! Are you part Indian? – I am.
– You just look Indian. – Okay.
– Yes, yes. I’m not a housewife,
though. I don’t know about five hours
a day in the kitchen. What kinda work
do you do? I’m a battalion chief
for the fire department. One of the largest
in metro Atlanta area. I wanna be a firefighter. You wanna
be a firefighter. Firefighters,
they’re always sitting around, playing cards,
doing nothing. Meeting Jack is definitely
interesting. I’m thinking
he’s such a caveman. He’s so rude. Do you… cook? Oh, I definitely cook. – Yes!
– Fresh meals, fresh food. – What?
– Yes. You look in the refrigerator
I have pre-made food. It’s the same thing
every day, ’cause my wife
does not cook. So, let’s get right
to the point. – Yeah.
– Do you cook? No. – Jack, do you cook?
– No. You can’t cook
or you don’t wanna cook? Cooking is for women. Wow! Okay. So, in Misty’s manual, she mentioned a saying you have about “the old barn need
a new coat of paint.” You see women that wear
absolutely no makeup at all and they might need a little
something something. My wife, she’ll put on makeup before I get home
and look all nice– I normally don’t. I normally don’t. Well, we’ll see
how you look tomorrow. Maybe if I need
to coach her up a bit here and there, you know,
and everything, maybe we could get her
like Misty and start doing this every day. – All right.
– Yeah.

Reader Comments

  1. I just finished watching this episode, there were several back to back episodes but this was by far my favorite because of the controversy! I was taken aback by his responses! My dad also has that notion that women clean, I honestly don't mind cleaning, or cooking, kills time really. But if it's expected of me simply because I'm a woman, then f*k nah! And I do expect people to clean after themselves, it's just common sense/decency. :'D

  2. Misty seems like an awesome, supportive wife and mother. The other woman seems to be a worse option than being single.

  3. Everyone’s nice and only has one or two little things that are a bit difficult about them but they all seem open to trying new things and then there’s the fucking white dad. Honestly don’t know how his kids didn’t turn out to be assholes they seem nice.

  4. Nah my mama don't play that she the boss of the house the og she don't let no man come up in her own home controlling anything

  5. Dude hes a savage xD but on a real level tho both of these family's have shit they need to work on. Cant just attack one or the other.

  6. Pants were made for a Man and if he is the bread winner then the Woman is head of the home which includes cooking EVERYDAY

  7. The black mum was very rude to say they have a small house etc….she only works in te fire dept, if not for her husband's money from the gym, she would NOT have that house ha yet she insults them?? Ha

    That white guy is a cave man….ha bit strange

  8. I love her gasps at hearing the other woman doesn’t just dote on her husband constantly. But on a dark note, it does make you go… what happens at their house where this warrants genuine worry? Like if she doesn’t do it what happens

  9. For me idk for y’all but most black women cook and put the food in the fridge so the way the black husband and the kids reacted I’m wasnt a big fan🙄 and she’s a firefighter

  10. He’s just rude and can say whatever he wants because that’s what his life has told him being a white man 🙂

  11. The black woman was soooo calm at first and nice why was he so awkwardly rude and ignorant . From the first few minutes I could tell he was sexist .

  12. The fact he assumes that fire fighters do nothing all day 😤 I wonder if he'll feel the same when his house is on 🔥

  13. I believe in taking care of your husband and how he is the head of the household…but wow laziness is a no no

  14. He’s a complete ass hole and I bet you hi father was the same ugh yuck thank god you found your wife buddy b/c she’s the only dumbass that would put up with that bullshit. Ugh

  15. I mean she is at the firehouse so I see why she doesn't cook. My parents military BOTH are. My ma is still active and my dad is retired but works DOD but my dad be quick to be Chef Ramsey cause when the Sergeant comes home its really demanding and few times a week my ma did. Its about balance. Everyone who eats should be able to whip something up in the kitchen. 💁💁💁 Least that's how I grew up. If you wanna eat you better learn how

  16. Did that "such n such this n the other" just ask this WOMAN who he just met within 5 seconds if she was part indian? This the definition of @[email protected]
    I dont want to get in trouble for inappropriate words.

  17. My man just called his wife ugly lmao. I would have beat his fucking ass. He cheating though. His fat ass is not at the gym for 4 hours. The girl he cheating with probably dominant too.

  18. Having traditional values does not equate to being a doormat. There should be no problem being the supportive one. Feminism has really devalued maternity and being a wife. However, one can’t except the other extreme of being a weak, subservient person. That is a terrible example for those girls.

  19. Back in earlier days MEN were the ones that cooked. They wouldn't let women cook. Only the WOMEN from the poor class cooked. Everyone should learn to cook. I've taught all my children to cook.

  20. Lol too funny…. I'm a housewife too and I personally don't want my step son nor my husband in my kitchen either. I do all of the cooking homemade but I do remember when I was single and a working woman. I didn't have time to cook so I can relate to both sides.

  21. Jack spends 4 hours a day in the gym and eats 6 meals to look like that??? His gains are like his eyebrows, neither one is there

  22. Im sorry who tells a women that 1.there job is basically doing nothing 2.assuming there race 3. saying she should look better and finally 4. Telling her becauas ahead a women she has to do basically everything. He's whats wrong with this society.

  23. Men like him are the epitome of weak which is why they're threatened by strong women. Only a weak ass man wants a weak ass woman.

  24. Cooking is for women? That's fine. I would have cooked for myself and the kids and left that fat shit to starve. Looks like he doesn't need any food anyway.

  25. Cooking is for women

    gordon ramsay has entered the chat


  26. I like this guy, he is just old school. He works she cooks. Hey you woman now want to work and do nothing at home or do the same as like a man. God didnt give you that job. . .

  27. “The children aren’t allowed to leave the room unless they knock first” what in the world… like that’s so sad and crazy..

  28. She got to be the only woman in America that wants jack as a husband 😒 how she tolerates his sexist, controlling attitude is beyond me!

  29. I think a bit from both into one woman is a great thing. I can see flaws from both cause we aren't perfect, but there's definitely great quality in both women.

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