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Finnish Kemira Sabre Gas Mask

Finnish Kemira Sabre Gas Mask

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  1. They might be a mask similar to the cold war British civilian one, where it is was released shortly but discontinued due to the fact everybody would die anyway in a nuclear war.

  2. Thats the M71 VSS gas mask manufactured by kemira. I believe they would have been handed out to civilians during a poison gas attack, nuclear fallout, a war or similar (it is also called a "väestönsuojanaamari". Or folk gasmask so it was most likely used to replace the M39 ). The original container is just a metal box with the name and manufacturer on it. Oh and it uses the 40mm threaded filter.

  3. How much did this mask cost you? Its like a mix if a terrible civilian mask and a competent industrial mask. I also saw you got a PPm-88. I figure you might already be planning on making a video on it so i wont ask for it. But i own one as well and mine is slightly different. Its a 2011 model, i didnt get the greatest look of your PPm-88 in your stream but it looked like all the straps could only be adjusted with the mask off. Mine on the bottom two pieces (forgot the technical name) are made of metal and make it where you can easily tighten and loosen the bottom straps and mine has a fabric neck strap like the mask in your video. And you are right that its probably more comfortable for different face shapes. Mine to me is my most comfortable mask and i have a more narrow face. But anyways, i love your videos and you helped me further my interests in gas masks. Keep up the good work.

  4. Dumb question that bothering me about this mask is how do you exhale because I dont see a exhale valve on this and I dont want to assume that it goes though the sides of the mask.

  5. So i have a problem, i bouht a gp5m, a polish gas mask u own. My parents say its unsafe and dangerous, that it contain chemicals thats dangerous snd will make u die. Is the mask it self dangerous it self? Plz replay as fast ss u can, love ur videos man! I need someone that knoww stuff hehe… trll me if the mask is dangerous in any way my dude

  6. When ever there's a nuclear war or gas attack let's go to his house. I'm sure he has enough gas masks to go around

  7. Those two tins are Swiss, the brass one contains the anti fog stick and cleaning wipes and the circular aluminum one contains a bunch of discs that I do not know the purpose of I have them both with my SM-74 strange history on this respirator an interesting find thanks for sharing it.

  8. One of my friends is into Militaria, and he brings his gas masks to school sometimes and he recommended your channel!. Love your videos and keep them up!

    Edit: I am gonna get a GP-5 on Christmas!

  9. Why did they put arsinec pre-filter on masks if they knew it was dangerous? Plz do a video on arsinec pre-filters

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