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Finnish army bread bag

Finnish army bread bag

hello there YouTube Devin here again and today I have another piece of equipment for you to view this is a piece of equipment that I use basically almost every day now I don't use it for what it was intended for but because it's just a good kind of everyday bag tube use for pretty much anything you want now I use this basically to carry around my iPad for work and other little bits and bobs I would need for work everyday cuz it's kind of a really useful easy to use low profile no thrills kind of like me bag it's a broad bag and this is specifically a finish bread bag so this is the one that I use for reenacting I actually have two of these I have a reproduction one this is an original one now finished bread bags for World War two and the Cold War really are just kind of world war one style bread bags they're not really any different there's a couple different modifications on it like you can see this class book up here and there's some leather kind of routing straps on it and you could find them with two sets over here for the mess kit or one set pretty easily there's a couple different variations of these but they basically have been unchanged from from between World War one and World War two so like the interwar period all the way up until well well well into the Cold War probably 50 years unchanged for the most part it's made out of a thick canvas it has belt hooks that are suede reinforced on the back so you can run your belt through it or you could carry it as a shoulder bag by throwing a strap over it this is an original finished strap as well it came to strap other than that on the back there isn't really any anything else going on back there it's just two two loops with butt closures but on the inside here now you can see that this one was made in fight if I open it it's just got button closure it's adjustable it's got two buttons as you can see here on the leather strap on the inside of the flap but this one was made in 1963 there's the stamps and everything still basically unchanged from the world two ones though and then it has a three-position strap just to kind of hold the opening close better than that it's just a big open pouch bag there's no thrills nothing to really go wrong or anything in here it keeps everything relatively secure but the reason I like this bread bag over a lot of other bread bag designs is because everything is all designed to be not only can use this for basically whatever you want personal effects or whatever anything you could use it for food and I have one of these that is a German kind of interwar bread bag as well that I use for grocery shopping because I work in a lot of different stores that sell food if you don't know so a couple of you know my job but I'm not gonna say my job on the Internet but I work in a lot of different grocery stores essentially so and so it's really easy for me to just pick up whatever I'm gonna eat that night and instead of taking a plastic bag or something I'll just throw it in this so it works well which means I'm cutting down not that I really give a about the planet to be honest or global warming because a lot of it you read into yada-yada this and that I'm not I'm not really taking its I understand we got to cut back on our garbage and stuff like that so this just creates less waste basically it's a reusable campus bag and a lot of places give you a discount for using that anyways so but the cool thing that I like about this canteen I'm not sorry not canteen this bread bag specifically is all these outer attachment points on it so it has all these d-rings and everything so you could hook whatever you want this class book here now this class book has a specific purpose and these leather straps have a specific purpose and what you could do is is it's designed to hold your musket and then you would take the leather routing strap that runs through this channel here on this finished mess kit and you could run it through those those leather routing straps here on the cover on the flap of the gas mask I'm not the gas mask bag you could use it for gas masks on the front of this bread bag so sudden you have your mess kit and your bread bag all together with your food and then on top of that then there's this other side of the Dearing without the class book and a lot of the Finnish canteens as you can see by this Finnish canteen here came with a class book built into the canteen and then most of the canteens covers would have a strap that would go down the back here like um like on my Finnish glass canteen you can see the strap that runs down the back of the cover I just don't have a good cover for any of my metal canteens I've been looking for one for forever I have like seven of these Finnish canteens made in different years and stuff like that but that's how you would you would do it and he would carry it they would have your everything would be secured and because they would all be leather strap this would be a actually fairly quiet unit because they would all be strapped to the front of the bread bag here so then you have everything together you need for cooking and stuff like that all your utensils your mess kit which is essentially your pot and pan and your water bottle very easy to get at that's why this canteen had a clasp hook on it so you could just get at it real easy this would be hanging off your off your belt or off the shoulder strap so you could just reach over under its clasp looking there you go you have your canteen so you could drink and that's why I think these are you know a pretty effective piece of gear and everything like that and historically these kind of are a copy of the German World War 1 blood bred bag and they didn't change much from that they kind of have that same shape of a German bread bag for any of you that reenact German World War one and they they've never really changed from that because you know it worked and it's got the zinc buttons on it all that other good jazz really really kind of thick dish type buttons which is isn't uncommon for stuff like this leather reinforcements wherever it needs to be and all that other good stuff and it's just an unique piece of gear and you can get these for very very cheap and there's a ton of different designs so you can basically get whatever you want because some country probably made a bread bag in a design that you could use or is better for you they have some rigid ones that are kind of rectangle shaped like the Italian ones and there's just tons of different versions and stuff so you can find one that works well for you and to be honest they're kind of stylish for you ladies that kind of want a larger purse or something this is the way to go you could waterproof this canvas you can do anything you want for it and you know if you lose it or it gets lost or it gets damaged or something these are still pretty cheap and pretty easy to find for the most part because most countries made them in the millions if not billions so so that's kind of just the review here I promise you guys have be coming out with some more videos here after the new years well work hasn't really quite slowed down yet we're still kind of hectic even though they kind of promised me it would so I apologize for that but this is gonna be kind of the first video here and and everything like that so I appreciate you guys very much for sticking with me here I hope you guys buy some boots from my last video because like I said those got to go to make room I've already had some other pairs show up that I bought recently that I need to make room for so those got to go and they're gonna be way cheaper than what you guys can buy them for elsewhere and I want them to go to a good home and I'm giving you guys the first chance before I throw them online and whatever doesn't go online probably gets thrown in the trash because nobody wants boots like this so thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys in the next video bye

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  1. Funny how no-one in Finland uses these as civilian bags, the preferred surplus shoulder bag is the M/61 gasmask bag.
    The general idea of the bag did very much stay the same until the 80s or so but the details changed considersbly, unfortunately this postwar bag is quite different from the prewar and wartime models and no-one makes a good repro of the wartime model unfortunately.

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