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  1. Great review. I ordered myself one yesterday and also a couple 12 round molle shotgun round pouches. I also already have a few odd's and end's pouches that have the molle attachments and am eager to get my vest and see how i can set it up to my specific needs..
    Take care and thanks again for the review.

  2. ah ok thats cool,the handle probably helps out as a neck brace of sorts to help distribute weight,didnt think of that,lol

  3. The new vest has no padding to speak of. But even with my first set up with the pouches from the bug out bag, the weight is barely felt at all. Attaching the butt pack is proving more difficult than I anticipated. I plan to try and compress my gear down to a frame less ruck set up.

  4. How much shoulder padding does the new one have? it looks like it would have a lot of shoulder fatigue where the green one doesnt seem like it would.

  5. 6:03 lmao! Hey man good vest there, I like how it doesn't have the back piece so it doesn't feel weird after you put your pack on.

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