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Fiesta Medals for 2016

Fiesta Medals for 2016

Hello – and welcome to another edition of
“Top Pick Tuesday” where we feature the “Best of the Best” in recognition items. Today,
it’s Fiesta medal time! I know that’s hard to believe because Fiesta is not until April
of 2016. But we already have customers placing their orders for Fiesta medals. Ones that
want to hand them out a little ahead of time or those who want to miss the Fiesta crunch.
We got our first Fiesta medal in for 2016 and we want to share it with you. If you want
to see our complete line of Fiesta medals – the ones we have done for customers in past
years – go onto our website at and you can see our Fiesta 2015 video along
with examples of medals we have made for customers – last year and in past years. So, if you
are ready, here’s our first 2016 medal. We made it for the Mission and Installation Contracting
Command at Ft Sam Houston here in San Antonio. And this is the medal. We are very proud of
it and it’s a very unique Fiesta medal for several reasons. The first one is that it
has the building the Command is headquartered in 3-D relief on the medal. Really nice!
Also, to brand their Command, to make sure you know exactly who it was who handed out
that medal, we did a large imprint area of their emblem on the ribbon. And then, to drive
people to their website, we included their web address on the back of the medal. The
medal is nice and heavy – made out of iron. It’s gonna last a long, long time. It’s beautiful
and it’s our first medal for 2016. If you would like more ideas of what things you can do
with a Fiesta medal check out our video at We have ideas
for marketing your message, getting your brand out to the population, making memories and
making money for fundraisers using your Fiesta medals. Check it out! Thanks again for joining
us on “Top Pick Tuesday”. Have a great week!

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