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FEMCO Machine Co. – Machine Shop Tour

FEMCO Machine Co. – Machine Shop Tour

hi this is critic machine I'd like to take you for a tour through our facility to show you just what we do a little bit more detail than we can tell you over the phone so on this side right over here is our main office in our main shop that's where we started out and with the original building was here on the left-hand side let's take you to that just a little bit I'll show you different ways in different areas we do some businesses also hand up here and pop the hill is one of our heavy parts buildings will take you to that a little on say we have a storage building here in between heavy parts building heavy pieces of buildings bring them off there and do the cheating and wadding up napkins building so I want to start here because this press room press row begins this area right here we bring in a big job this park is simple back in the background there we disassembled of the pieces part with that data beverage machinery evaluate along the cars here see just exactly even places do part parts of South Asia we do a lot of the alright here's our extra our Center babe see awkward late crash back Victini Lisa's back there better correction we have okay we're back we just dear super-hearing exactly what five over here walk out his way our disappeared kind of machine more mail the welch oppressors in we're just now entering our late they stop all meeting we're all seeing drop this side over here we have a couple three horizontal boring little setup too boring enough departing on the pieces quarters on this side over here cutting capacity since finding capacity interval Borgia gears and okay what we've done we just moved about 35 40 feet back from the hobby shop back into the one of the line born shops we stalk a lot of our line board and put them back here and there happens to be a server where service trucks in here right now so we thought we'd take this moment and show you one of our trucks these trucks are used to bought in the field and do the work in the field on on heavy equipment out out there to do the welding blind boring the machining the milling and optical work I mean there's a list as long as my arm on what they do out there and I'm not the detail guy to talk to you about that but we do have those people to talk to if we need someone we're nothing on the field so okay just has a bigger shop here on the crafty la CMC Center self it'll blow stating the art work out really well for us okay here we are on our warehouse I showed you the outside our warehouse is alerted mutated across the street from the main office this is where we store our extra parts of our stock parts from the crane business especially my parts for our end of the business e-except crane business we saw some of the parts over here for the oil gas industry the aggregate industry we're going to take a little walk back if you're not on call it all pan out and show you what's going on little bit of forethought kind of give you a little bit of an idea we do all our shipping from over here on this side of the street we also have our bench back here on inspection areas back here and also our saw shuffle we keep our ground stock or clean material we have a couple of thoughts back here with you our automated song and our coaching our particular line on the flakes so take a walk on back while these parking spot for and possibly so we can stay ahead of their knees and they do that because as much as possible there's another storage space with our artists I am importing the apps keep aside comely parts back here they've been repaired is waiting to watch some customers we just move our venturi over from midnight across the street Silas make a little more wish I'm just going to go out the finalists go on back here's our Austin area of our raw material here on the right hand side some replacements here back see already heavy forest loading we just moved uphill from main shop in the warehouse we can see that the part of the building from down below we want to stop and give you a little bit better idea how big this coating is and what all we do in here so I'm gonna take you inside now and show you a little bit about machining and the welding and and the mechanical is on up here okay I guess the best angle to show you is up here we can kind of see the we do our heavy heavy pieces part very large right over here inside largest not we're going to boring routine the inside of the heavy parts cording and hope that helps understand a bit more what we do here we have a large bigger diameter 2530 football the other end of the heavy parts cutting what we got going on

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