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FEMA's disaster relief food expires soon

FEMA's disaster relief food expires soon

this past hurricane season and kept FEMA busy hurricanes Harvey Irma and Maria required the government agency to order enough food boxes to feed storm victims but it turns out while preparing for the worst they ordered more than enough and now some of those boxes are set to expire soon newsChannel fives Alana Quillin is live in the newsroom to show us what's being done with all that food Alana well today first I want to show you what's inside these FEMA boxes there's 20 healthy snacks we've got everything from canned pasta that has a long shelf life two crackers and even these breakfast bars which will not last as long and that is why this box has an expiration date of July 2018 but two local nonprofits are teaming up to send these boxes out into the community thousands of food boxes from FEMA are set to expire soon this food was here for Emma for Maria during the hurricane time but this food will not be going to waste there was this really super surplus of it because of so many hurricanes this season FEMA donated these boxes which will be distributed locally by nonprofits living hungry in Palm Beach cares just in the last couple of weeks we have received 17 truckloads we have another 100 truckloads coming there are so many boxes more organizations are being called in to help distribute the food when you have this type of a bonanza of a big donation of food like this it really takes the whole community to come together people like Omar Portocarrero are coming in by the droves for pickups I think it's a blessing from God I usually go to the food deserts where people do not get access to food and one of the biggest problems that they have is transportation even the Girl Scouts are scoping out the FEMA boxes we do an annual food drive every year to be distributed by local troops it's great the girls can write little messages on the boxes before they send them out even more truckloads are on the way we're gonna do it straight through this summer so that more mouths can be fed until all of this food is out into the community because we don't want to see anybody going hungry now this entire initiative is funded by Everglades trust those boxes are only being given out by the palate but any church or nonprofit or agency is welcome to come pick up boxes which are being house free of charge at the Palm Beach Post warehouses now if you would like to sign up to pick up a pallet or even want some boxes for your own family all you have to do is just email Maura at living hungry dot org live in the newsroom Alanna : WPTZ newschannel5

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