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  1. When I was in (2007-2010) we had to guard about 20 or more HUGE bunkers. never did find out what was going on with them, but when we were briefed, they told us we were going to be guarding roads going to the bunkers and to not let anyone in including the general himself, and to use deadly force if we had to. not sure if this has anything to do with fema camps, but they were very secretive about it. Right after that, the roads were shut down due to radiation contamination.

  2. All of those white things are vehicles. They are white jeeps, buses, vans, ambulances, etc. that have all been painted white with "UN" printed in bold black letters on the sides. Hundreds of thousands of these vehicles are being stored at various locations around the U.S., particularly at several unused military sites. You can see them close up on google earth. Their purpose and the sheer amount of them is too horrifying to even imagine..but there they are if people even care to enough to look.

  3. As a soldier I have NEVER seen anything that leads to these . My armored unit would stand with the people IF these are real But are you sure that this is a FEMA camp

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