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FEBRUARY 2019 New release G-Shock watches – First thought & impressions

FEBRUARY 2019 New release G-Shock watches – First thought & impressions

Hello everyone GHF here, today let’s
talk about February 2019 new release G-Shock watches If you want to buy any mercy to support my channel, go check my website and if you want to buy any g-shock and
all featured in this video go to the link in the description box down below, so
we’re gonna have a look at 11 new G Shock watches, they are new in term of
colorway only not a really new models first of all is the fire package for
2019 which will came in dark green with black and band and bezel, that’s pretty
much it. You’ll have two options the AWG-M; ana-digi version and GW2000 will be for full digital version. I have a GW2000 G Shock watch your
review coming up in the future which is from the basic one, but this one is much
better in my opinion it came with dark green I mean.. one of my favorite color.
Anyway, if you are looking for a small watch;ana-digi model, this two is the one of the best deal they have so many things to offer for the price for the look and
also for the sizes as well, really great deal actually, moving on to the next
watch which is on the big case category called the full ana-digi model, GA100, 110, 710 and 800 or 810? was it. Basically the 110
and 700 series world came in glossy watch band and bezel and all of them will
feature a rose gold accents on the watch face that’s it, we already received something similar before, it came in black, came in blue, and
came in gold for the Glacier Gold, this year, we’ll get one on rose gold, I’m not
really a big fan of all of these models anymore, solely because I am focusing all of my money on getting on other model first
such as the new Wildlife Promising Series or 2019 Earthwatch basically, so
we’re gonna have a look at three models all together; rangeman, mudmaster, and a gravitymaster the rangeman is obviously will
be the most popular one and will sold out no matter what, it will base on a
“KAKAPO” bird; a parrot mixed with owl kind of bird probably chicken as well because
it couldn’t fly it is endangered animals so I could understand what Casio who
picked the bird and make a collaboration with this rangeman
and thus exposed to us all the things there is to know about the bird, I have
no idea about this endangered animal at all before Casio made this release so
in a way they’re still successful, either you buy the watch or not you have been
exposed to these information, so if you want to contribute with this animal
conservation, you could do so by donating directly to wildlife promising or you
could just buy the watch and a portion of that will be donated to saving this
creature, these cute little creatures if you buy the gravitymaster, you’ll save
the eagle, if you buy the mudmaster, you’ll save the leopard, for the Eagle though, it’ll came in white bezel and brown watch band which is plain and simple, matching
with the Eagle colorway the hands will mimic the beak of the eagle but I.. I am not a fan of this because I know Casio could do better, they’d just make the Rangeman
with a bird feather design on the strap, they could’ve just do the same thing or
this gravity master as well but they didn’t, they should’ve made it, at least add some sort of art line for the Eagle face on the watch band and then I’ll be go all
over this model but since it’s just plain like that you know what, I’m okay
if I pass on this and the price is quite high anyway my opinion so maybe if I
have extra budget then I’m gonna buy this, if not then I’m gonna pass, same goes with the
mudmaster as well, they picked a leopard I get it they are picking this design to
mimic with the animal, the endangered species, to expose us with all these
information, and wanted us to contribute, but the leopard, there’s something about
leopard print is just.. that’s just not me. I don’t know leopard print have been
overused in the fashion industry for a while now and and that is probably the
reason why I’m kind of like on the fence either I should grab this mudmaster or
not maybe maybe I’ll give it a chance after I see the real photo of it online
or somewhere because they aren’t any yet, usually real photo will be better
than the poster photo from this website so we’ll see how it goes in the future
but for the Rangeman though, I will definitely buy the Rangeman in
fact, I already scored the Rangeman, I bought one from Yahoo Japan Auction, so they will be released on 15th of February after that, I’ll wait for it to arrive and then
I’ll make the video for sure but I’m not sure if I’m gonna buy this gravity
master or the mudmaster yet we’ll see how it goes I would like to hear your
opinion as well for these three Earthwatch models so next we’re gonna have a look
at the new seven lucky god, for the month came in white DW-5700
I believe the Old Man of the Mountain probably based on this snow pattern and
all those, I’ll already talked in detail about this design and all, so there you go if you want to buy this go ahead I’m not collecting this seven lucky god at
all, the price will definitely stays at retail anyway so I didn’t really mind if
I miss on this, just something to have if you’re a fan if you’re not there’s
nothing to lose Last but not least is the new Bluetooth
square colorway GW-B5600, in this case black and red called the Heritage
series which happen to be an extension to the previously release Heritage
models as well so kind of like an addition to that at first I thought it’s
gonna be dark brown but yeah now it is just black with a more complicated watch
face, they’re really nothing else actually it’s just..that is it, I mean I already
made a video talking about the Bluetooth square models on the channel before
featuring the Kobe City Fire Bureau, so if you want to know what you could do with
the watch, check that video out basically that’s it in this case just black
negative and bracelet band with a little bit of red accents that is all, so it’s
all entirely up to you 11 models altogether. My favorite obviously would be the rangeman, the one and only the Rangeman, I don’t have any second or third favorite at all so what do you guys think about this
February New Release G Shock watches, I don’t think there will be more right..?
yeah this one baby G, I almost forgot about the baby-G as well, which also
featured bird design, but Casio I mean they could make the baby G more colorful
but they didn’t gosh that could have made that, I mean the bird is so beautiful but the watch aren’t, it is beautiful but not as beautiful as the
bird itself (*it could be better). That’s it. Okay I think I should end this video right now I hope
you guys found this video a little bit useful informative and entertaining
thank you very much for watching gus this is GHF, and I’m… out

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  1. Wow, that Rangeman!
    Just had to preorder one. I have promised myself to not have more than 10 G-shocks + a beater, so now i have to decide witch one that have to go. Tough decision, but I think the Rangeman will be worth it! 🙂

  2. Definitely agree with you on that Rangeman!👍 could be my first 9000 series if we get them here 🤔👍
    Nicely done and thanks again for the heads up👍🍻

  3. Hey did you see my video of the four ICERC releases? Let me know what you think. Love your videos. Keep them coming.

  4. Why you hide your face?
    Reveal your face and expose yourself.
    It’s been a long time that you are hiding your face.since you have started your YouTube channel.

  5. Which new gshock models that are carbon fiber inserted band? And which of them composed of inorganic glass display?

  6. Great video! Btw, I'm totally digging your jacket man. That tri color scheme is sick. What brand is it?

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