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February 2018 Q&A – Varusteleka *Explicit Language*

February 2018 Q&A – Varusteleka  *Explicit Language*

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  1. These US gus should test finnish shit in .308 or .30.60 Petra.. The "Loppopetra" is goodlooking, but the machinery is BS..

  2. In Finland is there an alternative to military service for someone who is disabled. A person who is blind, for example.

  3. I like to thank everyone is drinking and all the Finnish people were so drunk they couldn't answer so late in Carl takeover plus you can tell Ian and Carl are the hosts and they are the guests

  4. The other thing about Chinese AKs is, back in the 1980s, they WERE considered junk in the US. It was only after the import ban that Mak 90s took on their reputation of quality. Same thing with SKSes.

  5. Ian got it right. If you can see the target with your naked eye, you can make use of a red dot, same as irons but faster. IDENTIFACTION on the other hand is not so easy. In a Red Damn situation we could assume everyone who wears a uniform with an AK is hostile, shoot on sight. But in a country or situation where the militias where kit and regular clothes, and the insurgents wear kit and regular clothes, there is no good answer.

  6. I like how diverse this channel is. One day we're interviewing Faxon barrel manufacturing, another day it's a competition/review with the M1 Garand, and another day it's an interview with these guys from Finland. I'm still trying to find some Schokakola at a good price.

  7. In the "finnish mexico" there is not a rare situation when a põder /PORO collides with you car. Then its good to have a gun to put it out of misery.

  8. Excellent video guys, I love Stefan's (sorry for bad spelling, anteerksi mun Suomeksi kieli sun nimi on tosi paska) answers for the economics of not changing calibre.
    I miss the Finnish 'English' accent – I used to sound like that too, after living just north of Helsinki for 2 years; it took me about 2-3 months to learn to re-speak UK English in a more normal UK manner & accent after moving back to the UK in 2007.

  9. I've had the pleasure of working with quite a few Finnish women on an international excavation for a couple of years and can honestly say that they worked harder, were tougher and more level-headed, and were also much better at holding their liquor than most of the men on the dig. Getting Finnish women into mandatory military service would quite possibly make Finland the scariest fucking nation in the world.

  10. Can ya'll reproduce the German zeltban poncho in the original patterns, and possibly modern patterns and material also?

  11. as i thought i was 5 min into the vid, i went to get a drink and as i paused the video, i realized i was watching for 32 minutes allready. very interesting Q&A 😉

  12. The upcoming EU directive will not permit machine guns to be converted into semi autos after its implementation. The same "once a machine gun, always a machine gun" will be true here as well.

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