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FBI CIA SECRET SERVICE classified Abandoned Storage Unit! Bought an abandoned storage unit!

FBI CIA SECRET SERVICE classified Abandoned Storage Unit! Bought an abandoned storage unit!

all right ten by ten three hundred fifty
bucks we’re about to sort this right now pretty cool unit I can tell you right
now this rug and that air-conditioner should pretty much paper to unit all
right let’s see we got Oh real quick people asked me to talk about what I
liked in this unit when I opened up this unit I already gone through a little bit
of boxes here because I was really antsy but what made me buy this unit was right
here Secret Service FBI was showing willing to gamble on stuff that has FBI
Secret Service showing where’s the other one right here see Secret Service this
rug is worth a few hundred dollars easily 200 maybe 400 in the right market
this right here is expensive when you go buy it it’s easy hundred bucks I saw my
money back things like that that I like even though it’s tossed you can see all
the boxes were open just like this I already knew was tossed but it’s
something I’m still willing to gamble on because I like always say scare money
don’t make money this rug is pretty nice I don’t know if it’s Persian is probably
Afghani but it’s neat it’s clean we will definitely get some good money out of
that FBI the books we’ll just throw in something else Benji’s about to help us sort he’s
outside he’s a little slow going yeah I don’t want to cook shit show up giving
them much a garbage dump that’s not nice would be real easy for them to deal with
FBI look at that that’s where a baby forget your jacket right here Oh want a
t-shirt there’s right there my hand yeah yes security systems how much did you
pay I’m paid four hundred or one seven hundred something from them yeah they’re
not cheap they’re nice take a brand surround sound huh what it is initech
that up in edit kinetic all right cool start making stacks for the trailer
we’re gonna go through everything then load it up trying to be systematic me don’t you go on there Hennessy privilege
oh isn’t that what Alex dream Services man-bag here’s your new handbag Alex okay fill this up with an Xbox I’m
coming home Masuda yeah we can fill that box up
that’s the best part to the desk go to the desk right there you know that’s why
I feel I have a good car man I could be in a lot worse the position that I am in
life if it wasn’t for the fact that I believe my karma saves me because I do
do good this is actually good criminology these are all pretty good
books still want to take them go ahead big jack in the box Paco will make it
trip down soon gotta get some footage going uncle
Michaels and dump truck low today and I’m trying to get miss Jen
I just want to get to some footage done no I missed nothing I’m just gonna try
to get everything stacked like sorted and stacked and then every day when we
got here that’s so much we’re doing here I wasn’t
up here I’m doing 10 miles a big bhindi lady they just caught me here’s a five you look a glass like that sorry it’s
not per se this one oh that’s a different type of chance for anything
that feel better hold that thing up I think it’s like a mosquito a man maybe
of something we’ll throw it in looking every missile training yeah
I’m trying to well people if I definitely want to give back if you get here military clothes those
go that way the Air Force stuff in the Air Force pilot military stuff clothes put a fighter
honk Michael open up a bag I got a box to go right over here with although one
I toss them all in the next box you want a box right here locks the box that’s
the same thing I do here come home baby come up here with platter come on baby
nah it’s Reed and Barton anyway you can and just want to lift in the bottom of
it I guess is gonna be nothing wait well they’re gonna be my guess
who’s gonna be filling this box livin silver or their sterling we got
here military challenge coins that’s a silver nice military stuff that’s
definitely gonna be reduced Givenchy wears this hat this is nice this is beretta March 9 yeah I might
have to keep that one be with you Zippo lighter United States European
Command headquarters that’s pretty cool does a Mardi Gras beads we just go over
way nicer the challenge point what they do is when you’re in the military you do
stuff like I challenge you to do the most pushups when you put up your
challenge point so you get some horns I’ve challenged or left on now that
you’re done cutting this is no fool that’s this is cool solid Waterman in water man Nepal is a tourist piece
here three why just them into a bowl oh that’s cute cigarettes that’s cool it’s cool just fill it all on the cramp box Sony Handycam $599 not bad not bad just some serious motorola charges they
can tell you don’t give them l this that’s kind of cool good napier smart you want to bet $1 this has something
good in it this right here come on a bit $1 huh back up
I got to go on the plane I got to take my gun with me I think something possibly good now
already oh look they have techniques the pressure points mm-hmm actually somebody
might want this are their pins I think you know spike laughs oh man oh they’re
so mean yeah he’s a spy glasses man you know this Oakley Oakley thump oh no what
they are there yeah see look I have audio and everything this is money this
is Secret Service stuff this is Mike it’s called Oakley uh thump prison you
learn pressure points they teach you all the weak points of a person’s body where
to cut Oh Mike what is then this is a gold certificate hmm
I can eat oh it’s neat it’s worth money too so you should even I might be
interested in this another one please I’ll give you $2 each I bet you Steve
found some the other day there were pirates George I saw something nice in
this box bucks $100 silver certificate there’s one more box right here hey this
is the case with the coins make sure there’s no caching example
it’s not the may time to make a good video of this right here like this has
the gets displayed and thumbnail this one in there how do you know what’s in
there oh shit money foreign money but I felt it myself in its core Oh still
gotta look all those out yeah you gotta make sure they’re still valid currency
to Don da I guess wherever he traveled nearly sent my dad up one on ebay did
photos and people could see the value oh you can go to your bang a deposit and
get the cash looks like there’s an American Banco some bubbles we got a good thumbnail
video coming for all this this is uh it’s not American I know still foreign
currency Mike yeah Lear’s you know Bank of Pakistan I’m sorry about that good
stuff out nice Bank of Pakistan I have I have like two thousand and Afghanistan
money that I can’t even use because it’s a ceased awesome yeah oh my god
he’s out of it let’s go over here in the light many
people trying to stand breathe over me breathe over my shoulder with your
creepy voice you feed me breath this stuff this stuff’s top with the
cuss words oh stop I have nothing with you on that damn you don’t hear me doing
I have to beat it out good license please that one there can I put this one
on my truck Oh gonna get a pair of them nice you know these on the Honda I need
your pair the number the richer you are those appear that we get two pairs we
looking for we’re looking for watches we’re looking for special device that’s
all this one here it is yeah but I gotta have somebody sort that put that in the
book okay we’ve got a clothes bag reading this any this big clothes I
don’t want to give them straight back please that’s it you can’t be one yeah it’s gonna be good there is a
silver setting somewhere that means will appeal think of just all black even
putting the dish I can hear how you guys like for us like
wheat the average person go into his box doesn’t know but we move furniture
forever I tell you it’s right there yeah I didn’t even know that so you just gave
me knowledge of weapon but I see boxes with a tree now I’m gonna be like I
value it’s easier for me to edit what is that marks large Los Angeles Police
Department are you going I think that’s one opinion yeah you should get that
much Uncle Mike’s gonna be Anatomy so I’m out of the Academy no but still I
moved on counter-terror oh that’s a good one right there last dragon oh yes he
does perfect just empty like that it’s Harley Davidson oh yeah so I’m saying what do you want these yet that’s just
standing there the military shirts and then the rest is staying here sighs the
military that’s kind of cool no man purse satchel something really call
those you know good clothes into that bag home for Michael crap into here to
make room for the next box very systematic all right it’s not boxes oh you have some uh good to go no weirdly the their graduation Penn
zero something for the that’s uh let’s go than that box thing that’s several
them put them in your box do box well looks like curtains and stuff you just make sure you get even put
enough in the bottle yes that’s gonna be like 30 bucks well
he needs to pay bills soon gas cigars

Reader Comments

  1. I have to agree fellas,, yes it's awesome finding stuff but that belonged to a veteran,knowing that you should of treated it with more respect,Respect I mean not tossing it around like junk,not hating on you guys but the video does seem to make you guys look like disrespectful people,really cool stuff but I hope the you can at least find the owner or family and return some stuff that meant a lot to this person,Thank you guys for showing us the vids keep it up.

  2. Common man the name of the owner is on the box. This man is a Veteran and LEO. This is his life you are going thru like its trash. Have some respect.


  4. This was the first video from your channel that I have watched. It appears you have an extra ordinary unit. Buy, if you will take and learn criticisms, the presentation was beyond horrible. Please watch others who do these types of videos and learn how to do them properly. Or, get pissed at me and ignore, your choice. This unit had the potential of being a great video. You ruined it. SAad.

  5. Disrespectful lowlifes with absolutely no regard or appreciation for somebody that has served their country and is obviously a dedicated and decorated individual that has obviously passed away because a person of this nature does not just forget or fail to pay his storage fee's! You are a discrase, and lack any values or ethics on so many levels! I sure hope you were tracked down and humiliated and received what you deservingly have coming to you! The family of this individual should get to humiliate the living shit out of all of you by getting to dig through all of your personal belongings and post it on you tube so everybody can see what fucked up individuals you really are! Snakes, you opened a very dangerous can of worms that is going to leave a very bad taste in your mouth! But don't worry yourselves about it, people in that line of work don't look out for one another anyway, so don't sweat it.

  6. All of this stuff is at the mercy of the storage locker company. If these guys didn't buy it, someone else would, or it would be tossed. Storage companies run a business…..if you don't pay storage fees, you lose the stuff, which is LEGALLY sold to try to recoup these fees. If you don't like seeing someone going through someone's abandoned property, don't watch.

  7. Watching your video I'm just saying the wires could be scrapped and the books needed to look at and you can put it on Amazon college books they sell and the rest of the books they sell too so just giving you a heads up bro

  8. Secret service spy glasses……bwhahaha. Whether bought fair and square is not the debate. The ethical human thing is the debate. Families fall on hard times and when one payments missed your shit gets held for ransom. Proper ethical human would atleast try to get the sentimental awards back to their owners. But unfortunately greed runs this world which is why humans deserve to go extinct.

  9. A bet of respect for the x owner if he or she still alive.. they work hard for all the just be carefull in manythings…

  10. This could turn into a criminal investigation. Specifically speaking to the content of those files. The fact that these individuals are looking at Possible Classified Information. IMO, these dirtbags knowingly opened the contents after several turns of both males stating the name on the cover of those folders in question. The next step in the process at this point should have been to contact local authorities. Cash also being involved opens another avenue to charges being filed against the owner of the business. At this time it would be in the best interest of both suspects to proceed to the local authorities for co-operation with the more appropriate Law Enforcement Dept. Based on the actions and content discretion would be giving to Secret Service immediately. Furthermore the chain of command will be in place and strictly enforced. If possible I will request for C.O.I.C. I can assure you all possible chargeswill be explored.

  11. Your scum. they are more then likely over seas and your raiding there stuff. With no care in the world. I hope karma bites you in the ass. People like you should be taken out back your nothing but thief's.

  12. That Motorola radio is a felony charge man that is a cia radio p25 encrypted radio xts5000 I got the xts2500 this is very dangerous for the nation security if they are in range of the system I'm sure this stuff wasn't left there on purpose I'm sure something happened to the man cia needs to bust your ass you're committing a crime just by owning that stuff

  13. Listening to these fucks is disgusting. I have NEVER posted a video of my buys or finds, ever. People lives are in those boxes your digging through like jackals. I record the lockers I buy only to show the family and ask them if any heirlooms they’d want. I. Do. Not. Post. To. Social. Media. Show some class. The reason the storage locker was up for auction through some unfortunate circumstances. Why would you post this shit?

  14. You guys have no idea what you are doing did you see the Marmot jacket in the begining he tossed it to the side for a fbi t shirt and jacket dumbasses

  15. Ok I disagree with most comments,,, someone left this stuff and someone played by the rules and bought it,,, unfortunately they are just throwing it around searching for a rare treasure, but it belongs to them now.

  16. If u made ur money off rug and a/c why dont u find the family of the military awards and return his stuff, you guys are ravage, like homeless guys going thru a dumpster .

  17. Hey, YOU, STORAGE PIRATE! I saw tha ame kf the kwner lf the storage locker.,John Brooks. Who knkws, he might be the sin, lr he relative of the leader of the Lutheran Church in the Philippines, Cyril Brooks (RIP), and a friend of my dad.

    Stop desecrating the memories of those leople, who might be dead. Do. Notmshiw on videos those personal items. Be discrete.

    You are worst than the SOMALIAN PIRATES ! Ni regards for lersonal stuffs. DESPICABLE,

  18. Well Aren't you guys just the most annoying disrespectful cocksuckers I've ran across SMDH go fuck yourself and your shitty recorded video you guys are way to old for this shit anyways

  19. Challenge coins…

    They are not used as a challenge to pushups or anything like that.

    They are used in military or veteran type bars… Put your coin on the bar and challenge others… whoever doesn't have their coin buys the drinks. If everyone has their coin, YOU buy the drinks…

    The coins originated in the Philippines in WWII. When the Japanese invaded, many fled into the hills to act as guerillas. In order to know who was in a guerilla unit, they would make a scratch or some mark on a coin. You show the coin, and they know you are good to go. Then, during Vietnam, the idea of a specific coin for an elite unit came up. The idea spread between more and more elite units until now everyone has unit coins.

  20. ASS HOLES… Treat Military members personal achievements with respect. Challenge coins are NOT for doing pushups, they are awarded by superiors for military achievement. The decent thing to do is find out who they belong to and return the military gear and awards to family. You guys do not know what you are talking about.

  21. I would be careful with those manuals. Normally they are to returned to the agency. There could be info that should not be available to the public. Wonderwhat happened to tge agebnt?

  22. Maybe you can make an effort to contact the vet and maybe offer him some sentimental items back as good will. Then everyone can still go to heaven

  23. Just reading the comments I dont think I can watch this video.
    As a Combat Veteran of a Foreign War with multiple deployments and a former k-9 police officer the comments alone makes me upset about how this unit is trashed and thrown.
    I myself had a very close relative that had a Storage locker that he was forced to abandon because of health issues an being in another state they would not allow me to pay the debt over the phone or allow me to come in person to pay it. The owner was the sole person to pay it even tho he was hospitalized and called and wrote a letter to allow me to pay it they denied it.
    And the storage locker was auctioned off like this one. With all his Military items and awards and pictures and items he brought back from a foriegn war as well and his original wedding photos. And yet I can almost bet the same thing happened what people are explaining here.
    No one tried to reach out to see if he wanted his personal items back or anything.

    Ahhhh makes me sooo upset to see this still happening

  24. Hey DumbA THIS is how a challenge Coin is used, they are not "bet"!

  25. This stuff obviously belonged to a veteran. 22 veterans a day commit suicide and it is entirely possible that the owner of this unit could have killed themself and now, sadly, vultures are picking through this veterans belongings for a profit and airing it on YouTube. Alternatively, veterans have extremely high divorce rates because military spouses can't handle the stress of being married to a veteran. Perhaps this veteran lost their marriage and likely their home, children and bank account along with it, leaving them homeless and broke. Being homeless and broke is another HUGE problem plaguing the veteran community. And again, now vultures are picking through their belongings that they collected from all over the world. Veterans also have a very hard time readjusting to civilian life and holding down and working civilian jobs. So maybe the veteran just fell behind on payments on the unit and once again, vultures are taking advantage of this veterans misfortune and intend on hawking their belongings for a profit. Its disgusting and breaks my heart. If they had any respect at all they would put all of this stuff back, inform the owner of this storage facility of what they found and that they cant in good conscience profit off the misfortunes of a person who gave everything for their country and ask that the owner do everything they can to return these belongings to their owner if at all possible and forgive the debt on the storage unit. This is shameful.

  26. TO ANY VETERANS who see this video- please be aware that the owner of this storage unit WAS contacted by these gentlemen and had the opportunity to get some of their belongings back. Before this unit was auctioned the owner of the unit had already removed most of what they wanted and left the rest behind. The situation looks worse than it is without that context. Initially I was upset by the thought of someone rummaging through a veterans belongings and hawking it for a profit, but that was NOT the case here. All of this stuff was abandoned intentionally by the owner and so is FAIR GAME.

  27. That is not how challenge coins work. People always talk like they know shit. You guys are idiots.

  28. What a couple of rubes.Pawing through someones memory's , you have no idea what the VALUE of that stuff is.Find the owner and get it back to him.

  29. The Waterman pen @9:40 was the most valuable item, other than all the silver…and you guys barely bat an eye at it.

  30. I felt violated watching this. All I could think of is someone or mult ppl disappeared & their entire lives & memories were being judged, stolen & then erased all for profit. So sad

  31. Sure is sad when people that don't like certain people stay on and watch just so they can be nasty and try their best to try and spoil it for the rest of us. Oh well I guess they are short on the attention they didn't get though out their lives.

  32. There are a few nice things in those boxes… and a lot of lesser desirable ones… but still… cash in the pocket

  33. What if the FBI come back for the stuff. If you get caught with this stuff and you can go to jail.

  34. You're supposed to cut AWAY from the sausage. Do us East Coasties have to teach you West Coasties everything??? Or, maybe this is how West Coasties practice population control.😎😎😎

  35. That rug is most probably worth quiet a bit of money I hope you did not get ripped off, as I would have concentrate d on the rug..U have to know what u are looking at as they say

  36. The funny thing is that the "challenge coins" as you call them, you can just purchase them from the base. They don't always have anything to do with a challenge.

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