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Favorite Military Surplus Contest

Favorite Military Surplus Contest

hey Bill here would you go to outdoor recreation so this video is a little different this is all about mill surf gear that I use you know we all eventually end up buying some kind of military surplus gear for our adventures because it's cheap and durable and thready Lee available but you know the difference in quality and the functionality we could go on and on about that all day but I just want to share with you a few of my favorite will serve about your items and I'm gonna put a link in the description box showing you where you can get some of these things and what I want you to do is I want you to do a response video and share with me some of your favorite meals served above your items just comment and then put a link to your video in the comment section and whoever does the best one is going to win something special so this ought to get interesting fighting with my all-time favorite piece of mail served here is the the old ammo box you know years ago if you're going whitewater rafting this was the thing you'd have because it was somewhat waterproof and durable and you put your camera gear in here this is long before dry bags became available this was the the essential i t'ink it to have not filled us with some of my favorite military gear and i thought i'd go over with you that's a that's a hatchet that I really like and this is a survival strong it's really not related to this video so what do we got in here well we got a flat pollster and you say why a flat pollster bill well I like these because you know the brush is never going to knock the pistol it's never going to get knocked out of your holster so looking at a flap you can't draw that quick look if you're doing quick draw out the woods for some reason than subs mentally wrong with you and the reality of it is even if you're a policeman not having a flat pollster you have these retention devices on your holster by the time you get done with that you could have just easily lifted the flap I mean come on flat pollsters are great they still work get the job done and finally that but they just protect your firearm we look at the protection you get on that from scratches and things like that it's just a good way to go I like flat pollsters ok this is a German German mess kit that i repurposed i have a full of survival gear and cook with it it's got shelter in it it's got a fire starting capability water filtration medicine you name it I have it in here and this is something I would grab if I couldn't take a pact with me I had the travel light just this alone would be pretty much what I need to get through the day ok next up an old fashioned k bar and I know the limitations of these knives and say well that's not it that's not a good butch craft knife bill because it's rat tail you know the handles rat tail well it is but you know if you use the night for what its intended for and you don't use it as a hatchet this thing will definitely serve you well mines never let me down and still still razor-sharp I could shave with this thing so that's definitely one of my favorites and a lot of my mill sir piers is not from the US a lot of it is from other countries this is a map case I got durable rubber map case I got and keep all my maps and it's and that's a good hard writing surface so I really like that I think that's made in by the Swiss people another one of my favorites of course the old canvas magazine pouches these things never go out of style and that's about it and of course the the mo box itself you can see the rubber gasket in there that's my all-time favorite this shovel here this is a this is a bunda soir shovel from Germany comes with a leather case it's got a spike in a thing you know the reason this is my favorite here we use DAV American etool you know that its leaves a lot to be desired this thing here has never let me down great piece of gear a lot of times other countries tend to make better military gear than we do I know that's sad it's not a patriotic thing to say but it happens to be true anyway that's some of my favorite gear is an old canteen these never go out of style if you do get a canteen make sure what the canteen that you get the cup you get the metal cup of it and the handles this right here will let you boil water do whatever you need to do it's an invaluable piece of kit and all this stuff the great thing about this mill surf gear is it's dirt cheap you can get all this stuff fun that I'm talking about right here places like sportsman's guide cheaper than dirt I'll put some links to that but what I'd like you to do I'd like you to make a video and just share some of your favorite meal served here you know if you can pull what you're paid for it I bought this stuff so many years ago I wouldn't even know what it goes for now the mo box is a gift but I know they're pretty damn expensive but don't like a tank anyway looking forward to hearing from you till the next time i see this is bill which cody outdoor recreation stay safe stay warm keep yourself free

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  2. I love my leather flap holsters! Especially for carrying in the woods. Check out Triple k, they make some sweet ones!

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