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fatigues, uniforms.

fatigues, uniforms.

okay i want to show you two of the fatigues or uniform the swedish down forces use this is what the one you uses okay this form uniform was first introduced and and issued in the beginning beginning of the 90s it's called it's called the name is m90 20 the name beginning of 90s you have this square like pattern on the camouflage sure this is what you use in training in Sweden in lower wilderness or hello Norwood woodland on the jackets you have to Brest zippered pockets too side shift pockets I email my inner pocket and you can set the waist here with two strings baby pants here two side pockets to cargo leg pockets two back pockets and you don't hear you have zippers so you can see pop your leg when you put down when you put on your boots and pull this over boots you and America put the uniform month and fatigue don't the boots but we don't do that yeah it's a green black gray based camouflage here this one is the desert camouflage a lighter ripstop uniform with ya with ya desert camouflage the difference here is that the breast pockets leis leis outside you have a rank so you can knees put your rank on here Austin in volume hi I know it yeah well crow so you can put your patches on and where else it pretty much the same if I don't forget coral pockets shift cargo pockets yes a little bit thinner material ripstop yeah we used it in Afghanistan and in different places in Africa and when we are patrolling for pirates outside Somalia's coast we use the desert camouflage I just wanted to compare or justice or camouflage to a piece of American camouflage I traded I guess this is American property American defense property yet but I traded them here you can see here the difference in the camouflage american bandstand in the middle there a little bit the colors are more gel or doesn't sound they are lighter in the colors than the swedish a light switch desert come forth its blends in very good in the usual woodland environment we have in Sweden even if it's a our desert camouflage yeah if you wait a minute I can show you oh it looks against a pair of united states army fatigues the digit digital camo and I have a German German German a German smoke from bundeswehr so you can see that pattern if you want flock flock turn reminds a lot about what the waffen-ss during the Second World War used the word the first with camouflage I don't know what I have seen the German flag down in in Afghanistan their desert variant of this is I don't like it i think it said don't blend in as well as ok let's say me say set like this I like the older American camouflage here better than our m90 camouflage but I like this as well they are very comfortable with the sealed as pockets with this is a which is slanted forward so you can get your hand down fast yeah and then i can say it in the Swedish you always should have a first aid kit right for a cargo pocket so everyone knows that if you get shot to something and you always have to use the one who is hurts first aid yeah ma'am I think it's much further I want to show you okay

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  1. It is extremely hard to find information on these uniforms that is actually accurate! Thank you exactly what I was looking for!

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