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Farrell Petty Officer’s Coat – Autumn Winter 13

Farrell Petty Officer’s Coat – Autumn Winter 13

So this is our Petty Officer’s Coat. When Rob and I were putting the collection together we were trying to think how we could kind of perfect those great sort of more dressier, more elegant kind of side of men’s wear. So we referenced the original naval officer’s coat in terms of its double breastedness. It’s in this really lovely rich navy melton fabric. And then kind of blending it together with more kind of sartorial, Chesterfield elements. So that’s where we’ve maintained this velvet top collar here. As I’ve mentioned that narrow double breasted wrap so it’s kind of flattering but you’ve got that drama of that more double breasted piece. The sartorial set up with the chest welts, the hip pockets, the jetted flaps, etc. But to kind of maintain that sort of lean mean silhouette, as we go through to the back, you’ve got this martingale half belt. So these were originally used so you could kind of cinch it in through the back for more of a leaner silhouette. And then it just looks quite, just sitting there easily. If I turn that back to the front again, it got the fully functioning cuffs, as all of the Farrell pieces do. So everything kind of unbuttons, a true sign of a great sartorial piece. And then we have the signature Jack Farrell foulard sleeve lining just there to give it that added kind of elegance. Just a really great classy woven evening outerwear piece.

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