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Fallout 76 [Outfit Locations] #2 – Location of Military Fatigues is Eastern Regional Penitentiary

Fallout 76 [Outfit Locations] #2 – Location of Military Fatigues is Eastern Regional Penitentiary

Hey, what up YouTube, what up Z Clan what up, everybody else? Welcome to my follow 76 where to find those outfits now in this video, we’re gonna look for the military fatigue outfit the one I’m wearing right now and This video is dedicated to 56 HERTZ because he’s been asking around also He mentioned he’d been here but he was not able to find it. So I’m gonna in order to find it. You’ll need to go to the dining hall through the dining hall there are a lot of different entrance to this place and But in order to find those.. be.. (sorry) the military fatigues you’ll need to go through the dining hall now I’m gonna cut out all the killing parts and I’ll show you the exact location Running as soon as we enter. So for example right now we enter we’re gonna have a bunch of dudes and I will show you how to run directly to that place Starting from this location here Alright, so I clear out the way to the military fatigues. So once you enter the dining room, you see that no access, right? There’s this place is pretty cool. Actually, it has a lot of good loot and a lot of plastics My main resource is plastic because I bulk everything plus Sometimes I need I needed for ammo but in order to get to the military fatigues So you enter from there, you walk straight turn, right walk straight jump over this Things over here Why sometimes I can’t do it? Okay, fine don’t need to jump. You can just bypass it my bad. Oh, yeah. Sorry. I’m Em.. my overweight, so then you walk through the cell block A you go to the showers and bingo We got our military fatigues ladies and gentlemen, and what else do we have here? Randstad hide outfit now. This one changes all the time military fatigues is always there. I found it already four times now in a row. Before so and it’s in exact same location. So it’s definitely there now I will also show you some Bonus finds because there are a lot of good frickin outfits in this Location. I’m trying to record here stop shooting Alright so military fatigues in the showers now Let’s get on to the bonus loot and see what we find else here now Okay, these are some bonus outfits as a promise. The military fatigues were already found and I’ve shown it to you It’s by the way, just in case in exactly the same place right? Do you need to find the laundry place? And this is one of the three I think locations where you can find a lot of outfits Like in this one we can find the scavenger outfit The prisoner Collar. There are a lot of prisoner Collars in this place if you look careful What was that I just picked up Prisoner collar, scavenger outfit a straight jacket, see how it looks I look like a psychopath in this one. Although I cannot really see it that clearly cuz it’s dark in here And there’s another one another straight jacket So this is one of the places where there’s a lot of stuff, right? And oh my god, we’ve found a minigun in this place as well. What the hell I’m telling you luck. Really!!! indicates all my freakin a freakin minigun Come to daddy Jesus I’ve been here so many times and previously I did not find this stupid minigun Yeah Too bad, I can’t wear it though. Oh, yeah. Look at that baby what the hell is wrong with? And that’s Lol okay Well, I’m still happy though All right. So here’s some more by the way, I found myself a new wooden armor Yes Here’s some more outfits drifter outfit. I usually always find it here as they said for in previews Hooded rags. Okay, those are never found before then means they pretty much change more drifter outfits These locations change so you can find some other outfits. So it’s Something else that you can find here eventually you guys there’s a lot of stuff you can find here. I mean a lot You should definitely come here. I come here all the time just for the Leveling because there are a lot of creatures over here They can be super mutants or scorched or ghouls it changes all the time Obviously I like when it’s more mutants because you get more XP from those dudes But everybody else is good and plus the loot as good as well with I can find here a lot of copper a lot of plastic a lot of Gears lots of the resources, right? That’s pretty much what I really need. And yeah Alright and that would be it I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to find there. I just I got a run to work So if I want to upload this video today? I’ve got to start editing. So I hope this video really helped you out and Man I think i find it useful, I think i’ll find it and you guys will find it useful So don’t forget to hit that like subscribe if you enjoyed it and leave your comment now, let’s take a look What what we found throughout today’s journey now the green bandana, I found it in another location everything else I found it here. So Hooded rags Okay, military fatigues obviously wait, why is he no wearing armor Hooded rags. Oh My god, this is the worst armor ever it’s not even an outfit it takes off all of your gear so What else do we have here prisoner collar are that glowing thing? There’s a lot of them So I found three usually I find around four or five This thing right here What else scavenger outfit That’s all right What else Does that makes me look like a psychopath? All right, so that’s pretty much all of the outfits There we go, alright folks, so I hope you enjoyed the show and do Share the video somewhere in the media. That would really help the channel grow. So thank you for watching you Have a good morning day and night wherever you guys located it. I’ll see you on the next video

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  1. Next Fallout 76 [Outfit Locations] #3 I will do Military cap location there are 2 100% find locations for it. I will try to do it today, if not tomorrow.

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