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Fallout 4 | Military Surplus Store -The Slog

Fallout 4 | Military Surplus Store -The Slog

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  1. Converted the boring shower building at The Slog, into a fully stocked Military Surplus Store! The layout is heavily based on the Ammu-nation gun stores from GTA online! Enjoy 😊👍

  2. Excellent build as usual. I really like the mix of materials you used for this building. Your decoration is spot on perfect. You aren't one of the best builders on PS4, you're one of the best – period. I always look forward to seeing what you've done. You are proof that your only limit is your imagination. Great work, my friend. 😀

  3. Long day at work and i get a cheeky notification. Great work as always my guy! Hope lifes treating you at least half decent. All the best.

  4. Whenever you bring out a new build, I make sure to sit in a quiet place so I can focus and not miss a thing. The detail is just incredible. It's pure joy to see this!
    You are by far the best builder out there.

  5. got to be the best ps4 builder around. Such attention to detail. i really need to up my game. great work

  6. I consider you to be the best Fallout 4 settlement builder on all of Youtube, your builds are amazing! Also my favorite decoration was the bear sign outside.

  7. Cluttermania:) and you told me it´s a simple build this time, lol. As i´ve said only for you:) It looks incredible as always. Nice new stone wall texture. You are still the best with PS4, you are in your own league my friend

  8. Each time I see one of your builds it amazes me that it is done on a PS4! Well done on another great build!

  9. This is incredibly detailed and accurate. Another mastapiece dude! Your attention to detail make the perfectionist in me pleased lol
    Edit: my favorite part was probably the conference (?) room where all the chairs were located, before the shooting range. It just looked very believable and lore friendly. The bear sign really caught my attention too 🙂

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